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Keynote: Inflectra Company Vision - InflectraCon 2019


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InflectraCon 2019 - An opening Keynote by Adam Sandman.
Cincinnati, OH.

Published in: Business
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Keynote: Inflectra Company Vision - InflectraCon 2019

  1. 1. Welcome to InflectraCon
  2. 2. 2 banjos 4 amazing sponsors 6 countries 40 sessions 130 of us
  3. 3. @adammarksandman Thanks to our sponsors
  4. 4. @adammarksandman Making the most of InflectraCon 3 tracks Functional: practical, hone your skills Management: new ideas, discuss bigger picture Hands-on: 1-on-1 time with experts, bring your questions How to get help ask anyone in an Inflectra polo shirt
  5. 5. What Inflectra is here for
  6. 6. harmony
  7. 7. @adammarksandman We have been here for 13 years Focused on our customers – not pleasing investors Regular new and useful features 11 global sales offices and partners across the globe Data centers where customers need them most
  8. 8. Who are our users
  9. 9. Testers Managers Developers
  10. 10. @adammarksandman Core Spira App QA tools Product management Programs & portfolios Risk management Agile planning Source code
  11. 11. @adammarksandman Wider Spira Ecosystem Test automation: Rapise Test integration: RemoteLaunch Syncing: Jira, Azure, HP, ServiceNow Helpdesk support: KronoDesk Integrations: CI/CD, IDEs, unit tests Source code hosting: TaraVault
  12. 12. Testers
  13. 13. Exploratory Testing Best in class testing tools Best Rapise ever
  14. 14. Honing our testing chops Test can link to risks and tasks Test configurations Suspect flag on tests Admins can reassign test runs
  15. 15. Flexible Exploratory Testing Mode
  16. 16. SpiraCapture to log your session
  17. 17. Better looking, easier to use
  18. 18. MS Dynamics Salesforce Improving app support SAP
  19. 19. Self healing using machine learning
  20. 20. Developers
  21. 21. Source Code IDEs DevOps
  22. 22. IDEs VS Code Visual Studio Eclipse Jet Brains IDEs
  23. 23. Gitlab Github Source Code TaraVault
  24. 24. Azure DevOps Every major unit test framework DevOps Jenkins
  25. 25. Managers
  26. 26. Requirements Risks Dark mode
  27. 27. Impacts Probabilities Mitigations Reporting Fully integrated Risk Management
  28. 28. Classic hierarchy Flat sortable Kanban board Document Mindmap Requirements 5 ways
  29. 29. Dark mode (just because)
  30. 30. One more thing…
  31. 31. @adammarksandman Portfolio Level Planning
  32. 32. Where next?
  33. 33. @adammarksandman Improved SCM Baselining Teams and tracks Scheduling Time tracking EVM module Freeform notes Improved instant messenger Fine grained notifications Charts and reports Webhook support Simplified integration with third party tools Resource planning Gannt charts Financial management Enterprise views Portfolio artifact pages TestersDevelopersManagersCross-platform Dynamic Test sets Risk-based testing AI-powered testing
  34. 34. harmony
  35. 35. Have an amazing InflectraCon!* *Where should I go next