How To Get Hypercuration Results: Brand Case Studies


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Search on your brand name here and see Red Mango trending analysis and see what trending in this report show in prestation Curation solves the most pressing content marketing problem, which is a lack of both quality (hyper-responsive, standout posts that beat EdgeRank) and quantity (daily or more frequent Brands finding ways to integrate other content in their strategy are reaping the benefits and achieving overall brand voice dominance. This session presents attendees with a proven process for putting hypercuration into practice. How to get traction with curated content, and specific brand case studies demonstrating actual results are all part of the discussion. Get the real lowdown on why curation is a must-have and why your competition has more mojo with their customers using highly relevant content. Glean first-hand insights on what type of call to action work best from a curation standpoint and how to scale with a limited content budget. Learn how to maintain mindshare through consistent content creating and curation. Are you ready to see what works and why with your customers?

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How To Get Hypercuration Results: Brand Case Studies

  1. 1. If you don’t base your marketing on data these days you could get fired@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  2. 2. The new URL is social crazy not to enable all your media with share@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  3. 3. We have MOVED from a Keyword world to an Interest Graph world@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  4. 4. Content discovery is happening more in feeds over search - the power of SHARE@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  5. 5. Social content is a mess it has to be organized in vertical industries@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  6. 6. Consumer Actions on Content99% don’t mention a brand but all are acting on content relevant to an industry@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  7. 7. The Digital Path to Success ModelA repeatable process for optimization on: – Research, analysis and strategy – Content planning, creation and curation – Segmentation, activation and acquisition – Campaign creation and community management
  8. 8. 3 Steps to Research that Informs StrategySTEP 3: SHAPE CONTENT STRATEGY FROM ANALYSIS- Brainstorming with consideration of how new data identifies opportunitiesaligned with goals and objectives. Begin considering content assets to supportideas and actions to follow
  9. 9. Optimizing on yourself is like drinking your own cool aid – look beyond your band@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  10. 10. All calendars have gaps Curation is a momentum builder@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  11. 11. Curation Drives Strategy• Hypercuration™ to discover which content in your niche is working the best.• Are you doing similar things or what can you learn from the top performers? You are what you curate choose wisely @chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  12. 12. Hypercuration
  13. 13. It’s not about being LIKED it’s about being effective – use crowd insights@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  14. 14. Insights Directs Curation Insight: Across the Frozen Treat Category, Red Mango, Dairy Queen, Ben & Jerrys and Starfruit are the industry leaders. Why? Its all about the content.
  15. 15. Content Timing Insight: Fro-yo fans are more likely engage with their favorite brands around lunch hour, and then again in the evenings, before and during dinner time. * Times in Central Standard Time, CSTIf you not timing your content by type your wasting time@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  16. 16. Curating and copying what works just makes you more relevant@chasemcmichael @infinigraph
  17. 17. Be relevant with your audience or someone else will@chasemcmichael @infinigraph