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Leverage social media for customer interaction


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Organizations successfully leveraging social media are seeing benefits for sales, marketing, and customer service. Yet most organizations are struggling to define a business strategy that makes the most of these opportunities. This storyboard will help you:

* Identify achievable social media opportunities
* Evaluate the risks of social media versus the benefits
* Understand IT’s role in the deployment and maintenance of a social media project

Social media continues to grow at a breakneck pace, and businesses need to get on board or they will be left behind. This storyboard, complete with real-world case studies of social media at work, will help you build a foundation for the successful integration of social media into your CRM strategy.

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Leverage social media for customer interaction

  1. 1. Practical IT Research that Drives Measurable Results Leverage Social Media for Customer InteractionInfo-Tech Research Group 1
  2. 2. Introduction• Consumers are rapidly adopting social media, yet adoption of social media by organizations is lagging.• Most organizations are struggling to define a business strategy for social media and are unprepared to link it to their CRM strategy.• IT is unsure of their role and where they can bring value to the table.• Lack of coordination results in more manual, resource intensive processes that are difficult to measure.• Organizational use of social media can bring benefits to marketing, sales and service when implemented properly.This solution set will help you: AssessUnderstand Social Compare Social Plan the Opportunities & Media Media Vendors Implementation Strategize Info-Tech Research Group 2
  3. 3. Executive Summary• Social media customer interaction opportunities exist for marketing, sales, and service gains. • Social media provides another channel for organizations to interact with their customers and customers with each other. • Consider social media as part of the current customer interaction strategy as customers will continue to communicate via social media with or without you.• Link social media to existing customer relationship management solutions. • Integration can improve information accuracy, reduce manual effort and provide more in-depth customer insights.• IT has an important role to play in managing social media infrastructure and security. • Defining the goals and posting actual content lies with the business side.• Evaluate vendors in three distinct categories to make sound technology decisions. • Consider what goals you want to achieve prior to selecting social media services. • Determine if CRM vendors have begun to offer social media integration. • Alternatively, pure-play vendors provide social channel aggregators and managers.• Assess which social media opportunities exist for your organization, build your plan, test your theories, and grow your interaction level based on your results.• Secure privacy and integrity by managing organizational use of social media with a policy.Info-Tech Research Group 3
  4. 4. Road Map Market Value to Risk Understand IT’s Role Overview Organizations Mitigation Compare Social Media Vendor Segmentation Strategize Opportunity Assessment Business Plan Implement Project Planning Securing Privacy & IntegrityInfo-Tech Research Group 4
  5. 5. Social media is big: Consumers are rapidly embracing social media services as their communication medium of choice• Social media services facilitate the creation and dissemination of user- generated content.• Social media services have experienced LinkedIn has users on explosive growth during the past five every continent years; consumers are flocking to services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Social networking is now YouTube. more popular• Social media is ubiquitous: consumers than e-mail* Global time spent on can access social media services from social media is up their computers, smartphones and video 82% game consoles. This ease of access has Every minute, over last year* further fuelled social media adoption. 24 hours• Adoption of social media began with of video is uploaded to younger consumers, but sustained YouTube Last year, growth is taking place across a range of Tweets grew demographic tiers, from young to old. 1400%• Social media is displacing traditional e- Facebook’s greatest channels, such as e-mail, as consumers’ growth has come from preferred method of interacting with one people aged another. 35-49*• Businesses need to understand that social media is an integral part of their customers’ lives. *Source: Nielson Online Info-Tech Research Group 5
  6. 6. Users interact with networks to create connections with individuals with similar interests• External public social media services, such Social Networks create the as Facebook, Twitter, and Friend-of-a friend (FOAF) trust model LinkedIn, comprise extensive networks of users who are self-organized into groups and communities.• Users establish connections directly with other users to form a personal friends network.• Users also join groups and communities that are organized around attributes such as products, lifestyles, entertainment, institutio ns, politics, and geographic locations.• The Fried-of-a-Friend (FOAF) model enables interactions beyond direct connections.• Trust is a function of connection proximity- the closer you are, the more trusted you are. Info-Tech Insight: Organizations need to be aware of the fact that customers are more likely to trust an opinion of a product or service of someone within their FOAF model than statements made by the company itself. Info-Tech Research Group 6
  7. 7. Organizations need to move into social media or risk being leapfrogged by social-media savvy competitors Social media implementation highest in education• Over half of the organizations surveyed by and government organizations surveyed Info-Tech are now using at least one social media service for marketing, sales or customer service. Education 78% 22%• Organizations are realizing the potential Government 65% 35% value of social media; they need to be in the same space as their customers and Business Services 55% 45% stakeholders. Financial Services 54% 46%• Education and government organizations have high deployment rates as they use Trans/Utilities/Comms 53% 47% social media to connect with stakeholders, while adoption has been slowest in the Healthcare 50% 50% primary sector. Wholesale/Retail 50% 50%• As with Web 1.0, firms vary in the degree with which they embrace social media. Manuf acturing 31% 69%• Organizational size has no impact on Primary Industry 100% deployment. Rather, those taking a “wait- and-see” approach cited high perceived 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% risks as the number one reason why they have yet to deploy social media.“ Implemented Not Implemented N=134 In the old world, I just did a survey. In the new world, Im listening to every water ” cooler conversation out there. - Jim Sterne, Target Marketing Inc.Info-Tech Research Group 7
  8. 8. Multi-channel customer interaction is not a new concept to organizations• Over the past decade, new delivery and interaction channel options such as e-mail, Customers chat, Web self-service, kiosks, bulletin boards, and discussion forums were added to existing channels.• Customer interaction management evolved as a component of larger Customer Conversations Information Relationship Management (CRM) strategies in order to coordinate customer interactions into a hybrid channel strategy, utilizing Communication Channels multiple interaction channels. Face to• Organizations then embarked on creating Phone E-mail Web Face more sophisticated market coverage models that employed hybrid channel interaction strategies.• These models were optimized around customers’ affinity for different channels and Marketing Sales Service the ability of different products and services to be marketed, sold, and serviced through Customer Relationship Management these channels. Info-Tech Research Group 8
