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Trend Identification Empowering Brands


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Trend Identification Empowering Brands

  1. 1. Chase McMichael CEO@chasemcmichael @infinigraph #ondemand April 4th 2012
  2. 2. InfiniGraph solves a problem for marketersdrowning in data by enabling them to identify whats relevant to their customers.We simplify trend identification empowering brandsto create resonating content marketing campaigns.
  3. 3. some content is more interesting than other content.Do you know whats important to your customer?
  4. 4. Content insight involves a staggering amount of data: 3.2 billion pieces of content are shared each week between 800 million Facebook users. How do you make sense of all this data?
  5. 5. We’re drinking from the social media fire hose.85
  6. 6. Professional Grade Intelligence6
  7. 7. Can you see the advantages of understanding what your audience is into?7
  8. 8. What is Social Intelligence? Pro Active Social Intelligence is: Deriving relevance from consumeractions around content and other whohave in common connections throughthe Social Graph while finding trends.
  9. 9. Trends• What are trends? • All brands have some sort of fan interaction on their content. • Clusters of brands in an industry have more. • Monitoring brand content traction based on audience behavior What’s across both the brand and the industry represents the trends in relevant? content preference. 8 5
  10. 10. Isnt it worth knowing what is relevant to your audience?10
  11. 11. Marketing Intelligence Interface
  12. 12. Consumer Action On Brand Content • What’s most important to the X Games engaged audience based on behavior?12
  13. 13. All Brands Have Trending content Consumers acting on content provides better measurement to what’s relevant13
  14. 14. Do you see how brands can be more engaged when they know what’s trending?14
  15. 15. Competitive Brand Intelligence – Digital Insights15
  16. 16. What do you learn? Recommended Action Steps: Tuesday and Wednesdays are the best days to introduce new photos. Where as Saturday is best to repost and spin those photos with questions etc.16
  17. 17. Different Content Trends17
  18. 18. Recommended Frequency By Content Type Total post allocation over four week period: Type Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun optional 10 optional optional 20 15 trending Status posts optional 25 optional optional 40 30 optional optional optional 12 optional trending trending Link posts posts optional optional optional 20 optional 7 14 repost 14 trending Photo posts 15 20 repost 20 8 repost repost trending 6 Video 8 repost repost trending 6 • Insight: Recommendation: Link content goes to commerce sites and/or Repost content used for heavy traffic days to fill out days blogs/media/publications. Whereas, status updates are and time slots with less traffic. A total of 200 posts across more consumer engagement inducing. Photos and content types will get Client X to the industry average. videos perform the highest.18
  19. 19. You have genius moments, just not every day.But there are continuous genius moments happening all the time. InfiniGraph taps that genius.
  20. 20.• We got 41% more likes on their postsWhat we did: Monitor the military branches and surfaced trendsOur Results: 41% increase in likes 43% increase in comments "InfiniGraph knows what content is most relevant and how to act on trends. Were seeing 41% improvement in content engagement.” Joanna Campione - New Media Marketing Manager, Monster Inc. (
  21. 21. Golden Spoon• We got Golden Spoon some great results:• Clickthrough rate: 6%• Liked page fan: 51%• Conversion to buy: 18%*• Same store sales: up 13.7% during promotional period.• Coupon redemption rate was reported to be approximately 18% with each e-mail promotion.• New Facebook likes up 162%• Monthly active users rose 105%. “We’re running promos on slow days Mondays• Post feedbacks were boosted 612% and Tuesdays on Facebook and sales are equivalent to what they are on a weekend.”• Post views increased 249%. Gary Brewer – Digital Eye (Agency) CEO21
  22. 22. Complex Media• We helped grow Complex Media:• What we did:• Created the first Competitive Brand Intelligence for Over 12 men publications• Find out what readers did on social networks and what type of content they liked to read and share.Our Results:Traffic to the Complex website by 30%Twitter increased by 25% “InfiniGraph increased Complex page views byFacebook increased by 30% 30% and its Facebook following by 30%.” Aleksey Baksheyev, Director of Technology of Complex Media, Inc.,22
  23. 23. Wouldnt you want to know What content and Why? InfiniGraph answers this question.
  24. 24. Chase McMichael CEO@chasemcmichael @infinigraph #ondemand