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How To Use Content Marketing To Fuel Your Email Marketing


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47% of marketers report that email generates the most ROI for their organizations – so if you’re looking to convert more leads, it’s important to fuel your email strategy using content that effectively addresses and answers your leads’ questions and concerns.

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How To Use Content Marketing To Fuel Your Email Marketing

  1. 1. How to Use Content Marketing to Fuel Your Email Marketing Presented by Influence & Co.
  2. 2. About Us Natalie Stezovsky: VP at Influence & Co. Tweet: @nstezovsky Influence & Co. is a content marketing agency that combines a talented team of content marketing experts with more than 1,000 online publication relationships and innovative software to help companies strategize, create, and publish content that meets its goals. I enjoy riding horses, developing content, and helping entrepreneurs creatively achieve success. My love of coffee helps fuel my passions for continuing education and technology.
  3. 3. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the various ways you can use content to fuel your email marketing strategy, including: • The power of personalization. • How to put together drip campaigns. • How to stay top of mind with weekly newsletters. • How to save time with automation. Why We’re Here
  4. 4. The Power of Personalization
  5. 5. STAGE OF THE BUYER'S JOURNEY EFFECTIVE CONTENT ELEMENTS 1. Currently Untroubled or Unaware Traditional advertising: guest-contributed articles, blog content, general subject matter, e-books, whitepapers 2. Interest Established in Company Email, general long-form content, on-site content, blog posts, email newsletter 3. Problem Acknowledged Risk assessments, webinars, seminars, email follow-ups 4. Searching for Solutions Solution sheets, in-depth whitepapers and e-books, email or drip campaigns 5. Evaluating Solutions Product or service demos, customer testimonials, case studies, emails 6. Becoming a Customer Same as above: product or service demos, customer testimonials, case studies, emails The Buyer's Journey
  6. 6. • Needs • Motivations • Pain points Understand Your Audience’s:
  7. 7. Segment Your Audience Into: Leads Marketing Qualified
  8. 8. The Anatomy of a Marketing Persona
  9. 9. How to Put Together a Drip Campaign
  10. 10. • Nurture • Stay top of mind • Educate Drip Campaign Goals • Convert • Collect more information
  11. 11. • Tailor content to their stage in the buyer’s journey • Top of the funnel • Educational; answer questions • Middle of the funnel • More tactical; start showing them solutions to their problems • Bottom of the funnel • Start being more promotional; show why you’re the best solution to their problems Select the Right Content to Send
  12. 12. #2 USE CONTENT TO NURTURE LEADS DOWN THE FUNNEL. Hey Natalie, You’re driving down the road in you new Lamborghini, excited to show off your ride to an eager group of car junkies. As you’re cruising along, in awe of its features, that all-too-familiar feeling that you’re forgetting something starts to creep up. As your car slows down, you realize you’ve overlooked a vital stage: fueling up! Let’s bring it back to reality for a moment… Your fantastic content is your Lamborghini, and if you want to reach your eager prospects, you need the right fuel. We want to share an article, “3 Types of Content That Will Fuel Your Inbound Marketing Efforts,” because without the right fuel, your inbound strategy will most certainly sputter out. Select the Right Content to Send, Cont.
  13. 13. Select the Right Content to Send, Cont.
  14. 14. Select the Right Content to Send, Cont.
  15. 15. • Email signatures • An “As Seen In” page on your company website • A resource library on your site • Think beyond email Think of More Creative Ways to Share Your Content
  16. 16. Stay Top of Mind With a Weekly Newsletter
  17. 17. • Create an editorial calendar with topics you’d like to discuss. • Decide which internal experts should author those posts. • Implement a knowledge extraction process to get everything you need to put the piece together. • Document your strategy and content creation process so you can stick to it. Blog Content
  18. 18. • Make a list of the publications you’d like to target. • Decide who your company’s subject matter expert (or “thought leader”) should be. • Implement a knowledge extraction process to get everything you need to put the piece together. • Adhere to publication guidelines to ensure your post fits with what online editors are looking for. Guest-Contributed Content
  19. 19. Make It Easy to Subscribe
  20. 20. How to Save Time With Automation
  21. 21. Select the right automation platform by asking yourself: • How easy is it to integrate this software into my organization? • What kind of support and training is included? For how long? • What effort is required to maximize adoption in my organization? • Will we have a dedicated account rep available to us? For how long? • How are current customers utilizing the platform’s full functionality? Select the Right Marketing Automation Tool
  22. 22. • Set up a free consultation to talk more about your content marketing strategy. As a bonus, we’re offering $500 off your first month if you do sign on to be a client. • Download the publication quiz to get a feel for which niche publications might be a fit for your strategy. • Use an editorial calendar template to make planning your content easier. • Visit to for more info. Resources
  23. 23. Questions?