  9. 9. Social media provides another channel for organizations tointeract with their customers and customers with each other• Individuals are interacting with each other and with organizations in the social cloud.• Organizations must follow their customers, Customers prospects and partners into this social media world, as they previously followed them into the telephony and the 1.0 e- channel worlds.• Management resistance to social media will be overcome with time, just as it was with e-mail and the Web. Conversations & Information• The lessons learned from integration of 1.0 e-channels should be leveraged as Communication Channels organizations add the social media channel Face to Social into their overall customer interaction Phone E-mail Web Face Media management.• Do not believe those who tell you that this will require an entire rebuild of your CRM strategy. It is simply another interaction channel Marketing Sales Service to integrate - as you’ve done in the past. Customer Relationship Management Info-Tech Research Group 9
  10. 10. Customers will interact via social media with or without you – be aware of the three main implications “ 3 Main Implications: Social media is there whether we participate or Brand image can now be not, therefore participation on our companys ” heavily influenced by the part isnt optional. entire social cloud, - CIO, Manufacturing whether the company “ participates or not You can use the people who are passionate about Organizations can leverage your brand effectively, but at the same time, you both the positive and have to be mindful that there will be others who negative feedback for will say things that you don’t want. What are you marketing, sales and going to do? How are you going to deal with that? ” service - Dr. Nicole Haggerty, Associate Professor “ IT plays a critical role in supporting the You have to know what the business model is in organizational use of the order to dictate what you restrict and what you social cloud while dont along with knowing what the risk to IT and ” minimizing risks the infrastructure environment are. - Thomas Uyehara, IT Director, Independence First Info-Tech Insight: Although there are risks that need to be managed when participating, there are also risks to the organization if they choose not to participate. Conduct an online search for “Motrin Mom” for a popular example of the power of social media in the absence of company involvement. Info-Tech Research Group 10
  11. 11. Organizations can interact with customers via social media to achieve marketing, sales, and service gains• Social media has a number of invaluable 67% of organizations surveyed succeeded in using applications in marketing, sales and customer social media to enhance their brand image and service: increase customer share of mind • Marketing: Social media can be used as an inexpensive and highly effective Building positive brand image 14 53 12 21 channel for advertising and creating brand Increasing mind share 12 55 8 24 awareness with customers and prospects. • Sales: A number of social media services Improving customer satisfaction 7 56 20 18 can be used to prospect for potential Gaining customer insights 13 38 15 24 clients. • Service: Social media can be used as an Increasing customer retention 10 38 20 33 avenue for providing service to customers. Customer acquisition 6 39 16 40• Achieving social media gains is possible in Reducing cost of service 2 39 24 35 both a B2C, B2B, and G2C context.: Increasing revenue 6 31 17 46 • B2C organizations can achieve gains across all areas. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% • B2B organizations can particularly benefit from customer acquisition and the ability Fully achieved Partially achieved Did not achieve Not a goal to build more meaningful relationships. N=64 “ • G2C, health care, non-profit and education organizations can leverage social media as There’s an awful lot of benefit for very ” an integral channel for effectively reaching little cost. out to stakeholders and citizens. - Carol Voss, Marketing Director, Independence First Info-Tech Research Group 11
  12. 12. CRM is now social: leverage social media to capture more customer information and build deeper relationships “• Social CRM refers to the hybridization and merging of social Social CRM is taking advantage of media with CRM. edge infrastructure (social media)• Social media is a powerful tool for where we have access to communicating with customers, but communities of interest by linking relatively few organizations are linking them to the goals of our social media to their customer infrastructure (CRM) where we relationship management. have better controls and measures.• Social CRM is about using Web 2.0 Social media strengthens the technologies to better understand, relationship in an environment communicate with and service where the customer is comfortable customers. and familiar providing us an• Information is power, and social CRM opportunity to bridge this trust into ” aims to provide companies with the our organization. most complete picture of the customer - IT Director, Public Administration available. Info-Tech Insight:Social CRM goes beyond simple databases of customer information - it actively seeks to capture andanalyze customer information and conversations that are available in the social media landscape.Info-Tech Research Group 12
  13. 13. Lack of formality results in manual, resource intensive processes that are difficult to measure • Most organizations that have pursued social media initiatives have done so in an ad-hoc fashion rather than outlining a formal strategy and deploying software solutions. • Projects are often poorly defined, with little central coordination. In some instances, different departments or offices are maintaining separate social media “fiefdoms.” • Outlining a formal social media strategy can enumerate the exact goals to be achieved, illustrate how those fit into existing CRM strategies and outline the methods and services that will be used to achieve them. • Software solutions that integrate with CRM technology reduce the resource intensive processes required for ongoing social media involvement and keeps projects on track by providing reporting metrics. Social media and CRM are often being done Many processes related to social media are being done without a defined strategy manually, despite the existence of software solutions N=64 Info-Tech Research Group 13
  14. 14. Formally integrating social media and CRM technology pays off big dividends in goal achievement • Linking social media to existing customer Organizations that integrated their social relationship management solutions can media and CRM technology with improve information accuracy, reduce manual software realized more of their goals effort and provide more in-depth customer insights. 69 • Organizations Info-Tech surveyed that integrated their solutions achieved more +68% goals as a result. • Several major CRM vendors are now offering products that integrate with popular social networking services (either natively or by 41 providing support for third-party add-ons) • For example, now allows for native integration with Twitter, while an add-on available for Oracle gathers real-time information about prospects by pulling their extended information from publicly available LinkedIn profiles. • For companies that have not formally integrated social media with customer relationship management, IT should develop the business case in conjunction with the No Integration Software Integration applicable “business-side” partner (marketing, sales etc.). Social Media & CRM Technology N=64 Info-Tech Research Group 14
