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Information builders gartner mdm - barcelona 2-7-2013


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Data Governance strategist and author James Orr defines data governance for executives and business leaders, and provide insight into the value it delivers. He discusses the benefits of implementing a data governance framework and explains how it improves business performance and mitigates risk.

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Information builders gartner mdm - barcelona 2-7-2013

  1. 1. Welcome! Data Governance for the Executive Raising the Bar Jim Orr Director, Information Management & Thought Leadership Information Builders Barcelona, Spain“Only Information Builders achieves above-averageease of use, below-average implementation costs peruser, above-average support for complex deployments February 7, 2013and above-average business benefits.” 1
  2. 2. 3 Important Points for Executives1. Define the Purpose2. Establish the Mindset3. Demonstrate the Value 2
  3. 3. The Purpose for Data Governance within MDM1) MDM is LOADED with data policy decisions • Data architectures • Registry, centralized, co-existence, consolidated • Identity resolution • Data transformation • Data consolidation/survivorship • Data ownership rights • Data integrity rules • Customer/product definitions • Change data capture • Data conflict resolution2) The Data Must be Correct • Accurate • Consistent • Reliable • Timely 3
  4. 4. Data Governance for MDMTechnology or business process? Business process allows the organization to coordinate, establish, and administer corporate data policies and practices. Technology allows for the implementation and automation of data policies established through the data governance business process. It requires both to be successful 4
  5. 5. Data Governance ConceptsDon’t be fooled by the term and be careful what you call it The term “data governance” can imply tactical, IT centric data management activities with a flair for bureaucracy. To the contrary it is about Information Asset Management that drives business performance. What you call it and how you view it as an organization can be the difference between success and failure From the book “Data Governance for the Executive” by James C. Orr 5
  6. 6. Data Governance ConceptsAnalogy of two assets - Similar but managed very differently Financial Data Assets Data Assets  Centralized ownership, authority,  Fragmented ownership, little accountability authority or accountability  Standard policies and procedures  Minimum standards/inefficient or  Common chart of accounts non-existent policies/procedures  Formal audits  Few/no common data models or  Security and privacy methods  Regulated  Limited/no audits  Well documented  Unregulated  Part of planning process  Poorly documented  Seldom part of planning process Need to treat data like a financial asset. 6
  7. 7. Making and Selling a Business Case for Data Governance (1) Program (2) Data Management (4) Business (5) Organization Strategy & (3) Projects Operations Operations Strategy & Policy Direction Data Quality MDM Sales & Merger & Structure Marketing Acquisition Data Modeling BI Scope Customer Planning & Metadata CRM Service Budget Prioritization Management CDI Risk & Business Partner Policy Data Integration Compliance Integration Roles & DW Data Lineage Order to Cash Data EnrichmentResponsibilities EDW Security & Supply Chain Security & Authority & Privacy DM Privacy Accountability Taxes & Fees Data Standards ERP CustomerIssue Resolution Social and DefinitionBusiness Align. Business Rules 360° View Human Services Social Media Power to Business Data Migration Mail & Transport Process Big DataQuestion/Audit Data Integration Asset Mgmt. Transparency Stewardship Business Cloud Weights & Monitoring & Analytics & Balances Metrics Research CoE Reporting Agility to Workflow Five primary areas to find value Respond Management From the book “Data Governance for the Executive” by James C. Orr 7
  8. 8. Information Asset Management Platform MDM Suite, Data Quality Suite, Integration Suite, Data Steward PortalJoin us in the SolutionsShowcase!
  9. 9. Thank you for your time and interest today! Business Intelligence Advanced Analytics Performance Management Data Quality Management Master Data Management Data Governance Integration Infrastructure Data Integration Universal Adapter SuiteJim OrrDirector, Information Management & Thought LeadershipInformation Builders, Inc.(719) 9