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Email Marketing

  1. 1. EMAIL MARKETING Rated as “The Most Successful Digital Marketing Tactic” By Marketers Worldwide 80 billion is the number of business emails sent and received everyday in 2012! 2.6% improvement Don’t Forget the R Word – 143 billion is the RELEVANCY ! in average open estimated figure of emails rates that will be sent and 69% of marketers received everyday by 2016! consider delivering highly relevant content 1.1% increase in as top priority. click-through rates (CTR) of U.S. While only 28% of emails as compared to 2010. marketers stated that messages were sent on Use ‘Bots’ to Boost time with relevant Not Batter Your How do you stand out? Marketing! content to a segmented How do you create an list of subscribers. impression without being too promotional? Begin a conversation to The ‘buzzword’ – gain a response. The ROI Personalize With of your campaign does rely Personality! mainly on Relevancy!Do You Know the ‘Why, Email CampaignWhat and How’ of Your Execution Mantra Customer? Web mail “Experiment, Analyze, 23% 44% Adapt and Execute” Desktop 33% Mob ile Emails are read 44% through webmail When your email Create conversations, 33% on the desktop campaign is ‘sketchy’develop dialogues, make 23% via mobile even a po wer packed emails CUSTOMER devices database will not help CENTRIC! get results.Is there a best time to hit the send Improve CTR bybutton to optimize CTR? 16% with a segmented Some say Monday database mornings is best Use Verified Reduce the cost of time to send Lists for Email eliminating emails; others say Campaigns incorrect Tuesday or information. Thursday is. Some say persona based Weed out dirt y data campaigns drive higher results to improve others say trigged campaigns deliverability. work better. Create relevant messages! Structure your No matter what kind of statistics database in a way and suggestions, what works Make ‘hard and that it works on its best is what Actually works sof t bounce’ terms own. Make it pay of the past. only for you! for itself!EMAIL MARKETING is a preferred marketing channel. Not because it is the easiest, because it works!At Inf o CheckPoint, We use sophisticated email verif ication techniques and have double opt-in, sales ready contacts.Sources:- Re tu r n P a th CM O Co u nc il M ar ke ti n g S he rp a D ir ec t M ar ke ti n g Ass oci a ti o n ( D M A) T he R ad ic a ti Gr o up, Inc . (A T ec h nol o gy M a rke t Re se ar c h F i rm )