  15. 15. IT has an important role to play in managing social media infrastructure and security• IT’s primary role lies in providing IT manages infrastructure and security, while necessary infrastructure and identifying social media goals and content are typically and mitigating security concerns. handled by the business side • Infrastructure support is particularly Social media technology support 69% 25% 7% important for businesses looking to link IT social media platforms with compatible Managing social media security 62% 24% 14% CRM software solutions. Social media content archival 40% 28% 32% • While social media services can be Providing social media reporting 40% 19% 41% indispensible tools, the services can propagate malware – requiring IT to Social media and CRM integration 38% 45% 18% manage security closely. Employees may Monitoring social media sites 20% 35% 44% inadvertently disclose privileged Def ining the goals of social media 14% 29% 57% information over social networks. Business • IT needs to set policies and access Posting content to social media sites 11% 26% 64% privileges for social media usage. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%• Archiving content, providing reporting, IT Both Business N=64 managing integration and monitoring “ sites may be joint responsibilities or held On IT’s role: It’s like having a lawyer in the by either side. room… their job is to tell you about the ”• The push for adoption usually comes risks and dangers. from the business (for example, the marketing or communications - Jim Sterne, Marketing Consultant, Target department) and thus defining the goals Marketing Inc. and posting actual content lies with the business side. Our Social Media Acceptable Use Policy can be found in the Implement section of this storyboard. Info-Tech Research Group 15
  16. 16. Security and privacy top risks of social media that warrant IT involvement• Social media exposes a certain Security and privacy top concerns of amount of information that can be organizational use of social media visible to friends of friends. Security 38% 44% 14% 4%• While this exposure is a key Privacy 36% 44% 14% 6% mechanism driving value, it can Inappropriate Content 29% 49% 18% 4% also create an inappropriate conduit for information to pass between Time Wastage By Employees 24% 52% 18% 6% personal and business contacts. Control Over Brand Image 26% 46% 20% 8%• Tools to establish barriers between Bandwidth 16% 29% 39% 16% personal and private networks and tools to centrally manage accounts Increased Costs 5% 31% 50% 14% are only beginning to emerge. Competitors Poaching Client Lists 12% 22% 36% 30%• IT involvement for security, privacy, 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% and bandwidth concerns is of utmost importance. Signif icant concern Moderate concern Minimal concern Not a concern “• The business should define a N=132 strategy that illustrates appropriate The genie is out of the bottle - IT needs to learn what conduit for content, time wastage, to do to better manage social media usage and work and brand image concerns. with the business needs to get there; similar to basic ” internet access 10 years ago. - CIO, Financial Services Info-Tech Insight:Implementation maturity impacted perceived risks - organizations that had no social media strategyrated concerns 28% higher than those with a defined strategy.Info-Tech Research Group 16
  17. 17. Take steps to mitigate potential risks to ensure they don’t impede project approval High perceived risks and lack of management buy-in were the top two reasons organizations cited theyhave not implemented social media. Take these mitigation steps to safeguard your business plan approval. Risk Probability Risk Mitigation Strategy Category Risk of employees downloading malware, - Implement policies that indicate appropriate conduct bySecurity High viruses, etc from social media services. employees. - Implement separate social network accounts for business. Risk of inappropriate exchange of - Train employees to never use personal accounts to interactPrivacy High information between personal and business with business contacts and never use their business contacts. account to interact with personal contacts. Employees representing the organization on - Select the team carefully and ensure they are fully trainedInappropriate High social media channels may post something on both official company policy and social media etiquette.Content inappropriate to the nature of your business. - Ensure consistent monitoring by business units. Use of social media for business is linkedTime Wastage - Process for accounting for time spent focused on Medium intrinsically to personal use and time spentby Employees organization objectives must be documented. may not be optimized to meet goals. Fully participating in social media means - Train every person charged with interacting with customersControl Over Medium relying on front-line staff for dissemination of and prospects via social media regarding what constitutesBrand Image positive branding. acceptable brand presentation. Increase in bandwidth needs to supportBandwidth Low social media efforts, particularly when using - Plan for any bandwidth requirements with IT network staff. video social media such as YouTube. - In a public social network, you cannot prevent this. MonitorCompetitors The ability for a competitor to view lists of your own brand as well as monitor competitors. If clientPoaching Client Low clients that have joined your organization’s secrecy must be maintained, then you should use a privateLists social media groups. social network, not a public network. (SocialText, Lithium, private SharePoint site, etc.) - Augment existing customer service responsibilities withIncreased Cost social media requests. Additional resources may be allocated toof Servicing Low - If a dedicated resource is not available, dedicate a specific social media without seeing immediate ROI.Customers amount of time per employee to be spent addressing customer concerns via social media. Info-Tech Research Group 17
  18. 18. Road Map Market Value to Risk Understand IT’s Role Overview Organizations Mitigation Compare Social Media Vendor Segmentation Strategize Opportunity Assessment Business Plan Implement Project Planning Securing Privacy & IntegrityInfo-Tech Research Group 18
  19. 19. Social CRM vendors fit into three distinct categories CRM Suites with Social Channel Aggregators Social Media Services Social Media Integration and Managers Social CRM vendors can be categorized into three silos: social media services (i.e. Facebook, Twitter), CRM suites that feature social media integration (i.e. Oracle,, and pure- play social channel aggregators and managers (such as TweetDeck and Socialware). Different products from the three silos can be brought together to create a cohesive social CRM platform.Info-Tech Research Group 19
