43 (Wessex) Brigade - why Reservists are good for business


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43 (Wessex) Brigade's presentation to the Influence Conference, May 2014. Presented by Brigadier Piers Hankinson.

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43 (Wessex) Brigade - why Reservists are good for business

  1. 1. The Army Reserve ‘WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP’ Brigadier Piers Hankinson MBE Commander 43 (Wessex) Brigade
  2. 2. Defence in the South West Cornwall Devon Gloucestershire Bristol Somerset Dorset Wiltshire Isles of Scilly Channel Islands  37,000 direct full time jobs  £9bn of £36bn Defence Expenditure  38,800 Armed Forces Personnel + dependants  17,200 Civil Servants  45,000 buildings in 90 establishments  4000 service leavers per year  11000+ young people are cadets
  3. 3. Integrated Force 112,000 82,000 30,000 Reserve Regular Army
  4. 4. Regenerating the Reserve The Offer to Employers  Balancing the Proposition  Developing a new relationship  Improving communication  Developing mutual benefit The Offer to Army Reservists and their families  Improve the Reserve Experience – high quality training  Value the individual:  Career Structures  Pay  Leave  Pension  Bounty  Healthcare  Welfare Support A British Army Reservist on current operations
  5. 5. What employers say…………… Tom Bradford – Royal Mail: “Their skills and team work are major plusses for our business where individuals who can think for themselves, make decisions and act upon them are key to success. Companies pay large sums of money to develop these skills.” Guy Voice – Senior Project Manager BT: “His reservist experience enables him to bring wider skills to the business….I’m confident too, that if I ask him to do things, he will do them well. Reservists bring an additional approach to learning and working with people from different environments.” Mark Wilson – Leicestershire Constabulary: “Their communication skills are top drawer – their experience and training needs to be acknowledged back in their workplace.”