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Migrating from BlackBerry is no longer optional, but doing it without a plan will result in an overloaded help desk and angry users.

Your Challenge
Constant innovation in mobile technology is resulting in a shift in usage patterns of mobile devices in the workplace.
The demise of the current platform used in the organization requires a shift towards a new, more capable platform.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Users are loyal to the current platform, and may resist change.
Multiple platforms seem to be viable, and it is difficult to determine which one(s) to migrate to.
There are many moving parts when switching mobile platforms, and it is important not to waste time or resources performing the switch.

Impact and Result

Decide if it is time for your organization to reconsider your current platform.
Use Info-Tech’s Switch Mobile Platforms Project Approval Tool to understand your current state, assess the health of your current platform, determine your urgency to change, and rank the current available platforms in the market. Use the results to complete Switch Mobile Platforms Project Approval Template to get executives on board for the project.
Develop a customized action plan for the process of phasing out a platform and introducing a new one, and monitor the progress using Info-Tech’s Switch Mobile Platforms Project Planning and Monitor Tool.
Continue to monitor, re-evaluate, and refine your plan as mobility evolves. This will happen again.

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Switch Mobile Platforms

  1. 1. Understand why it is time to switch, and communicate the need to develop a plan. If BlackBerry is your current platform, use the information above and emphasize the need for a change. Think about the core components involved in gaining approval to migrate mobile platforms: • The current state and health of your platform to see if it currently meets your needs – or not. • The urgency for switching platforms to determine how quickly the project should be started and completed. • A ranking of platforms based on today’s available technology in mobility. What should you migrate to? Info-Tech tools that will help: • Switch Mobile Platforms End User Survey Template • Switch Mobile Platforms Project Approval Tool that includes: o Health of Your Current Platform o Urgency to Change o The New Optimal Platform Mix • Info-Tech’s Analysis of Mobile Platforms in 2014: o Android o BlackBerry o iOS o Windows Phone o The Rest When choosing a new platform, consider: Devices A variety of tablets and smartphones are available using the platform. Devices at a low price point are available on the platform. The platform is available on a wide number of carriers. The platform has built-in security features. Operating System The platform is easy to use for end users and requires minimal training. The platform has a healthy ecosystem built around it (music, photos, gaming). The platform has built-in messaging services. The platform has built-in VoIP services. The platform relies on open standards. Applications A large number of applications are available for the platform. The platform includes productivity applications. The platform has easy-to-use development tools available. Management The platform has a strong enterprise focus. The platform has built-in support for the separation of work and personal data. The platform creator provides its own management solution. The platform has strong support from third-party enterprise mobility management vendors. Vendor Roadmap The platform is in demand by end users. The platform has strong support services. The platform has a forward looking roadmap and sustainable future. Don’t let this happen again Monitor the plan as it progresses and adjust course as needed. Integrate the plan into overall infrastructure and IT strategies, then monitor progress in mobility and re-evaluate your mobile platform mix accordingly. Assess two key metrics: End User Satisfaction: users are the ones who directly benefit from mobile devices. Consider pre- and post-test user surveys to evaluate success of the project. Migration Progress: ensure that the health of your new platform exceeds the health of your old one. Use the Switch Mobile Platforms Project Approval Tool to demonstrate quantifiable improvement as the migration occurs.