  20. 20. Social media services allow consumers to create, manage and share content with each other Social Multimedia Social media services facilitate the creation and dissemination of user-generated Social networking content. These services rely heavily on social interaction and content sharing between users. While all social media services share a dependence on consumer- driven content, they can be grouped according to their purpose and functionality. There are four main types of services: social networking, blogging, micro-blogging and social multimedia. Social Networking: Social networking services allow users to communicate with their personal networks. These services rely on the “friend-of-a-friend” model of social interaction. Users can share a wide variety of information and media with one another. Prominent social networking sites include Facebook and LinkedIn. Blogging Blogging: Blogs (a portmanteau of “web log”) are websites that allow users to upload text entries and media. Entries are typically displayed in reverse- chronological order, and often contain ongoing commentary and discussion of recent events. Prominent blogging services include Blogger and WordPress. Micro-Blogging: Micro-blogging services are similar to blogging websites, with the exception that written content is typically limited to a set number of characters. For example, the popular micro-blogging service Twitter allows users to postBlogging Micro- messages up to 140 characters in length. Social Multimedia: Social multimedia sites provide an easy way for users to upload and share multimedia content (i.e. pictures and video) with both their personal contacts as well as the wider community. YouTube is extremely popular for video sharing, while Flickr is popular for sharing photo albums.Multimedia In many cases, each service does not fit neatly into each category. While Facebook Social is focused on social networking, it also provides tools for sharing photo and videos. Conversely, YouTube includes basic social networking capabilities insofar as users can add each other as friends. With minor exceptions, creating an account on a social media service is free… this makes using these services extremely cost effective. Info-Tech Research Group 20
  21. 21. Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking service; it is an indispensible tool for connecting with your customers Facebook has the highest organizational adoption of any social networking service Marketing 30% • Launched in 2004, Facebook is now the world’s most popular social networking service, boasting over 400 Sales 13% million users worldwide. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. Service 13% • Users on Facebook can exchange messages, share photos and video, create event invitations and build 0% 10% 20% 30% pages dedicated to specific topics or products. • Many companies have found that maintaining a presence on Facebook is essential for connecting with both current and prospective customers. • As the site’s popularity continues to grow, companies must follow their customers to the service. • Companies are also monitoring Facebook to gather consumer thoughts and perceptions about their brands. The site can be an invaluable tool for gaining product marketing insights. Info-Tech Research Group 21
  22. 22. Twitter is a versatile communication channel; the service is extremely useful for pushing out real-time information Although relatively new, Twitter has seen widespread adoption by businesses Marketing 22% • Launched in 2006, Twitter is a popular micro- blogging website that allows users to post short Sales 10% messages up to 140 characters in length. • Users can “follow” one another on the site. When a Service 13% user updates his or her Twitter feed, a notification is pushed out to everyone following the account. This 0% 10% 20% 30% makes Twitter an indispensible tool for quickly disseminating information. • Twitter has rapidly gained traction as a viable service for pushing out real-time updates about products and services, corporate news and information bulletins. • Many organizations are opening Twitter accounts in order to better communicate with their customer bases. Several forward-thinking businesses (such as Dell) are now using Twitter as an additional avenue for customer service.Info-Tech Research Group 22
  23. 23. LinkedIn is the “business formal” of social networking; theservice is valuable for B2B lead generation and prospecting LinkedIn is particularly useful for sales and marketing, especially in a B2B context • LinkedIn is a social networking service targeted at Marketing 10% working professionals. The site is geared towards building and communicating with professional Sales 7% networks (as opposed to services such as Facebook, which emphasize staying in touch with family and friends). Service 2% • LinkedIn features group pages where users can associate with one another based on characteristics 0% 10% 20% 30% like career interest or alumni affiliation. • In addition to giving users the ability to create individual profiles, the site also maintains several company profile pages. Users can view company details such as industry and demographics. • The site features “LinkedIn Answers”, where users can pose questions and receive answers from other members of the LinkedIn community. • LinkedIn’s rich collection of business profiles makes it a valuable service for sales prospecting. The site is also popular as a recruitment tool.Info-Tech Research Group 23
  24. 24. YouTube is the leading video sharing service; it is the unrivalled medium for building awareness through viral advertising YouTube is used predominantly for raising marketing awareness • Since its inception in 2005, YouTube has rapidly grown Marketing 11% to become one of the most popular websites in the world. The service allows users to upload and publish video content free-of-charge. Content on YouTube Sales 3% ranges from home videos to movie trailers to viral advertising campaigns. Service 4% • User accounts on YouTube are referred to as “channels”. The site provides comprehensive tools for managing video content, including basic video and 0% 10% 20% 30% audio editing. • The site provides a free analytics tool called “YouTube Insights” that can be used to track the referrers and demographics of those viewing a video. This makes the site useful for gathering customer insights. • YouTube is extremely valuable for hosting video content such as viral advertisements; because the site is free, hosting video content on YouTube is more bandwidth-effective than hosting it locally. • YouTube provides a channel for distributing video content for smaller organizations lacking the media budgets to purchase TV airtime. Info-Tech Research Group 24
  25. 25. Not all social networking services are created equal: some are more useful than others for achieving certain goals Different social media services are more effective than others for reaching differentgoals. For example, YouTube is useful as an avenue for distributing marketing campaigns, but it’s of substantially less use for sales functions like lead generation.Domain Opportunity Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Building Positive Brand Image    ProvenMarketing Increasing Mind Share     Useful* Potentially Gaining Customer Insights      Useful Gaining Sales Insights   Sales Increasing Revenue    Customer Acquisition    Customer Satisfaction     Increasing CustomerService Retention    *Proven useful by statistical Reducing Cost of Service    analysis of real-world implementations Info-Tech Research Group 25
  26. 26. Incumbent CRM vendors are rapidly integrating social media with their solutions as they realize its potential valueCRM Suites with Social Media Integration • Rapid adoption of social media by consumers has driven most large vendors of CRM solutions to integrate social media functionality into their products. • Some vendors (such as Oracle) natively support social channels, while others (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SugarCRM) are dependant on third-party tools (like InsideView) to enable social media functionality. • While social media integration has been proceeding quickly, it is still a relatively new direction for most CRM vendors. As a result, integration hasn’t reached full maturity yet. This is an area where further development and refinement can be expected. Info-Tech Insight: Due to the rapid adoption of social media by incumbent CRM vendors, the market for pure-play social channel aggregators and managers will be smaller than the market for similar Web 1.0 services. Info-Tech Research Group 26
