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Select the Right Social Media Management Platform


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Rein in social media by choosing a platform that’s right for you.

Your Challenge
The proliferation of social media initiatives across organizations has made actively managing social initiatives a challenging task. In order to rein in social media initiatives, the right technology stack is critical. IT is receiving social media software requests from many parts of the enterprise, and must be prepared to speak intelligently about social media vendor selection.
The social media management platform (SMMP) market is a combination of vendors that enable social media monitoring, analytics, engagement, and social campaign management. Many vendors specialize in only a few of these areas, but not all. Sometimes multiple products are necessary – but determining which feature sets the organization truly needs can be a challenging task.
Regulatory-related industries must archive some types of social interactions, just like email and IM – but striking a balance between functionality and security can pose problems when it comes to social media.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Social media initiatives are no longer the sole responsibility of Marketing or PR. Social Media has become critical for Customer Service and HR recruiting. SMMPs must be evaluated for their ability to support an enterprise-wide social media strategy.
Selecting an SMMP involves defining the organization’s functional requirements, creating a shortlist based on these requirements, formally evaluating vendor offerings, and choosing the platform that is best tailored to the organization’s unique circumstances.

Impact and Result

Understand the features and business benefits of using an SMMP to effectively manage social media initiatives.
Survey the current state of the SMMP market to evaluate and shortlist SMMP vendors that best meet the organization’s requirements.
Draft a robust Request for Proposal to send to shortlisted vendors.
Select a complete SMMP solution that meets the needs of marketing, sales, and service groups.

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Select the Right Social Media Management Platform

  1. 1. Select the Right Social Media Management Platform Rein in social media with a best-of-breed management platform. Selecting and deploying a dedicated suite for social media listening and engagement is no easy task: it’s a crowded market and vendors offer a dizzying array of capabilities. This research will help Application Managers and Directors drill down into the features and functionality their organizations need most, and select the right platform for social media management. Social Media Management Platforms (SMMPs) reduce complexity and increase the results of enterprise social media initiatives. The value proposition of SMMPs revolves around enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of social media. Using an SMMP to manage social media is considerably more cost effective than ad hoc (manual) management. Marketing, Sales, customer Service, Public Relations, and Human Resources can all benefit from using an SMMP. IT must partner with other departments (e.g. Marketing) to successfully evaluate, select, and implement an SMMP. Before selecting an SMMP, the organization must have a solid overall strategy for leveraging social media in place. The market for SMMPs is maturing fast, with monitoring and management feature sets converging. CRM vendors have also begun to enter the fray with their own social offerings. The social media management market represents a distinct segment of the overall Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ecosystem. Best-of-breed suite capabilities still outstrip those found in more traditional CRM suites, although suite vendors are moving quickly to catch up. There are a wide number of vendors in the market, from those that create comprehensive suites to pure-play vendors of point solutions. Having a formal request-for-proposal document with codified requirements for your SMMP is essential to selecting the right vendor. A diligent analysis of vendor capabilities, in light of your RFP requirements, must be conducted. Shortlisted vendors should go through a rigorous demonstration process, specified by a vendor demo script.