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Augmented reality and Game Technology af Georgios N. Yannakakis, ITU


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Oplægget blev holdt ved InfinIT-arrangementet "Centimeterpræcis sporings- og positioneringsteknologi", der blev afholdt den 20. juni 2011. Læs mere og se videoer fra arrangementet her:

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Augmented reality and Game Technology af Georgios N. Yannakakis, ITU

  1. 1. Augmented reality and Game TechnologyGeorgios N. YannakakisCenter for Computer Games ResearchIT University of Copenhagen IT UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN
  2. 2. Game Technology @ CCGR, ITU• Specialization in game AI, game technology, game design and HCI• Games and Entertainment • Personalization, Adaptation, Procedural Content Generation (PCG)• Games and HealthCare • Physical and mental rehabilitation, Wiihabilitation• Games and Education • Serious games for conflict resolutionTechnologyUser/Player Modeling, Real-Time Adaptation,Multimodal Interaction, Experience-driven PCG
  3. 3. What is Augmented Reality ? • Somewhere between physical and virtual • Where exactly? No one really knows • Usually: augment the physical world via projections/cameras/AR goggles Real Augmented Augmented VirtualEnvironment Reality Virtuality Environment
  4. 4. Some AR examples
  5. 5. Why is AR useful ?• New design perspectives• Opens up interaction space/possibilities• For games: it brings play in everyday life• Gamification: enhances boring tasks (e.g. work)
  6. 6. What is Game Technology ?• Games are SoA arenas for technology• Too much to do in limited time• Challenges for hardware • Interaction devices, Consoles etc.• …and Software • Graphics, Physics, Artificial Intelligence, Player Experience
  7. 7. Bringing Game Technology and AR together• Rich virtual worlds AI• Intelligent Physical – Virtual (NPC, Content Creation) Graphics interplay• Digital Content Creation Interaction Devices• Interaction devices as positioning tools AR
  8. 8. Positioning – role of• Positioning of physical objects (incl. humans) wrt digital framework• Accuracy dependent on application (from AR books to Kinect) and speed!• Boost AR: Cheap and accurate positioning solutions • Camera • GPS • Infrared • Ultrasound • …• Combinations are possible and powerful (Wii + Kinect)
  9. 9. AR Games
  10. 10. Physical Interactive Games
  11. 11. Physical Interactive Games
  12. 12. AR Game DemoTry it out!
  13. 13. The road ahead – Some ideas• Multi-player (Social AR Games)• Dynamic Content Creation (User-Driven)• Racing game example: • Race tracks are generated based on your toys and your skill! • You play the tracks of your friends (vice versa) • Progress in virtual space  access to physical space • Good game progress  access to new physical components (new cars/engines) • …
  14. 14. The Road Ahead – Evolving Racing Tracks
  15. 15. More info