  27. 27. Oracle and are leading vendors that have integrated social media into their CRM products Oracle leverages social media to provides drive sales performance. cloud-native CRM solutions.• Oracle has incorporated social media into its • provides a comprehensive sales prospecting and automation solutions. tool set for managing customer conversations• Currently, Oracle’s Sales Prospector On- in social media space. Demand pulls potential clients from both • Salesforce can link to Facebook and Twitter. internal and external data sources. Currently, social media can be used as a• Third-party plug-ins allow Oracle’s Social channel for lead generation and sales CRM suites to integrate with services like management, as well as customer service. LinkedIn, pulling contact information such as job title and background.Info-Tech Research Group 27
  28. 28. Pure-play vendors provide social channel aggregators andmanagers that can be used to harness the power of social media Social channel aggregators • With the proliferation of different social media services, a number of vendors have begun offering pure-play social channel aggregators and social channel management solutions. • Social channel aggregators collate and summarize information from several social media services (for example, Facebook and Twitter) and allow users to simultaneously update multiple social media accounts across multiple services. This can be a tremendous time-saver for both collecting customer insights as well as publishing information to social media services. • Social channel managers are applications and vendors that provide services for managing social channels. For example, Social channel managers social channel managers may monitor social media services for consumer thoughts and perceptions about a particular brand, or they may provide on-demand analytics for tracking how consumers are clicking through to the firm’s social media pages. Info-Tech Insight: Using a combination of social channel aggregators and managers can simplify social media campaigns while accumulating useful analytics and archiving content to meet security needs. Info-Tech Research Group 28
  29. 29. TweetDeck and Socialware are breaking new ground in the pure-play social channel aggregator and manager marketTweetDeck makes managing multiple services easy Socialware provides numerous value-added by aggregating Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn social channel management services • TweetDeck aggregates feeds from several • Socialware bills itself as the “first social popular social networking services, and middleware company”, an accurate label displays them in a unified manner. This given the range of social channel eliminates having to continuously check management solutions it provides. multiple social networking sites. • Presently, TweetDeck supports Facebook, • Socialware Compass is a product that allows MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. companies to implement and automate their • TweetDeck can also be used to social media policies by providing internal simultaneously update multiple user access controls, content archival and back-up, accounts across several different services. content moderation, and analytics for • TweetDeck’s ability to aggregate and sort monitoring and tracking use of social media information – combined with its update usage. functionality – make it a versatile tool for • Subscriptions to Socialware’s services start at managing social media initiatives. $100 per month. Info-Tech Research Group 29
  30. 30. Insource Performance Solutions uses InsideView to monitor and gather information from social media channels• Insource is a business-to-business organization that provides labor and staffing solutions to companies – primarily focused on manufacturing and distribution. They employ approximately 2,000 people.• Instead of approaching social media as a task for individuals, they chose a monitoring solution that enables their entire sales and business development teams to deliver a specific message. Summary:• Insource was looking for a tool to streamline their sales force’s efforts to gather online information about prospects and customers.• They chose InsideView to aggregate information within SugarCRM in a meaningful way that complements how they go to market. This enables Insource to expand client relationships, search for new opportunities, and leverage data from social media for prospecting.• In addition to monitoring brand mentions and actions, InsideView compiles reference connectors that link Insource’s customers and prospects through LinkedIn, providing insight into relationships that may be leveraged to increase sales. “ As we talk with prospects and customers we’re engaging in conversations that are relevant to them because we are better informed. These tools are enabling sales and they also, in my view - and I don’t think I’m alone, help us serve our customers better. ” And anything that does that is a good investment on our part. - Chip Meyers, Sales Operation Manager, Insource Info-Tech Research Group 30
  31. 31. Insource relies on InsideView within SugarCRM to provide the most complete picture of a customer • Monitoring company name mentions provides insight into your clients’ activities and the conversations in which they are engaged.• Information harvested from social media channels is integrated into client records for easy access without the manual task of searching across multiple channels. Info-Tech Research Group 31
  32. 32. InsideView uses LinkedIn to display the connections associated with members of Insource’s customer database• LinkedIn network connections are related to clients already in your database for easier prospecting. Info-Tech Research Group 32
  33. 33. Road Map Market Value to Risk Understand IT’s Role Overview Organizations Mitigation Compare Social Media Vendor Segmentation Strategize Opportunity Assessment Business Plan Implement Project Planning Securing Privacy & IntegrityInfo-Tech Research Group 33
  34. 34. Social media opportunities exist in marketing, sales and service 1. Build Positive Brand Image Customers Marketing 2. Increase Mind Share 3. Gain Marketing Customer Insights 1. Increase Revenue Conversations & Information Sales 2. Customer Acquisition 3. Gain Sales Insights Communication Channels Face to Social Phone E-mail Web Face Media 1. Improve Customer Satisfaction Service 2. Increase Customer Retention 3. Reduce Cost of Service Marketing Sales Service Customer Relationship Management Info-Tech Research Group 34
  35. 35. Share information and listen to customers to improve brand image and increase mind share• Social media can be effectively used for marketing purposes when target customer segments overlap user demographics. CustomersThe top 3 marketing opportunities are:1 Positive Brand Image: Organizations can use social media to promote a positive brand image. This is particularly important for organizations generally vulnerable to negative press or consumer discontent. Interaction Goals:2 Positive Brand Image Increased Mind Share Increased Mind Share. Social media can reach Customer Insights large audiences at very low monetary cost, giving organizations another medium to promote Communication Channels their organization/brand to increase awareness. Related Research: Getting Social with E-Mail Social Media Marketing Campaigns3 Customer Insights: Users discuss experiences with products/services via social media. Monitoring social media can provide valuable feedback on your products as well as on those of Marketing competitors for product intelligence. Customer Relationship Management Info-Tech Research Group 35
