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7 Strategies to Create Meaningful Opportunities for Your Business


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Opportunities are all around you, but it's up to you to increase the likelihood that these opportunities actually manifest. Here are 7 strategies that will help you increase opportunities for your business.

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7 Strategies to Create Meaningful Opportunities for Your Business

  2. 2. Every day, potential opportunities are all around you — you’ve just got to increase the likelihood that these opportunities will come to you. If you create meaningful relationships with your customers, partners, and industry influencers, you can position yourself to stay top of mind with all of them. And it all begins with trust. The following are seven simple ways to begin building trust, positioning yourself to be top of mind, and creating opportunity.
  3. 3. AUTHENTICITYONE What’s true in your personal life is just as true in your professional one: BS derails relationships. When you avoid authenticity, you put distance between your brand and your next opportunity, and you make it difficult for your audience to trust you — you can’t trust what you don’t believe to be real.
  4. 4. HELPING OTHERS TWOIf you’re still skeptical about whether it’s possible to create opportunity for yourself, try doing it for someone else. It’s really easy: Every time you talk with someone, end your conversation by asking, “How can I be helpful to you in the future?” Most people will feel deep appreciation, and appreciation is a ladder to a top-of-mind position.
  5. 5. LIKABILITYTHREE Ch. 4 “IT’S WHAT I CALL ‘PAUL RUDD’ LIKABILITY.” It’s hard to trust someone you don’t like. You’re more inclined to trust and advocate for people and brands that you like over those you feel neutral or even negatively about. That’s the power of likability. It takes work, but investing in your likability will pay off in trust and opportunity.
  6. 6. FAMILIARITY FOUR Ch. 2 FAMILIARITY IS SOMETHING THAT IS CULTIVATED, GOING BEYOND SMALL TALK AND LEARNING TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Your audience members may like your brand well enough, but if they aren’t familiar with you or comfortable with your relationship to them, that won’t go very far. Familiarity is the other side of the likability coin — it forges a strong connection between you and your audience. Cultivating a sense of genuine curiosity about your audience and learning to ask the right questions will help you truly get to know each other and build familiarity.
  7. 7. BRAND AND THOUGHT LEADERSHIP FIVE If you treat your brand as an afterthought, you’re only reinforcing the barriers between yourself and your audience. A vibrant, flourishing brand is one of your most powerful tools for creating trust and opportunity. It’s vital that you invest in executive branding — not just your own, but your entire team’s as well. The more thought leaders you have representing your brand, the more trust you’ll generate with more audiences who can relate to you.
  8. 8. CONTENT TRIGGERS SIXAs you learn about the needs, wants, and personalities of your key audiences, you’ll notice certain patterns start to take shape. These are “content triggers,” and they’re key to establishing trust and a real connection. Use them as a guide for creating and distributing content to scale that trust.
  9. 9. EDUCATIONSEVEN Ch. 2 ONE OF THE EASIEST WAYS TO EDUCATE YOUR AUDIENCE: THROUGH HIGH-QUALITY DIGITAL CONTENT It should go without saying that the content you create must be rooted in education and offer value to your audience. Education is the most important trust point because knowledge is power. When you share your knowledge and educate others, you’re building valuable relationships and empowering people to make their best decisions.
  10. 10. AND REMEMBER… Trying to force another person to trust you is manipulative and counterproductive. You can’t make someone feel an emotion; you can only create the conditions for that emotion to emerge organically. These seven touchpoints offer ways to create those conditions. Integrate these practices into your everyday life with your audience members, and you’ll begin finding yourself at the top of many minds.
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