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Give Leads A Reason To Convert


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Know the goal of the ‘Click’. Create landing pages that convert leads to prospects to customers. Utilize Lead Generation Tactics

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Give Leads A Reason To Convert

  1. 1. “ “ Know the Goal of the ‘Click’ Create Landing Pages that Convert Leads to Prospects to Customers Utilize Lead Generation Tactics © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Contents Introduction Lead Generation Process The Goal of a ‘Click’! How to Create Landing Pages that Lead to Conversion ConclusionWho is a lead?By definition, a lead is a person who has expressed interest in your business, services or products.Leads online typically indicate their interest by filling in a form on a landing page. They provide theirbusiness and contact information in exchange for complimentary information such as demos,webinars, eBooks, exclusive white papers and case studies.When a prospect submits information on a webpage, it is only the beginning. There are two ways inwhich the role of marketers compliment sales teams and drive a collaborative revenuegeneratinginitiative.Firstly, once a lead arrives in the database, marketers should ensure that they reach the sales team intime. This could be done effectively by syncing your leads database with your customer relationshipmanagement (CRM) software through automation or manually.Secondly, you should assist the sales team in converting leads into customers through lead nurturing.You could utilize marketing automation systems to send customized email messages to keep theprospect engaged through relevant communication based on their ‘digital body language’ andbusiness interest. This helps in supporting the sales process and reducing the sales cycle. © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Lead Generation ProcessConsider this scenario, a person visits your homepage and clicks on a call-to-action. This leads themto the landing page which describes your offer and provides an option for them to fill in a form. Oncethey complete and submit the form on the landing page, they receive the offer and the sales teamobtains a new lead to contact. Call-To-Action (CTA) – A call to action translates to a word, phrase, image or button that l urges the visitor to know more. It leads visitors to landing pages and offers and therefore needs to be ‘bold and brave’ to capture attention. Landing Page – Landing pages are created with the sole purpose of lead generation. They l contain a description of the offer and a form that needs to be submitted in exchange for that offer. l – In lead generation, offers generally provide content or products that have substantial Offer value in exchange for contact data. A compelling offer will automatically lead visitors to provide information.To understand how lead capture can work through CTAs, landing pages and offers is describedbelow. A person visits your website A form is provided to They are urged to click claim the offer and on a Call-to-Action information about the lead is captured An offer is described on On clicking on the CTA the landing page they reach a landing page © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. The Goal of a ‘Click’!The goal of a click in B2B is not to make a sale like inB2C; it is to capture a lead. This means that, B2Bcompanies need to focus not only on number ofclicks, also on getting conversion to leads as well.This is where landing pages play a big role. Fromyour prospect’s perspective clicking on a link willcost nothing, however, filling a form on a landingpage will take time and effort and the added risk ofsharing information. What landing pages do is they “Optimized landing pages improveengage customers who are inquisitive and lead them conversion rates asto become customers or subscribers. high as 200%.”The ‘post-click traffic’ is an important segment to According to Marketofocus on to obtain high quality leads. This groupcategorically states that, “Yes we are interested “Improving your landing pages canbecause we clicked on your link, now what do you increase your conversions by 40%have to offer?” or more.” According to Marketing Sherpa’sAs Miro Kazakoff of Compete Research states, Landing Page“Optimizing the post-click experience is the fastestway to boost ROI...”How to Create Landing Pages that Lead to Conversion Consistent Messaging –Your ad and landing page should speak the same language. The l messaging should be consistent to provide continuity and clarity about what you want to offer. Create consistent information scent. Matching Links – Linking an ad to irrelevant pages only leads to low conversion rates. If l you ad promises a white paper on database management strategies, however it links the reader to the signup page of the website, it is not really relevant to what was expected. Give Them What They Want – There was an interesting analogy saying that if a gorilla l walked into your office and you had a banana on your desk. You would give to him right? Similarly, if your website visitor clicks on a link to access a whitepaper you should give it to them. © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Streamline Forms – While online forms are the best way of capturing leads, make it shortl and simple. A short form may mean more conversations with sales teams and meetings; however it is definitely more effective. You are conveying that you value your prospect’s time and effort.l What to Ask – When creating forms create the right questions by knowing:Know a. The objective of creating the form. b. The importance of the lead. c. If all questions on your form are actually important. d. If there is any other way of getting the same information. e. If your giving as much as value as you are collecting data.Pre-conversion Segmentation – It may be easier to ask your visitors where they comel from, which industry they specialize in, where there are in the buying cycle, etc. Visitors are smart; they know this will be more beneficial to you than them, therefore as far as possible gather the same information without creating hurdles through forms.Cut Out The Clutter - Usually landing pages try too hard by cluttering it with content. It isl a misconception that this will make it more compelling. In fact, it will make it harder for the visitor to find what they are actually interested in. The reason why they clicked on your link in the first place. Make your content scan-able and snack-able!l Landing Pages Sell – More often than not, B2B landing pages come across asMake boring, to the point, how marketers would read as ‘perfect’! However, what about the reader or your prospect? Is the landing page engaging them? Is it compelling them to take action? Is it making them want it?Appreciate - We all have learnt as children, that when you ask for something, say “Thankl You” This works in the world of business as well. It always feels nice to be appreciated and it also shows your gratitude towards interested prospects. The tone of your landing page surely creates a first impression of the business you represent. Make it memorable!Test and Retest – If you think testing is not important, then how will you know whether it’sl working or not? Through A/B/ testing and Multivariate testing you can get to know how you need to reinvent your approach to make it resonate most with your potential prospects who may turn out to be your high value customers. © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Consistent Messaging Let your ad and landing page speak the same language! Matching Links Link to pages like your ad says! Streamline Forms Keep it simple and short. Value visitor’s time and efforts! Pre-Conversion Benefit visitors more by knowing about them better. Segmentation Cut Out the Clutter Make your content scan-able and snack able!Make Landing Pages Sell Make landing pages compelling, engaging and make them want it! Give Them What Don’t break your promise! They Want Ask only what you want to know and what you can’t get Know What to Ask from anywhere else. Appreciate Say “Thank You”. Make it memorable! Test and Retest Know whether it works or not. And Reinvent! © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. ConclusionTo generate leads and increase the success of your lead generation campaign, you first need to knowyour customer profile, map your content value and requirements, understand your customers’ buyingprocess, devise an integrated marketing communication plan, and utilize a centralized marketingdatabase and program management system. Augment your lead generation strategies with a segmented and targeted database. Gain access now!Info CheckPointInfo CheckPoint is a preferred provider of credible business to business (B2B) information, databasemanagement and marketing solutions. We understand the value of driven, directed and dynamicdatabases and therefore emphasize on high quality data which translate to invaluable information.For us a database is a business intelligence tool.Our advanced search application allows instant access and provides segmented data to facilitatetargeted communication significant in leveraging business growth. Through this interface you canobtain information that is customized to business requirements and enables focus on primary targetmarkets appropriately.At Info CheckPoint we adopt a scientifically based, technology driven and manually validatedcomprehensive data verification process. Utilizing data quality tools, techniques and tactics, weemphasize on maintaining data that is verified, validated, accurate, current, relevant and hygienic.To gain access to power packed databases or for more information,please visit Info CheckPointContact UsPhone: 800-662-2980 Email: © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.