  36. 36. Connect with new prospects for customer acquisition and revenue generation• Social media can be exploited for a variety of sales purposes when acquisition and sales can be linked to existing sales processes.The top 3 sales opportunities are: Customers1 Increased Revenue: An additional channel for organizations to provide product and service information that can convert consumers researching a product/service into a sale or encourage future purchases with coupons. Interaction Goals:2 Increased Revenue Customer Acquisition: Social media can be Customer Acquisition Customer Insights exploited for lead generation, particularly by leveraging the FOAF model in B2B scenarios. Many CRM Vendors are linking platforms like Communication Channels LinkedIn and Facebook to its sales automation Social Media software to enable sales to leverage referrals through their business and personal networks.3 Customer Insights: Consumer buying behaviors and patterns can be gathered by monitoring social media sites and then used to design sales delivery models. Sales Customer Relationship Management Info-Tech Research Group 36
  37. 37. Engage with your customers via social media to provide moremeaningful service and support for satisfaction and retention• Social media provides another channel for organizations to respond to customer inquiries or service issues. CustomersThe top 3 service opportunities include:1 Improving Customer Satisfaction: Customers that receive more timely and personal service in the medium that they prefer will be more satisfied. Interaction Goals:2 Improving Customer Satisfaction Increasing Customer Retention Increasing Customer Retention. Using social Reducing Cost of Service media with customers builds barriers to exit since customers are engaged using a medium Communication Channels they prefer – something the organization needs to offer to remain competitive. Social Media3 Reducing Cost of Service: Organizations use social media to quickly and efficiently respond to customer service issues. The answer to the problem can be public, making it searchable by Customer Service other customers that have the same request. Customer Relationship ManagementInfo-Tech Research Group 37
  38. 38. Info-Tech evaluated real-world implementations across the nine social media opportunity areasThe following slides provide social media cases at a The Social Media Scorecard:variety of organizational types. Each case is evaluatedusing Info-Tech’s social media scorecard to help you Area of Opportunity Social Media Goalsunderstand how success looks for differentorganizations. Marketing Build a positive brand imageWe evaluated four organizations across all major Marketing Increase mind sharesocial media platforms: • Dell Marketing Gain customer insights • H & R Block Sales Increase revenue per customer • Scripps Health Sales Acquire customers • State of Vermont Sales Gain customer insightsThe effectiveness of their social media campaigns is Service Increase customer retentiondirectly related to goals in the social mediascorecard. Service Increase customer satisfaction Reduce cost of servingWe also looked at exemplary cases in individual social Service customersmedia channels: • The Coffee Groundz (Facebook) These cases are meant to illustrate how • CME Group (Twitter) social media can be applied to a variety of • Zappos (Twitter) organizations. An opportunity assessment • BooneOakley (YouTube) follows so that you can determine what • Control Engineering (LinkedIN) areas exist for your specific situation.Info-Tech Research Group 38
  39. 39. Dell is used as the standard by which other social media campaigns are measured • Dell Inc. is a multinational information technology corporation that develops, sells and supports computers and related products and services. • They are extremely successful across all platforms. • Their focus is on driving sales and building relationships through enhanced customer service. • One of the most notable companies to successfully monetize their initiatives, Dell reported achieving $3 million in revenue directly through Twitter since 2007.Cross-platform summary: • Dell’s page includes an app that enables a user to configure a custom laptop, share the resulting product, and then connect seamlessly with Dell’s online store. • Also includes an app that connects Facebook fans directly with Dell customer service. • 27 Twitter accounts include geo-targeted offers for consumers, offers for business, tech support, customer support, and customer insight aggregation. • They engage in extensive brand monitoring and customer engagement. • The videos on Dell’s YouTube channel have been viewed over 4.3 million times. • Videos are created for both consumer and business audiences, and are used cross-platform with integration into Facebook and referrals from Twitter. • Dell uses LinkedIN for employee collaboration and communication as well as recruiting for global operations. Groups for Dell Certified Specialists are open for networking and discussion. Info-Tech Research Group 39
  40. 40. Dell’s Facebook apps integrate with online sales and customer service • Generate brand awareness through community endorsement by building apps that are easy to share. • Increase sales with direct integration of the app and your online store. • A dedicated support team is recommended to ensure timely responses to service requests. • Our testing with Dell revealed response times of thirty minutes or less.Info-Tech Research Group 40
  41. 41. Dell’s Twitter streams drive sales and provide customer service • Measure conversion from each social media source by providing links to tracked landing pages. • Analytics through a URL -shortner such as offer insight into clickthrough rates. Info-Tech Research Group 41
  42. 42. Dell’s comprehensive social media strategy produces wins for marketing, sales, and service Dell’s approach of incorporating sales, marketing/branding, and customer service into their social media initiatives makes their campaigns remarkably successful.Social Media Goals Associated Activities Achieved Extensive brand monitoring and rapid response toBuilding positive brand image potentially inflammatory commentsIncreasing mind share Outreach activities that keep Dell top-of-mind Authority granted to CSRs to resolve customer issues viaImproving customer satisfaction Social MediaGaining customer insights Aggressively solicit customer opinionsIncreasing customer retention Maintains focus on conversation post-saleIncreasing revenue per customer Uptake on special offers is highCustomer acquisition Seamless integration with online store Unknown; customer service and sales are dominant driversReducing cost of servicing customers of Dell’s strategy Info-Tech Insight: Many of your prospective buyers may already be using web channels; if you neglect to address those customers using social media, your audience is likely to choose a competitor who is established in this space. Info-Tech Research Group 42
  43. 43. H&R Block’s approach to social media is driven by service• H&R Block is a tax preparation company in the United States claiming more than 22 million customers worldwide. They operate offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.• H&R Block relies on social media as an avenue for providing comprehensive customer service.• They interact with customers by answering tax questions and offering advice.• They are quick to address and resolve negative experiences people are discussing via social media.Cross-platform summary: • H&R Block’s Facebook page has over 14,000 fans and is built around customer service and client engagement. • They have created apps that are interactive, informative, and easy-to-share. • Reps quickly and directly respond to both positive and negative comments posted on their wall. • H&R Block uses Twitter as a powerful customer service tool, engaging in brand monitoring to ensure that no mention of H&R Block goes unanswered. • Multiple customer service reps are authorized to use this account to create one stream of ongoing support. • Branding and marketing are the primary objectives of H&R Block’s YouTube channel. • Their videos, a combination of commercials and instructional videos, have been viewed over 1.7 million times. • They have also completely customized the YouTube interface to be branded consistently with their website. Info-Tech Research Group 43
