Female Interaction af Stine Vilhelmsen, design-people ApS


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Oplægget blev holdt ved InfinIT-arrangementet "Temadag om Female Interaction" afholdt den 19. september 2012.
Læs mere om arrangementet på http://www.infinit.dk/dk/hvad_kan_vi_goere_for_dig/viden/reportager/stort_forretningspotentiale_i_teknologisk_udvikling.htm

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Female Interaction af Stine Vilhelmsen, design-people ApS

  1. 1. Female InteractionInfinit - 19. september 2012Stine Mosegaard VilhelmsenFemale Interaction project managerSenior user experience designerdesign-people
  2. 2. De danske kvinders forhold til teknologi4 kvindelige teknologi profilerKvantitativ undersøgelse 29% 30%web & telefon interviews Organiser Young commu- nicator227 danske kvinder18-60 årKlyngeanalyse 24% 17%4 klynger Aesthetics Traditionalist aware
  3. 3. 4 kvindelige teknologi profiler Organiser “Technology as a tool” Young Communicator Benefit oriented “Network and communi­cation oriented” Systematic Community Tech-love Age: 40-60 Individualism 29% 30% Age: 18-25 Communication 24% 17% Aesthetic Aware “Seeks identity Traditionalist through aesthetics” “Technology scepticism”Tech accepting . Administration Aesthetics Age: 25-40 Technology scepticism Age: 40-60 Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  4. 4. Tre case produkter Jabra JX2 Beosound 5 Danfoss link Bluetooth headset Digital music for the home Central, wireless indoor climate controlFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  5. 5. Bang & Olufsen musik i private hjem CaseFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  6. 6. Bang & Olufsen case produktBeoSound 5Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  7. 7. Kvindelige teknologi profilerBang & Olufsen 40-60 years 25-40 years Traditionalist Aesthetics Aware ” ”Technology scepticism” aesthetics ”Seeks identity through Administration Aesthetics Technology scepticism Tech accepting 40-60 years 18-25 years Young Communicato Organizer ”Networking and co r ”Pursues benefits in technology” mmunication oriented ” Benefit oriented Community Organization Individualism Tech-love CommunicationFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  8. 8. Bruger researchDirekte brug af caseproduktVærdier og emotionelle aspekter i relation til musik i private hjem Musik i private hjemFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  9. 9. Bruger & potentiel bruger researchBang & OlufsenVærdsætter et dedikeret musiksystemEnkelt, æstetisk, let at anvende og opsætteVigtigt at dele musik med andreSocial kontaktOpdateret på ny musikInspiration er vigtigMennesker i fokusSkabe og drage omsorg for situationerIkke forstyrre sociale situationerteknologi i baggrundenSituative behov skal tilgodeses Musik iFleksibel og nem adgang privateKontrol over situationer hjemFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  10. 10. Social music experience character - based on the “aesthetic aware” & “organizer” profilesLisa McKinney, 42 yearsLisa is an editor dealing with her interests inculture, art, design and architecture.She lives in a large high-end apartment withher 14-year-old daughter.Her home is feminine and decorated withquality and designer interior.Lisa often hosts dinner parties but she rarelycooks herself.She is a busy woman and dinner often consistof take away food from the local ItalianShe takes good care of herself and tries to livea healthy lifestyle with yoga and wellnessIn the morning coffee-to-go is essential for agood start.Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  11. 11. Bang & Olufsen case Social music experience Social musik oplevelse Dedikeret musik system diskret teknik Ét musiksystem - nem adgang overalt Fleksibel og situativ tilpasningFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  12. 12. Bang & Olufsen case Social music experienceFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  13. 13. EffektFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  14. 14. International web panel feedback and menHow do women respond... 840 respondents: 1/3 men - 2/3 women 7 Countries: Denmark, USA, Germany, Japan, Poland, Italy and Brazil Scenario based concept test - web surveyFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  15. 15. The presentation of the concepts have changedthe opinion about the use of the product10 6,9 6,2 6,4 6,4 5 5,8 5,6 5,2 5,3 1 Tunecase danfoss Noi LIWO Sound around Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  16. 16. Women are very positive towards the new music systembut at the same time it still appealed to men10 7,9 8,1 8,1 8,0 8,1 7,3 7,2 7,3 7,0 7,0 6,9 7,0 6,2 6,2 5 1 With the I consider The new I like the The new With the new With the new music the new music system compact music system music system music system I can music looks easy aestetic style looks I can listen to system I be social and system to operate convenient music in any can have a share music flexible in technique situation sublime music with other experience Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  17. 17. Female Interaction procesFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  18. 18. From user understanding to female driven user experience - and product concepts Holistic female User experience user experience Situation-driven User feedback & visualisation & analysis ideation framing testing1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8Overall framing of Framing - Inno- Theme and Scenario drivenuser- and concept vation vectors & concept framing interaction- andfocus desired experi- product design ences Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  19. 19. Female Interaction proces og metode • Værdi baseret Female Female • Holistic tilgang functions aesthetics & benefits • Scenarie baseret Female • Mellemmenneskelige relationer values • Fokus på emotioner Female Female • Benefit orienteret communication interaction & service • Fokus på motivationFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  20. 