B2B Big Data


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Get to know what is, what isn't, benefits and best practices on B2B Big Data Management.

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B2B Big Data

  1. 1. www.infocheckpoint.comWhat It Is What it is not Big Data is information about customers Big Data, unlike the the name need not available through various sources and necessarily be about size, it is about channels, from social and ICT networks, gaining those insights that make your from videos and digital images, from business more agile, more flexible and sensors or GPS signals, to name a few. more in tune with your customers. This data is something, which can be invaluable for businesses.Best Practices Dictionary Data is available everywhere today. Therefore making it even more important to know: Behavioral Analysis – Using data to predict intent and future Why you need that data? æ actions of buyers based on their behavior. How will it help? æ æwill it help? Who Business Intelligence – æ it will cost to capture and analyze? What Converting raw data into valuable information through æ return will you get out of it? What extraction, segmentation and analysis. Integrate Big Data into Business Goals æ Your Business Goals before You Know Know Processing – Tools that Data enable extraction of valuable æ What Big Data Means to You Know information from huge datasets. Translate Big Data into Business Intelligence æ æ on Your Customer’s Journey Join in Storage – Technologies that æ an Integrated, Intelligent and Interactive Create enable data storage in a Environment distributed way. Servers – A method of utilizing Don’t Let Big Data Defeat You! rented computer power and space through remote machines and networks.Benefits Visualization – Applications that represent data graphically. What marketers can gain out of Big Data is minute details on customer interactions and behavior. Two key technology solutions Taking this information and integrating it with for Big Data analytics that business goals is when it actually provides could be adopted leverage. Software-as-a-Service æ in creating targeted marketing campaigns. It helps (SaaS) applications which To give customers what they need more than what they want. can be accessed through the Internet ænext marketing plan can go regional rather Your than national; it can go into sub verticals, into Open source software personas rather than demographics and focus on allows large volume of specific stages in the buying cycles. data processing and ædatabase of customers can be segmented to Your distribution across the identify groups to enable targeted communication. enterprise. At Info CheckPoint we understand the value of a driven, directed and dynamic database. Our databases are business intelligence tools that are functional, flexible, reliable, cost effective and credible. Signup for a complimentary 30 day trial Accelerate your marketing ROI with the best suited database. Gain access to targeted databases with Info CheckPoint 080 - 40858235 support@infocheckpoint.com www.infocheckpoint.com