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Business Case Studies - Why Your Search Ends Here


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Access our case studies and get to know why your search for data ends here.

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Business Case Studies - Why Your Search Ends Here

  2. 2. Take your pickSALES CASE STUDY on “Creating a Sales-Ready Lead Universe ”MARKETING CASE STUDY on “Monetizing your Marketing Database” RECRUITMENT CASE STUDY on “Finding the White Cat (Candidate) in the Snowstorm”
  3. 3. Sales case study “Create a Sales-Ready Lead uNiverse ” Let the Sales Team Focus on Selling for a Change!Back to Homepage
  4. 4. THIS is Eric • He WANTs to improve sales Thomson, a from his team BusinessDevelopment • He WANTs to expand sales Manager into new markets & geographies • He WANTs to find a solution that will increase the productivity of his team
  5. 5. WHAT ERIC NEEDS is• To increase sales from his team• To maintain the density of his team‟s lead pipeline and expand sales into new markets & geographies• To find a solution that provides his team with updated & targeted sales leads every day
  6. 6. here’s hOw eric thOMsON, a busiNess development manager, used Database Segmentation and Lead Generation toAdd 153 leads to the pipelineIdentify 325 leads as ‘high-vaLue’Boost lead generation (which accounted for 9% of thedeals closed)
  7. 7. Our Solutions and Business Benefits • VIA Database Market Segmentation and Easy Segmentation Access to Data Obtaining sales- qualified leads • VIA Data Quality and HygieneIntroducing a multi- touch, outbound lead generation • VIA Database process Maintenance & Updation
  8. 8. The results Overall delivery rate of leads This effort increased by accounted for 4.5% 23,679 dials more than 9% were successfully of the deals completed closed99 opportunities 3,704 are currently in conversions werethe sales pipeline obtained from in less than a those dials year 325 leads were 117 leads were identified as provided to „high-value‟ for Sales, based on an exclusive lead the objectives nurturing 153 leads were and qualifying program criteria defined added to the pipeline
  9. 9. marketing case study “monetize your marketing database” Let Programs Revolve Around Customers for a Change!Back to Homepage
  10. 10. THIS is Edwin He WANTs sales leads & reduce his sales peopleWhitehead , spending time on cold calls. a marketing Manager He WANTs to spend more time planning the next product instead of giving most of his time to promoting the product that‟s just launched He WANTs to get more returns from his marketing investment
  11. 11. WHAT EDWIN NEEDS isTo speed up the sales processTo improve and influence behavior through information currentlyavailableTo Identify prospects to widen the scope of the target marketTo gain a better perspective of behavioral groups bysegmenting information into silosTo improve marketing communications by making it moretargeted and relevant
  12. 12. here’s hOw edwiN whitehead , a marketing managerImproved Data Quality by 99% in 6 monthsBoosted marketing campaign conversionrates above industry standards to 8.5%Integrated 90% (700 prospects) ofexternal data through website forms,feedback surveys and registrations withthe database.
  13. 13. Our Solutions and Business Benefits • BY PROVIDING access to aData Management Centralized and Segmented Database. and Database • BY PROVIDING Accessibility, Granularity Segmentation and Integration of Information Data Quality • By providing Verified and Accurate Data and Hygiene Improving • By Providing Advanced Search Marketing Options, Ease of Navigation and an Intuitive Data Search Platform Communication
  14. 14. The results Improved Data Quality by 99% in 6 months Integrated 90% (700 prospects) of external data Boosted marketing campaignthrough website forms, feedback conversion rates above industrysurveys and registrations with the standards to 8.5% database
  15. 15. Recruitment case study “Find the white cat (candidate) in the sNOwstOrM” Find the right person for the right jobBack to Homepage
  16. 16. THIS is • She WANTs to reach as manycandis ann, a specific job applicants in the recruiter shortest time • She WANTs verified contacts for headhunting • She WANTs contacts that specifically match with the job description
  17. 17. WHAT CANDIS NEEDS is• To gain access to highly qualified resources to manage growth and rapidly increasing client requirement.• To use a centralized source from which she can access niche contacts.• To obtain specific results ranging from small-scale, local geographic specifications to large-scale national and international requirements
  18. 18. How candis ann, A recruiter• Made a placement within 2 weeks of subscription• 7 placements within 3 months
  19. 19. Our Solutions and Business Benefits A Centralized • By providing an extensive database and segmented information DatabaseData Quality & • By Providing Data Quality and Hygiene • Through an application that has advancedNiche Contacts search options, granular results and ease of navigationPlatform to Build • By Providing an online platform to gain instant access to high value leads specific to a Network business requirements
  20. 20. The results Made a placement within 2 weeks of subscription Obtained a centralized Made 7source of credible placements within information 3 months
  21. 21. TO THE PROSPERITY OF YOUR BUSINESSFor the Posterity of Your Customers Drive Revenues and ROI FROM INFO CHECKPOINT