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Artificial Intelligence machine learning Chase McMichael POV


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Artificial Intelligence: What are the different ways AI is going to transform the device-based experience for consumers?

How do you stay ahead of where AI is headed?
How should AI be leveraged to enhance brand trust, improve engagement and help consumers get jobs to be done in a way that is valued by consumers?
How can AI be employed to create better personal performance for individuals?

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Artificial Intelligence machine learning Chase McMichael POV

  1. 1. 1 <NAME OF MY SHORT PRESENTATION>Reckoning with Artificial Intelligence Chase McMichael CEO
  2. 2. 2 Chase McMichael is a 2X startup entrepreneur in mobile messaging, collaboration, video and machine learning. He is now the CEO and Co- Founder of InfiniGraph a video deep learning company focused on increasing video lifetime value for large video publishers. Chase held Dir to VP positions at Hearst Corp, Chase Manhattan, Oracle and Sprint as well as worked and mentored several bay area startups. First startup UNBOUND was awarded the Fast Tech 50 and sold to Sprint. Honored by Marketing Sherpa Viral Hall Of Fame award for a video contesting platform. Chase's focus is on machine learning and real time video analysis using deep learning. Chase has a degree in physicist and mathematics. He is a verterian mentor for FRC/FTC robotics, loves to garden and beekeeping. Chase’s greatest accomplishments are married to a wonder wife and raising 3 amazing kids @chasemcmichael
  3. 3. 3 How do you stay ahead of where AI is heading? 1. Each industry will adopt AI/ Machine Learning at different rates - Some will be utterly disrupted by an outsider changing the landscape of their business at such a fast rate that acquisition could be the only way to stay ahead. 1. Be the leader and reorganize around data intelligence - can you be the AI disruptor? Is your organization data ready? To stay ahead requires you to lead. 1. Be safe, wait, see and gamble you can get in at a latter time …… Technology will become simpler, packages are being created that all can use. Let technology advance and adapt latter with higher risk to profits.
  4. 4. 4 How should AI be leveraged to enhance Brand Trust - Build your product and organization around being responsive to customer needs and managing expectation via intelligent service. ● Can you anticipate your customer's needs? ● Predict what they need or be ready to answer questions. ● Do you know your most valuable customers and organize your service to be unique? ● How do you respond and manage risk at the speed of social media, youtube, and chat apps. ● Are you a real-time intelligent organization looks to establish a life time value of a relationship with with your customer? Here are just a few questions that affect brand trust. AI will enable a more agile company from the way consumer life cycle and relationship evolution.
  5. 5. 5 How should AI be leveraged to enhance Improve engagement - Engagement is based on being at the place at the right time with the right message. Creating an emotional connection with your customers and passion with the services you provide is key to engagement. ● Be the company that provides time back to your customers vs. taking time. ● Is your band a WOW you did this for me? ● Good services is expected over the top service gets people talking. ● Is your services organization geared by data insights or reactive? Can you predict based on behavior what your business needs are? Brands that anticipate will win because they will be there when the customer wants them to be there. It’s about relevance and just in time; successful artificial intelligence will intuitively augment a person’s interaction and make their life simpler.
  6. 6. 6 How should AI be leveraged to enhance Help Consumers - Is your brand intrusive or intuitive? - creating delight and meeting expectation is not easy but blindly trying options without an active feedback system that can map and adjust is dangerous. ● Consumer actions and feedback are two very powerful component to creating a way to predict what and how your consumer will respond. ● Understanding and creating systems that can adapt and change not passive but active can make the difference in winning the AI race. ● Regardless of the industry their is employee retention and customer retention - all important - AI improving your employee’s to be more responsive will directly impact your custom experience. AI is a fundamental driver for enhancing human experience. Both internal and external must work together to create a better consumer engagement flow. AI will proactively surface relevant information or alter the experience to benefit all parties.
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  8. 8. 8 Artificial Intelligence: What are the different ways AI is going to transform the device-based experience for consumers? MY POINT OF VIEW ON . . . Humans are visual creatures and pictures tell a 1000 words. AI has already found what images your consumers engage with and now the same is true in video. Understanding emotional response enables higher information retention. As long as there is a screen to look at video will dominate. So is true in AR and VR. Brands and Media that figure out what content their consumers relate with will have a big advantage in enhancing the human experience. Information is content and molding that content requires intelligence. The human Interface is now Mobile for the most part and it’s the fastest growing access point globally. Mobile is the most personal and intelligences on these devices is only increasing. How and what information and the interface you have with you consumers will most likely have a mobile element. AI has come far and fast on Marketing systems, Phones, Connected Homes, Vision systems and Robotics. AI is touching every industry just as the computer did and then the internet. AI is the next wave in computing and here to stay. All focused on one thing. Competitive Advantage. Automation is never ending as long as shareholders continue to demand higher profits and returns. AI is and will be the differentiating factor of survival in the big tech world we live in today. The trifecta is data, speed and intelligence. Data is the new oil. Apple/Google/Facebook - Facial Recognition, open source AI platforms Amazon / Microsoft / Google- Voice Recognition - Alexa, Cortana, Home Identification and Personalization - Video Recommendation as an example Video is mobile and the amount of video being consumed now is creating a massive data insight on human behavior like never before. Your enterprise has touchpoints with consumers and those touchpoints now need to be intelligent. Consumer expectation is growing fast because of their interaction with the BIG TECH interfaces and is a forcing function raising the bar on what is expected. Companies are looking at what they are going to do in quarters vs what they are going to do in a decade. AI is not planned in Quarters but over the longer term of the business. A fundamental shift must happen. Most are just not going to make it because the change is coming faster than expected. The Digital Rustbelt is real those undergoing the Digital Transformation are late to the game and now we’re in the AI REVOLUTION altering everything we know about real time computing and data intelligence.
  9. 9. 9 SOME RESEARCH TO SUPPORT . . . companies/#36782108120d
  10. 10. 10 Chase McMichael POV on Artificial Intelligence
  11. 11. 11 IN SUMMARY Business who provide a better experience and innovate will be the new growth engines. Resistance to change in the retail, media and finance sectors are just some example of where AI has disruption. Just about every industry is being altered and the business landscape is changing fast like never before. You are as good as your last product. Building an intelligent enterprise is thinking in decades not quarters. A software package that has AI isn’t going to be a quick fix. The digital and now AI transformation has occurred. Many have committed fundamentally making an AI first organization. ● AI needs to be engineered as an Intelligence feedback to improve systems without humans, however, enhance human productivity and coexist not eliminate. ● Consumers are demanding more raising the bar drive greater innovation, AI should be frictionless. Personal AI assistants will anticipate and augment your life. Brands need to anticipate. ● Business that harness their data pipeline, enable a fast data management approach to their business will be in the game and command a dominating position. Insight without action - can you move as fast as your customer are moving? LACK OF VISION will be the greatest threat. Thinking your industry will not be affected by AI is the same thinking used when SEARS thought the Internet was a fad. Using intelligence to solve problems will never go out of style. Creating higher efficiencies in your business to adapt faster and stay relevant to your customers needs will always be required.