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Stream Marketing and Content Automation – Drive Actions Drive Results


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In this session you will learn how to maximize your content stream “Steam Marketing”, gain insight into what topics your consumers want to be engaged on “crowd sourced topic trending” and drive relevant content automation. With the growth of Facebook and Twitter continuing brands are allocating more budgets towards social marketing those who harness the stream with measurement and conversion into tangible events will benefit the most from the brands to consumer social graph. Speaker Chase McMichael

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Stream Marketing and Content Automation – Drive Actions Drive Results

  1. 1. Twitter @chasemcmichael “Stream Marketing & Content Automation – Drive Actions Drive Results”
  2. 2. Activity Streams is now serious marketing Every 20 years, a new widespread form of enterprise collaboration has been adopted
  3. 3. Your customers Feed is the Key
  4. 4. Twitterverse – Lots of tools
  5. 5. Choose wisely with a plan Tools don’t create action clear strategy & consumer engagement does
  6. 6. Consumers demand relevance "drinking from social media fire hose"; Are we entering into "Facebook Fatigue?
  7. 7. When a post goes EPIC
  8. 8. Tweet - 2 - Clicks Customers know what they like
  9. 9. The Steam Is NOT YOUR inbox The stream is like a stock ticker not an email inbox
  10. 10. Posts with High clicks – good for repost 970 Clicks 584 Clicks Don’t fear your feed multi post works
  11. 11. Delay Posts Drive Action
  12. 12. Does Steam Marketing work? "Thanks to InfiniGraph, Complex Media's Network Flagship site received 25% more visits and page views in October and 30% more in November from Twitter. Aleksey BaksheyevDirector of Technology | Complex Media, Inc.
  13. 13. Keep It simple stupid Quality breeds Quantity – focus on action
  14. 14. Content Resonance
  15. 15. Life is not about being liked its about being effective
  16. 16. ContentConsumptionGraph “The Content Stream by InfiniGraph” What is the health of your feed? BeforeAfter Challenge is knowing what to put in your feed
  17. 17. What is Social Intelligence Pro Active Social Intelligence is: Deriving relevance from consumer actions around content interaction and others who have in common connections through the Social Graph
  18. 18. Customers are the Best Source
  19. 19. Crowd sourced relevance Connect with those who are most active around similar brands and have friends connected to you
  20. 20. Crowd Source Trending Content Feed your Feed with crowd sourced trending content
  21. 21. Value in a Follow A Facebook fan has no value. Getting a Facebook fan to do something does
  22. 22. Activation based on relevance Top content sources based on social interaction Consumer activity around most relevant connected brands Ranked consumers based on activity in a vertical interest(s) Yields Actionable: Content - Keywords Connections - Insights
  23. 23. TheProblem Deliver relevance to the target consumers who drive purchasing, sharing and conversation Peter Bordes: “…we are heading into the "age of relevance" which moves beyond search…”
  24. 24. Empowering Targeting Without engagement, you won’t be moving the needle on the metrics that really matter Can social targeting increase engagement? Short Answer -Yes
  25. 25. Take Away Crowd sourced content interaction provides greater relevance The right content drives the greatest interaction “Own your content space” Reposting works with a little social intelligence
  26. 26. Twitter @chasemcmichael @infinigraph All rights reserved. Thank you!