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Get to know what is, what isn't, benefits and best practices on crowd sourcing in a B2B environment.

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  1. 1. www.infocheckpoint.comWhat It Is What it is not Crowdsourcing is a business model that aims to ? Crowdsourcing is not an ? leverage the power of many. It involves industry – it is a management ‘outsourcing’ tasks or problems to a group of process that augments people to gain answers or solutions. current processes. ? of B2B marketing, it involves a group of In terms ? no crowd in “There is people who are motivated enough to contribute crowdsourcing only virtuosos relevant business data meaningful in developing or highly talented people.” extensive databases.Best Practices Dictionary ? expectations – You have to be open to Set clear Here are examples of how incorporating ideas from ‘crowd’ or co-developing crowdsourcing is re-defining the one with them. Discounting or limiting their world: contribution at later stages is only diminishes the essence of crowdsourcing. ?roles of participants – You need to be Define Wikipedia – launched in 2001, specific about what role participants should play. now has content and over 17 Whether it is contributing data, updating million articles collaboratively information, developing new marketing ideas or written and edited. creating ad campaigns. ?risk – You can use crowdsourcing in unique Take a Microsoft’s MVP program – ways beyond asking the crowd to vote or submit videos. As an important touch point, information The Most Valuable from the crowd can be creatively utilized in Professionals program involves marketing campaigns, product and service features technology leaders answering and branding. more than 10 million questions ? employees - This is important as Involve annually. Their feedback and employees will be able to guide the process, will be knowledge sharing is able to accept feedback through collaboration and will provide participants a real face and voice of the recognized with the coveted company they are contributing to. MVP Award. Recognize if not monetize – Crowd-sourced ? information is contributed by individual motivation. Oxford English Dictionary To continue with the trend, appreciation is (OED) – One of the earliest important. Accolades, social mentions or badges examples of crowdsourcing in are good ways of showing your gratitude. 1858, when the Philological Society contracted 800Benefits volunteers to collate words and document usages. They Crowdsourcing is a cost-effective solution to æ subsequently included public completing defined tasks rather than employing a contribution and compiled over dedicated professional for the same. 6 million submissions. It provides a better platform to gain access to a æ wide range of expertise and contribution easily. It serves as an extension of an earlier model of æ decentralized or global workforce. For tasks that are simple and require minimal æ management, crowdsourcing is a great source of data. We at Info CheckPoint do use user-generated information in our databases. However, crowd-sourced data is verified and validated before being added to the database and users are encouraged to update details to ensure data is as fresh and updated. Signup for a complimentary 30 day trial Let us boost your business intelligence through dynamic databases. Gain access to targeted databases with Info CheckPoint 080 - 40858235 support@infocheckpoint.com www.infocheckpoint.com