20. Female Interaction toolbox GuidebogFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  21. 21. Female Interaction toolbox Female Interaction principper 11 Easy to operate matters they When women buy new elect ronic devices, the fact that ate is a highly valued para m- are easy to use and oper 1 be a common assumption; eter - contrary to what seems to s. etical parameters in electronic that women only look at aesth r- of use” as of much higher impo In fact women regard “ease Consider her body tance than aesthetical param eters such as colour, shape and and ergonomics material. When working with women don’t forget the obvious: Women are built differently to men, in physical 3 Motivatiodiffmatterss in motivations appearance as well as internal. Items proportioned for men and then scaled down to fit women don’t nec- essarily fit. n erence - gender not perform nical performance, but may same qualifications for tech ology is designed with men in mind not Men and women have the n. A lot of techn s interaction female obvious or straightforward for one person (i.e. a male lack the motivatio equally because women they seek. What seembased innovation by design-people offering women the benefits research er (i.e. a female user). we engineer) migh t not seem as obvious to anoth equal abilities to operate tech products it does not mean and women share female interaction In other words, although men technology. research based innovation by design-people are equally motiv ated to engage ourselves in when develop- facturers had them in mind consumer electronics manu “Only 1% of women thought ing products.” iation, CE.ORG 2004. Consumer Electronics Assoc = female interaction research based innovation by design-peopleFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  22. 22. Female Interaction toolbox Female Interaction metoder SI TUATI V E ideation I D E AT IO N W OR K S HOP GOAL & OUTP UT The method allow s for the VATI ON generation of a lar FE M A LE IN NO OR K S HOP ge of ideas with a lar number K IC K-O F F W ge group start-up of people in a sho rt period of time. Designed as interdisciplinary an ac important stakeh tivity, all old involved in the wo ers can be rkshop, together prioritizing ideas relevant to the project. UT GOAL & OUTP rkshop is to The goal for the wo ts insight give the participan nciples and into the basic pri female interactio diversity. It n potentials of gender e exploration research based innov ation by design-peo also introduces som ple version 01 thods where and innovation me n principles are Female Interactio c case products. applied on specifi n female interactio research based innova tion by design-peop le version 01Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  23. 23. www.femaleinteraction.com www.design-people.dk Stine Vilhelmsen Female Interaction project manager Senior user experience designer design-peopleFemale Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  24. 24. P r t t des odu From a male bias in epmen ig p deve onc ct n lo tech industries ... C Female ... to a female user user experience driven experience M a nd s strategy n a i rke t ct n ale ing o ra s Inte esig d Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  25. 25. Female interaction case process Wireless and hand- sfree communica- tion Gender research Value proposition User exploration di- Analysing findings rect use Framing basic valuesTrådløs og håndfri kommunikationKoncept A BeskrivelseKoncept A består af en mobiltelefon med en integreret øredel.Øredelen er trådløs og kan sættes i øret.Øredelen bruges til trådløs og håndfri samtale og indeholder bådehøjtaler og mikrofon.Telefonen kan fungerer som en normal telefon også selvom øredelenikke er sat i.Øredelen er klart til brug allerede ved køb og behøver derfor ingenyderligere sammenkobling med telefonen.Øredel og telefon er et integreret produkt og på telefonens display ses Trådløsogså statusmeddelelser for øredelen. og hånd Konce fri kom munikatio B nTelefon og øredel oplades samlet med én oplader. Trådløs og håndfriTelefon og øredel købes som en samlet pakke, hvor du normalt køber pt kommunikation Koncept Bdin mobiltelefon. Scenar 1 ie 5 - Til mø de - Filtr ering af opkald Beskrivelse 2 3 Koncept B består af en base med taske osv. en øredel som kan sættes fast på tøj, Base og øredel bruges Ditte skal og mikrofon. til håndfri samtale til mød og indeholder både højtaler e. Hun står Dette koncept fungerer på bluse udenfor mød elokalet, sammen med den opkald n. Hun indst Ditte sidde mobil du allerede fra sine iller den basen sidde placeret r til mødet Basen placeres f.eks. har. børns til børnehav kun at lukke r på bluse med base på tøjet -­ ved samtale e igenn n. n diskr og sættes i øret. løsnes øredelen em. et Ledningen er synlig fra basen 4 eller sammenrul når Susanne let i basen når øredelen øredelen er i øret, og usynlig fra børn er i basen. -­ ehaven ringer til Ditte Basen og øredelen laves så lille som ... mulig. Mødet er i gang og Ditte Ditte ved s base “ringer” at det diskret. må være 5 fra børn ehaven. 6 Ditte ‘klem mer’ let base Basen n på bluse hold n. ventefunkt er op med ionen at ringe Susanne er aktiv og viser modtager eret. at en besk “Hæng ed fra lige på Anne : - jeg er der om Ditte unds 2 sekun der” “jeg er kylder lige overfor udenfor. nødt til at tage de andre til den her” mødet og går Ditte besv arer opka ldet. Concepts #1 User test User experience act Concepts #2 out Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk
  26. 26. ... implement afemale interaction strategy P r t t des odu epmen ig p deve onc ct n lo C Female user experience M a nd s a on i rke t ct n ale ing ra s Inte esig d Female Interaction Strategy I 2012 I design-people.dk