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Your Content Marketing Machine Is Broken—And There's Only One Thing That Can Save It


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B2B content marketing is broken. Learn why user-generated content is the solution, and how other brands are leveraging their customer's voices to tell powerful stories and increase their reach in this short primer for marketing executives.

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Your Content Marketing Machine Is Broken—And There's Only One Thing That Can Save It

  1. 1. Yourcontentmarketing machineisbroken and there’s only one thing that can save it
  2. 2. Yearafteryear,B2B marketersproduce MOREcontent
  3. 3. 51%ofB2Bmarketers saytheyplantoincrease theirinvestmentin contentmarketingover thenextyear B2B CONTENT MARKETING: 2016 BENCHMARKS, BUDGETS, AND TRENDS—NORTH AMERICA (CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE)
  4. 4. …andyouthrowmore andmore budgetat contentcreation
  5. 5. Contentmarketing makesup25%ofthe averageB2Bmarketing budget(ormore) 4 THINGS EFFECTIVE ENTERPRISE MARKETERS GET RIGHT [EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH] – (CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE)
  6. 6. Yetallofthiscontent isn’thavingtheimpact youexpect
  7. 7. Yourbuyersare drowningincontent 83% of buyers feel overwhelmed by the amount of content available to them 2016 CONTENT PREFERENCES SURVEY: DEMAND GEN REPORT
  8. 8. Theydon’ttrustwhatyou’re crankingout (Only 9% of B2B buyers say they trust vendor content like white papers) B2B BUYERS DON’T TRUST VENDORS’ ONLINE CONTENT: CMO COUNCIL
  9. 9. “Buyersarenothappywithvendors. Theircontent[tendstobe]over-technical, product-centric,andself-serving.” -DonovanNeale-May,executivedirectoroftheChiefMarketingOfficer(CMO)Council B2B BUYERS DON’T TRUST VENDORS’ ONLINE CONTENT: CMO COUNCIL
  10. 10. Youraudience needsAUTHENTIC, TRUSTWORTHY content.Itcomes fromtheirpeers.
  11. 11. It’scalled user-generated content(UGC) Learn how you can bring UGC to your B2B content strategy in this how-to guide: Skip ahead to download the eBook or keep clicking to learn more
  12. 12. Consumerbrands havealreadyfigured itout
  13. 13. Apple“ShotoniPhone6” campaign InsteadoftellingconsumershowgreattheiPhone6 camerawas,Applecollectedphotostakenby iPhoneusersaroundtheworldandcuratedthose submissionsdownto77incredibleimagestousein TV,printandonlineadvertisingcampaigns
  14. 14. GoPro 6,000videosarepostedonlineeachday byGoProuserswhohavedocumented theiradventure.Thecompanyuses thebestintheirmarketinginsteadof professionally-shotfootage
  15. 15. StarbucksWhite CupCampaign Starbucksloverssubmittednearly4,000 photosoftheirdesignsonStarbucks cupsin3weeks-enoughtofillthe company’ssocialmediafeedsfor yearstocome
  16. 16. Didyounotice? Thereareno professionallyshot photos,perfectlyfilmedvideo,witty taglines.Justtheraw,authentic voiceofthecustomer
  17. 17. “Theinternetandsocialwebhavemadeitpossible foranyvoicetobeheard...buttobetrulyheardyou havetobeauthentic.Ifnot,youwillbediscovered, youwillbeexposed,andyou’llbederided.” HankBarnes,ResearchVicePresidentatGartner RADICAL AUTHENTICITY – ITS TIME HAS COME (BUT TIMING COUNTS)
  18. 18. YourB2Bcontentis NOTauthentic No,notevenyourperfectlypolished, beautifullydesignedcasestudies Yourdirtymarketingfingerprintsare alloverthem
  19. 19. Stepawayfromthe keyboard Ifyouwantuser- generatedcontent youneedtoempower youradvocates
  20. 20. Themessenger: youradvocates Enthusiasticcustomerswhoare willingtosharetheirpositive experienceswiththeirpeers.
  21. 21. “Advocatemarketingmultiplies thenumberandreachofvoices talkingaboutyou—atamuchlower costthantraditionalchannels.” FORRESTER REPORT: ADVOCATE MARKETING CREATES B2B CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS THAT LAST A LIFETIME
  22. 22. SelfieMarketing • Companytalksaboutitself • Promotesproducts • Fewgo-toreferences • Companycontrolsbrand • Toomuchnoise Embraceanewmodel AdvocateMarketing • Customersravetotheirpeers • Buildslifelongrelationships • Armyofadvocates • Customersbuildthebrand • Cutthroughthenoise
  23. 23. Advocate distribution Theadvocate-drivencontent marketingstrategy Advocate-sourced ideas Advocate-generated content
  24. 24. 1.Developideas User-generatedideas guarantee yourcontent will resonate with youraudience
  25. 25. TheideaforTouchBistro’s top-performingpieceof contentwassuggestedby thecompany’sadvocates IPAD POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM FOR RESTAURANTS
  26. 26. 2.Createcontent Inviteadvocatestoproduce theirowncontent-andplayan activeroleincreatingyours
  27. 27. User-generated contentsaved $500Kinsupport costs K-12 EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY AND GLOBAL NETWORK
  28. 28. 3.Distributecontent Amplify the reachand authenticityofyour content through youradvocates’ networks
  29. 29. In4months,advocates drove50Kuniquevisits fromsocialsharesto MongoDB’swebsite OPEN SOURCE DATABASE SOFTWARE
  30. 30. Advocate-distributed contentincreasedreach andengagementby10% andclicksby5% TEACHING AND LEARNING SERVICES POWERED BY TECHNOLOGY
  31. 31. Here’showtoget started Share this how-to guide with your content team. Each chapter was written by a B2B marketer who has put user-generated content at the heart of their content strategy.
  32. 32. 4.6 / 5 4.69 / 5 4.9 / 5 Amplify your customers’ voices with Influitive’s advocate marketing platform. Createpowerful,advocate-generatedcontentthat resonateswithbuyersandincreasesyourbrand’sreach Contact Us