Real Time Trends in Ads - Creating Intelligent Social Ads


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"InfiniGraph uses social behavior to show you which content will drive the most engagement in your ads."

What your going to Get?
How to increase content engagement?
- InfiniGraph/Flite Ad Component
ads/apps/landing pages/websites
What’s Trending Content?
- Hypecuration what's relevant 
- Most relevant content based on crowd action
How to create a Social Ad in real time

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  • Three steps easy to get started and can be accomplished with your Facebook login or standard InfiniGraph log in feature
  • Once you are logged into the system and type a brand into the search field, this is the first screen you see.
  • Our proprietary machine learning algorithm calculates a score based on these factors. Content that has the highest level of engagement receives the highest score
  • Real Time Trends in Ads - Creating Intelligent Social Ads

    1. 1. "InfiniGraph uses social graphs to show you which content will drive the most engagement in your ads." Analyze · Automate · ActivateChase McMichael - CEO InfiniGraphSeth Wiener – CRO/COO InfiniGraphKence Anderson – Director of Ad Products
    2. 2. INTELLIGENCE CONTENT SCALING Ad Networks Cloud Ad/App Content delivery Brand Web Site Intelligence Facebook page House Ads Mobile In Apps Curation 3rd party or Partner siteSocial Mass
    3. 3. AGILE MARKETINGInfiniGraph provides brands whats hot and scale in real-time
    4. 4. WHAT YOUR GOING TO GET• How to increase content engagement? o InfiniGraph/Flite Ad Component o ads/apps/landing pages/websites• What’s Trending Content? o Hypecuration whats relevant o Most relevant content based on crowd action• Now, Creating a Social Ad in real time 300 X 250
    5. 5. Facebook Landing TabExample of trending content within a Facebook Landing tab
    6. 6. MobileTrending content on mobile device
    7. 7. Step #1Create an account. Optional Facebook connect: In the eventFacebook is not working please use standard login
    8. 8. Step#2 Main Interface of a brands trending content Search on NHL or add a brand
    9. 9. Step#3 Trending Content around the NHL Content with the Greatest Interaction is positioned at the top of the list, and has the greatest level of relevance with your followers/clients
    10. 10. RSS FeedThis is an example of a Flite Trending Content Component
    11. 11. RSS FeedThis is an example of an RSS feed in Flite Standard RSS Feeding
    12. 12. Step#4 MeasurementWe measure through Clicks,Re-tweets and Likes to gaugerelevancy
    13. 13. Thank YouChase McMichael – InfiniGraph @infinigraph @chasemcmichaelSeth Wiener – InfiniGraph @socialnetworkkkKence Anderson – Flite
    14. 14. Step#5 Post Relevant Trending ContentThe content that is most relevant can be re-posted andFed into Ad’s App’s and Applications to increase followerengagement
    15. 15. Step#6 RSS ActivationClick the box next Require feed approval to activate RSS capabilities
    16. 16. Step#7Once the Box is checked and the RSS box turns orange you canbegin to Publish relevant content
    17. 17. Step#8 Edit FunctionYou have the ability edit the message and when you deliver it aswell as removing it from your feed
    18. 18. Step#9 Publish PostOnce you have decided what to re-post you are one click away
    19. 19. Step#10 Remove Posts One click to remove posts that no longer are relevant
    20. 20. RSS FeedThis is an example of an RSS feed in XML using GooglePlus. Mozilla, Safari and Explorer provide rich text
    21. 21. RSS FeedThis is an example of a Flite Component RSS feed
    22. 22. InfluencersThe people who are most engaged with your brand viaFacebook and Twitter
    23. 23. FB AffinitiesThese are the other brands your followers are also engaged withon Facebook and this provides you
    24. 24. How to add a new brandIt is very easy to add a brand, by clicking on A a brand thenfilling in at least two of the three fields. Request areprocessed within 24-48 hours 1 2
    25. 25. CONTACT INFORMATIONChase McMichael – InfiniGraph•• @infinigraph• @chasemcmichael Seth Wiener – InfiniGraph•• @socialnetworkkkKence Anderson – Flite•• @kenceanderson
    26. 26. Additional Slides
    27. 27. EXAMPLE OF AFFINITIES WITHIN HYPERCURATIONOther relevant content that your followers engage with
    28. 28. Twitter AffinitiesThese are the other brands your followers are also engagedwith on Twitter
    29. 29. Intelligent Trending Content scales Engagement within Social Display Ads"InfiniGraph paves that path to calculable Social ROI ...... Ads with socialtrending content jumped from .05% to 2.5% CTR! " Dan Woolsey - Director ofBusiness Operation NBC
    30. 30. Activate RSS Feed1. Check Box2. Choose what you want to re-post3. Check content and edit if needed4. Decide where you want to post content5. Decide when you want post to be release intra-day or Saturday or Sunday6. Click Publish7. Content will appear within