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Spira Admin 2: Advanced Tips And Tricks


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A tutorial by Simon Bor, presented at InflectraCon 2019, in Cincinnati, OH on September 10, 2019.

Published in: Technology
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Spira Admin 2: Advanced Tips And Tricks

  1. 1. Spira Admin 2 Advanced Tips and Tricks @Inflectra | #InflectraCon
  2. 2. Simon Bor Head of Products, Inflectra
  3. 3. Session Aims
  4. 4. … or if you want to get technical Artifact fields Workflows Emails Security
  5. 5. Artifact fields
  6. 6. There are three types of field Statuses Types Ranking
  7. 7. Incident ranking example
  8. 8. Incident status example
  9. 9. Incident type example
  10. 10. Workflows
  11. 11. … workflows in 3 easy steps 1 Multiple workflows 2 Statuses / steps 3 Transitions
  12. 12. But what is a workflow? Example 1 Requested Accepted Under Review Rejected
  13. 13. Requirement workflow 2 Requested Accepted Under Review RejectedPlanned
  14. 14. Requirement workflows overview Requirement Types, except… User Stories Use Cases
  15. 15. Requirement workflow in reality
  16. 16. Requested Review Requirement Accepted Under Review Rejected
  17. 17. Status = requested Under Review Requested Review Requirement
  18. 18. Transition = review requirement Under Review Requested Review Requirement
  19. 19. Status = under review Under Review Requested Review Requirement
  20. 20. Let’s see this in action
  21. 21. Emails
  22. 22. Two parts: events and templates Email template sent Artifact changes Event rule triggers
  23. 23. Email event options Triggers on creation, on change to any field Who gets it opener, owner, or based on role Subject use most fields to customize
  24. 24. Email template One per artifact Customize with many fields Style standard HTML – fully editable
  25. 25. Security
  26. 26. How to manage security Users active, product membership, roles Passwords format, force renewal Logging in attempts, LDAP, OAuth External access allowed domains
  27. 27. What to learn next?
  28. 28. Custom reporting (see session tomorrow) Data syncing Testing and planning settings Source code / version control Cross product associations Auditing product history and undoing changes
  29. 29. Artifact fields rank, status (workflow controlled), type (picks workflow) Workflows what fields you see, need, can change; who can move along the workflow Emails trigger on any field change you choose, email body per artifact Security control user access, passwords, network access