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Three hallmarks of effective web design


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Infinite IT Solutions provides some tips for innovative web designs which can be very helpful to gain business from website. Infinite IT Solutions gladly work for web design with W3C standard.

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Three hallmarks of effective web design

  1. 1. Three Hallmarks of Effective Web DesignWhats the difference between a good website and a badwebsite? Generally we know it when we see it, but its notan easy thing to define in a simple sentence because somany different factors contribute to the success or failure ofonline ventures. Since youre probably more interested inchoosing a web design for an effective and profitable page,lets think about what makes one.Of course, not all successful websites are identical, but, oncloser inspection, all are very likely to display dedicatedattention to some of the same specific aspects of web design.In short, effective web design focuses on the user experienceby creating websites that are easy for the eye to scan, simpleto navigate, include high quality graphics and text and dontfrustrate visitors with complex applications or long loadtimes. Successful web designs are prepared with theunderstanding that people generally turn to the internet toresearch a topic when they want quick, clear and relevantinformation.So, how can elements of web design be combined to createan enjoyable user experience? 1
  2. 2. Here are three quick tips to get you thinking: 1. Simplicity: It is essential that all aspects of the web design remain as simple as possible. This means eliminating the inclusion of any extraneous information, images and pages, keeping the colour scheme to a maximum of three colours, and picking a maximum of two fonts. Not only should the design of the website be clean and stylish, the navigation must be easy to follow with clearly identifiable icons. The requirements you ask of your site visitors should also remain minimal. For example, random site visitors are more likely to browse – and purchase – at an online store if they are not required to complete a registration form before being allowed to view the goods. 2. Quality Content: Effective web design extends to the written content placed on the website which should also prioritise simplicity by avoiding technical jargon and dense, lengthy paragraphs. Some fail-safe tips for effective web content include the use of short and concise sentences, plain language, and the arrangement of text in a way that is easily and quickly scanned by the eye. This can be achieved using techniques such as bullet points, category lists, headings and sub-headings. 3. Cross Browser Compatibility: One of the fastest ways to alienate your site users is to provide a web design that is not compatible with the most popular web browsers, requiring them to download additional plugins or programs in order to access the information they require. Stringent testing for cross-browser compatibility is an essential aspect of effective web design. Before a website goes live, it must be tested across browsers, as well as on laptops, tablets and mobile phones, to ensure that no major flaws emerge in its functionality. 2
  3. 3. For innovative web design in Melbourne get in touchwith Infinite IT Solutions for high quality designswith W3C standards. Infinite IT Solutions is wellknown as one stop solution provider for Web Design& Web Development in Melbourne. Infinite IT Solutions Suite 41, 1 Ricketts Rd Mt Waverley VIC 3149 Ph: 1300 881 594 3