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Crowd Curation


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Get to know what is, what isn't, benefits and best practices on Curating Crowds.

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Crowd Curation

  1. 1. www.infocheckpoint.comWhat It Is What it is not The ‘curated crowd’ approach is ? Crowd curation does not imply ? basically moderation of crowds to authoritative selection. It is individual identify people, who will be able to choice of singular items. provide relevant information. ? is not about creating bigger Curation ? is usually conducted by Curation crowds. The information your introducing a survey for users to contributing users provide need to participate in to understand if their translate to better results. profiles fit and meet the criterion of ? about dictating, it is about It is not database requirements. moderation.Best Practices Dictionary ? can be on the crowd, from a monkey with a Anyone Data Curators / Stewards – Are crayon to a child with a lot of time on hand. The people who ensure data is best way to filter everyone who wishes to join your crowd; is a quick survey or questions that can credible, reusable and establish their credibility, authority and relevancy to accessible. the project. ? may provide specific instructions for While you Data Curation – Managing data contributions, do not expect people to obey them. over its lifecycle. Always verify data before integrating with house lists. Digital Curation – Collection, Marketers need to realize that they need to listen ? selection and maintenance of more. Crowd curation provides a platform for the digital assets. audience to engage and ‘do the talking’. Take Crowdsourcing to the next level of Curation Data Governance – The and Crowd on the Cloud combination of data management, business process management and dataBenefits quality. With crowd curation you can keep an ear open to æ customer conversations. This will help in Dad Quality Dimensions – understanding issues and addressing them before Include accessibility, accuracy, they escalate. completeness, consistency and You can get insights about what the audience want æ credibility. “you to tell them” rather than tell them “what your brand can do for them.” At Info CheckPoint we curate crowds and verify information before adding data to database. Signup for a complimentary 30 day trial Enhance business intelligence with relevant B2B data Utilize to verified databases with Info CheckPoint 080 - 40858235 support@infocheckpoint.com www.infocheckpoint.com