  44. 44. H&R Block’s Facebook page is interactive and motivates users to share content • Use the tabs of your page as a mini-website that addresses user experience first and branding second. • Make your tabs relevant to the problem your customer is trying to solve. • Creating a quiz and adding it to your page requires no special programming ability. • This is a quick way to provide fans with an interactive experience while promoting your brand in their news feed.Info-Tech Research Group 44
  45. 45. H&R Block answers questions and solves complaints via Twitter • Number of followers is an obvious metric but often is not the meter by which success on Twitter should be measured. • Monitor mentions of your brand so you can address comments or concerns whenever people are tweeting about you, whether they are a follower or not. • Direct messages can only be seen by the sender and recipient. • Communicate via DM sparingly, or when sensitive information is being shared, so the rest of the community can see how engaged and attentive your organization is. Info-Tech Research Group 45
  46. 46. H&R Block successfully achieves marketing and service goals H&R Block’s extensive brand monitoring and employee customer service outreach make social media a powerful tool to reach current and potential customers, as well as increase mind share.Social Media Goals Associated Activities Achieved Extensive brand monitoring and rapid response to negativeBuilding positive brand image or damaging remarks to alleviate potential brand impact Social outreach activities that keep H&R Block top-of-mindIncreasing mind share when customers are searching for tax advice/information Authority granted to CSRs to resolve customer issues viaImproving customer satisfaction Social Media Provide opportunities for customer interaction and solicitGaining customer insights opinions Timely responses to customer questions increases theIncreasing customer retention likelihood of repeat business Revenue affected indirectly through customer satisfaction;Increasing revenue per customer initiative is not sales-driven Unknown; although unproven, it is likely that positiveCustomer acquisition branding will affect customers not already engaged Unknown; customer service is the driver behind H&R Block’sReducing cost of servicing customers strategy Info-Tech Insight: Organizations whose primary social media driver is improved service can still leverage customer interaction to increase customer acquisition through shareable content and viral special offers. Info-Tech Research Group 46
  47. 47. Scripps Health uses social media to connect patients and employees• Scripps Health is a nonprofit health care system based in San Diego, California.• The system includes four hospitals and 19 outpatient facilities, and treats a half-million patients annually through 2,600 affiliated physicians.• The social media strategy employed by Scripps Health is centered on inviting conversation between patients and employees, fostering community and generating positive branding opportunities.Cross-platform summary: • Scripps Health’s Facebook page is intended for both employees and patients. • The comments on their wall include open-ended discussion questions about medical issues with responses from employees to encourage debate, as well as posts highlighting employee contributions and achievements. • Scripps Health’s twitter account has over 5,000 followers. • A recent sample showed that approximately 50% of their tweets are in direct reply to someone who has mentioned Scripps Health in a tweet, with the remainder split between sharing company news and promoting local events. • The videos on Scripps Health’s YouTube channel have been viewed more than 79,000 times and offer a combination of health care news, patient stories, and company news and PR. • They have created a YouTube group for health-care professionals, a technique that shows promise in connecting similar-minded organizations for the purpose of increasing visibility. “ I do consider [our social media efforts] successful, and growing more so everyday. Its a slow process, but there have been numerous examples of patient experiences that have been made ” better because we were listening, and then reaching out. - G. Anderson, Marketing & Communications, Scripps Health Info-Tech Research Group 47
  48. 48. Scripps Health’s Facebook page encourages patient interaction • Raise the profile of your organization for visitors to your Facebook page by highlighting employee contributions and company news. • Encourage employees to become fans of your page and contribute to the discussion to enrich the patient experience. • Leverage your content across social media platform by syndicating content via RSS. Info-Tech Research Group 48
  49. 49. Scripps Health builds community on Twitter and YouTube • Customer (patient) stories and testimonials posted on your YouTube channel are a natural fit for social media and should be shared with your fans/followers across all social media channels.• Encourage employees who are tasked with manning your social media initiatives to inject personal comments to add dimension to the conversation. People follow/friend other people, not organizations. Info-Tech Research Group 49
  50. 50. Scripps Health demonstrates a solid health-care social media strategy Scripps Health’s use of social media to connect patients and employees creates opportunities for effective conflict resolution and for positive branding within their community.Social Media Goals Associated Activities Achieved Focuses on community activities and positive contributions byBuilding positive brand image employees Seeks out people who are discussing Scripps Health andIncreasing mind share initiates conversation, highlights positive comments The team manning their social media initiatives is able toImproving customer satisfaction provide conflict resolution or refer to someone who canGaining customer insights Offers insight into community needs through open discussion Little indication of follow-up with patients past the initialIncreasing customer retention conversation Building awareness and employee retention are moreIncreasing revenue per customer significantCustomer acquisition Unknown; recruiting given high priority Unlikely; numerous comments from patients are initiatedReducing cost of servicing customers because the medium is available and are unlikely to have prompted a phone call or other contact Info-Tech Insight:Building community via social media helps connect patients and health care support services forimproved patient satisfaction.Info-Tech Research Group 50
