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How To Avoid Creating Content No One Will Ever See


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Time is one of our most precious assets. It moves quickly, which is why we're always trying to find ways to spend it wisely. Nothing feels better than putting a lot of time and effort into something, getting it done, and checking it off of your to-do list. You feel accomplished and successful. Which is why it makes sense that when you put a lot of effort into something only to see it fall flat, you feel so lousy.

The simple truth is that when it comes to content, true success is measured not by completing it, but by what you do with it after you've done so. To see more return, you should be putting as much time and effort into the distribution of your content as you do the creation of it.

In this deck, we walk you through the steps you need to take in order to make sure people actually see the content you're creating.

Points covered include:

Why distribution makes all the difference in the success of your content
Which content to share with your leads based on which stages of the buyer's journey they're at
The seven essential forms of content distribution
Tips for growing your network

There are also free resources at the end to help you get started effectively distributing your content!

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How To Avoid Creating Content No One Will Ever See

  1. 1. How to Avoid Creating Content 
 That No One Will Ever See
  2. 2. YOUR PRESENTER Brittni Kinney VP Tweet: @bkblackandgold Brittni Kinney is a VP at Influence & Co. who loves discussing how content marketing can help any marketing strategy achieve its full potential. She likes her coffee black and her whiskey straight, and she loves traveling. 
  3. 3. The Power of Distribution Distribution and Timing 7 Essential Forms of Distribution How You Can Grow Your Network WHY WE’RE HERE
  4. 4. You work so hard to create content. What good will it do if no one actually sees it? Distribution is a crucial step in the content marketing process. THE POWER OF DISTRIBUTION
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION AND TIMING Timing Is Everything Awareness Consideration Decision My business has 
 a problem! I need to do 
 online research. It looks like this company might be able to help!
 I’ll learn more. This company can definitely help me solve my problem. I’m going to work with them.
  6. 6. Guest-Contributed Content Organic Social Media Distribution 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Programmatic Advertising and Paid Amplification Internal Distribution Email Newsletters and Drip Campaigns Client, Partner, and Influencer Distribution Sales Enablement
  7. 7. 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Guest-Contributed Content
  8. 8. 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Organic Social Media Distribution
  9. 9. 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Programmatic Advertising and Paid Amplification
  10. 10. 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Internal Distribution Sales
 Account Team

  11. 11. 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Email Newsletters
  13. 13. 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Client, Partner, and Influencer Distribution
  14. 14. 7 ESSENTIAL FORMS OF DISTRIBUTION Sales Enablement
  15. 15. HOW YOU CAN GROW YOUR NETWORK Publish content in external publications that your target audience loves to engage with.
 Co-create content with a partner whose audience can help you expand the reach of your messaging. 
 Use a marketing automation software and CRM tool like HubSpot. Build a list of solid, high-quality followers on social. 
 Include paid amplification tactics to boost content that contains key messaging or has performed well organically.

  16. 16. PUBLICATION QUIZ THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CONTENT DISTRIBUTION Visit: 4-STEP GUIDE TO EXCEPTIONAL CONTENT MARKETING RESOURCES SET UP A CALL WITH US! Let us answer your questions about content marketing! We can provide tips on what you might be doing wrong or what you should be doing to see more return. Plus, we can tell you more about our services if you'd like to outsource some of your content efforts.
  17. 17. Questions?