  51. 51. The State of Vermont joined the social media conversation for marketing gains• The State of Vermont employs over 7,000 people.• It had to deal with social media initiatives that were being created independently and without standard process.• Their audience was already interacting with non-sanctioned pages and accounts. While the conversation happening in the social arena was largely positive, it did not leave recourse in the event of questionable postings.• The state CIO worked with the Chief Marketing Officer to develop a plan for official pages that include administrators who monitor communications for objectionable content 365 days a year.Cross-platform summary: • Official Vermont marketing pages have been created around tourism and state parks, with 3,000 to 5,000 fans. • The unsanctioned Vermont fan page has over 21,000 fans who are passionate about sharing their opinions. They are a very engaged community that should be leveraged and not excluded from official communications. • Two notable official Twitter streams (VermontGov and VermontTourism) are run by their respective agencies, with the official account having almost 1,800 followers. This account is used purely as a broadcast medium. • Vermont Tourism has 4,400 followers, is following 3,500 people, and is actively engaging in two-way conversation as well as promotion. • The videos on Vermont Tourism’s YouTube channel have been viewed over 17,000 times. • Videos include traditional television commercials and long-form promotional videos created specifically for this medium. • In addition to casual browsers, the channel has 59 followers who are attentive and interested: one recent video garnered 25 views in the first three hours . Info-Tech Research Group 51
  52. 52. Vermont’s Facebook presence is overshadowed by a pre-existing fan page Note: This is a fan page in the original sense of the word: this page was created, not by government agencies, but by a fan. • Harness the motivation of independent fans who are inclined to help you with positive branding. • Acknowledge their efforts even when they lie outside your official strategy. • Having a sanctioned and official page satisfies your need for quality control, but gaining customer insight is easier when the conversation is already started.Info-Tech Research Group 52
  53. 53. Vermont’s government Twitter account is a one-sided affair, which limits its effectiveness • Following a low number of people limits the amount of noise you have to filter when interacting with your audience. • This is common when a Twitter account is automated to publish updates (via RSS, for example) • The absence of “RT” (re-tweet) or “@name” tweets indicates that this account is not interacting with anyone. • Use Twitter as a communication facilitator, not a broadcast medium for press releases. Info-Tech Insight: Limiting the amount of interaction you have with your audience also restricts the benefits you can expect when participating in social media.Info-Tech Research Group 53
  54. 54. Vermont’s conservative strategy is a safe approach for positive brandingLimiting the amount of interaction they have with their audience also restricts the benefits Vermont canexpect when participating in social media. They have a solid foundation on which to build.Social Media Goals Associated Activities AchievedBuilding positive brand image Actively positioning Vermont in a positive light Social media content is increasingly showing up in searchIncreasing mind share engines, so it is probable that someone searching for Vermont will also have access to this contentImproving customer satisfaction When present, fan/follower interaction is promptGaining customer insights Conversation is largely promotionalIncreasing customer retention Focus is on brand buildingIncreasing revenue per customer N/ACustomer acquisition Interactions are occurring with current fans and followers Unknown; savings may be present if social media isReducing cost of servicing customers replacing traditional advertising Info-Tech Insight: Developing a social media presence is not an all-or-nothing endeavor. Assess each medium on its own merits and dedicate resources accordingly. Info-Tech Research Group 54
  55. 55. The Coffee Groundz gives their audience an online gathering place on Facebook• The Coffee Groundz is a small business in Houston, Texas. It has built a strong Facebook following by promoting in-store and community events, along with advertising exclusive special offers for Facebook fans.• They currently have over 1,650 fans.• Their fans are extremely active, posting photos and videos of events hosted at The Coffee Groundz. Social Media Goal Positive brand image Increased mind share Increase customer satisfaction Gain customer insights Increase customer retention Increase revenue per customer • Encourage participation and Acquire customers feedback by publishing photo/video contributions on Reduce cost of serving customers your wall.Info-Tech Research Group 55
  56. 56. CME empowers a team of employees relative in size to their number of followers• With over 750,000 followers, CME Group tweets about global economic and financial news. They are diligent about responding to their followers and engaging in conversation despite the volume of tweets.• They have posted an impressive 6,600 tweets – and have empowered their employees to work in a variety of Twitter clients, including HootSuite, TweetDeck, Twitter for Blackberry, and OpenBeak. Social Media Goal Positive brand image Increased mind share Increase customer satisfaction Gain customer insights Increase customer retention Increase revenue per customer Acquire customers • Reciprocate positive sentiments by calling out by Reduce cost of serving customers @name those who are contributing to your conversation. Info-Tech Research Group 56
  57. 57. has almost 500 employees on Twitter dedicated to customer service and retention • Approx 500 Zappos employees are on Twitter, including the CEO, tasked with providing exceptional customer service and positive brand representation. • Customers can talk directly to a customer service representative about a previous, current or future purchase, issues with the website, or ideas for future products and improvements. Social Media Goal Positive brand image Increased mind share Increase customer satisfaction Gain customer insights Increase customer retention • Be transparent about who is tweeting. Increase revenue per customer • CEO, Tony Hsieh, has Acquire customers gained over 1.6 million followers by Reduce cost of serving customers being open about his position and sharing unvarnished thoughts about his company. Info-Tech Research Group 57
  58. 58. BooneOakley builds on the aspects of YouTube’s interactivity that go virtually untapped by most users• Ad agency BooneOakley has taken the interactivity potential of YouTube and turned it into their website.• points to their main YouTube video, which utilizes the Flash component of YouTube to link to other videos that correspond with the different traditional “pages” of their website. Social Media Goal Positive brand image Increased mind share Increase customer satisfaction Gain customer insights Increase customer retention • Create collateral that takes advantage of the Increase revenue per customer capabilities of each medium. Acquire customers • BooneOakley’s site demonstrates the capabilities YouTube has to transform videos into full-fledged Reduce cost of serving customers web content that interacts seamlessly with other components of your website.Info-Tech Research Group 58
  59. 59. Control Engineering uses LinkedIn groups to connect and discuss, not to sell• B-to-B magazine Control Engineering built a community for engineers that focuses on members needs for expertise and in-depth advice, both from their peers and from easy access to editorial content.• The most interesting discussions were then used as articles in their print publication, which encouraged subscribers to find and use the LinkedIn group. Social Media Goal Positive brand image Increased mind share Increase customer satisfaction Gain customer insights Increase customer retention Increase revenue per customer • Start a discussion that sparks interaction Acquire customers with your employee representatives. Reduce cost of serving customers • If your group gets off track, moderate with discretion. You may still find valuable insights in the conversation. Info-Tech Research Group 59