GuestCentric - Riding the Hotel Social Commerce Work


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GuestCentric - Riding the Hotel Social Commerce Work

  1. 1. Riding the hotel social commerce wave By Claudia GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 1
  2. 2. The FAST, SMART way for hotels to ride the SOCIAL COMMERCE wave and MODERNIZE their direct marketing and GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 2
  3. 3. Agenda 3x to 10x The social Get there: more Vision commerce Smart + direct wave Fast GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 3
  4. 4. The problem We have staff and money for sales, marketing and technology My hotel is better. But how can I compete? GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 4
  5. 5. Our vision This social web thing is really great!!! Change the World of travel by allowing independent hotels to shine GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 5
  6. 6. The social web changed consumers Users looking for “experiences” – Search much more specific products Web 1.0 shop & buy cycle “interrupted” – 60% trust social word-of- mouth* – 82% prefer to book direct** Keeping up with change harder than ever before Sources: * Forrester ** GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 6
  7. 7. A new wave in distribution is starting1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 Social Commerce Online Travel Tour Agents Operators GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 7
  8. 8. The independent gap is HUGE 400,000 smaller properties • Mass distribution channels • Slow to adapt to changes 60,000 large hotels• Strong sales & marketing • Ride market GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 8
  9. 9. A new solution is needed Independent hotels cannot afford more expense Social consumer has no time and patience for Web 1.0 solutions Social consumer does not deal with mass GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 9
  10. 10. GuestCentric: modular solution for socialconsumer Convert Attract GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 10
  11. 11. GuestCentric = SMART + FAST One application, all killer features – Incentives to shop, book and distribute virally Modular – No need to jump into social media on day 1 Instant-on – Intuitive interface – Projects are hours/days not months! GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 11
  12. 12. Interact: Listen & engage social consumer Listen through millions of posts – Amplify positive content – Find sales opportunities Automate sharing – Schedule recurring posts, e.g. daily menus Give personalized service – Access guest social profiles, guest history – Check status of arrivals, in- house GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 12
  13. 13. Attract: Interactive landing pages Blend official site and Facebook page – Pictures, pictures, pictures – Navigation usability tested – Gadgets for contacts, weather, tripadvisor, etc. Use on-the-fly campaigns – Integrate special offers, room types Make decisions based on consumer GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 13
  14. 14. Convert: Viral booking engine Easy one page booking Incentives to shop & book – Best rate & availability calendar, low availability alerts Social distribution – Share buttons, social exclusives – Engage with click-to-book links Viral distribution through business partners – Blogs, tour & activity GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 14
  15. 15. GuestCentric hotels ride the wave Boost direct bookings 3x to 10x Lower distribution costs by 30% Get ready to fuel viral GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 15
  16. 16. GuestCentric focused on small business (properties up to 100 rooms) Premium/ Boutique Small chains andEconomy properties portals(e.g. Aiken, IGH Polo, Cuatro properties (e.g. Boutique Association, A Naciones) (e.g. Crescent, Memmo, Vida e Bela, Paradise Jamaica, Casa de Madrid) Yellow Hotels) Why GuestCentric? Why GuestCentric? Why GuestCentric? • OTA cost reduction • Modern and elegant • Quick, uncomplicated • Flexible promos • Social interaction • Social interaction • Control over website • Easy-to-use • Unique look • Future-proof • Cost-controlled • Pay-as-you-go NOTE: Great interest from rural properties also, but not a target currently GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 16
  17. 17. Hotel AikenSuccess:• 4x more direct bookings in 1 month• Advance bookings for special events• Complete control over website“GuestCentric really understood the challenges that independent hotels like usface. Now we can keep the hotel’s website looking fresh by updating content atanytime from anywhere” - Lindsey Wise, Customer Care GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 17
  18. 18. Crescent Beverly Hills & San FranciscoSuccess:• 5x more direct bookings in 2 months• Direct bookings are now #1 reservation source• TravelZoo campaigns convert 5%-10% No Facebook page GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 18
  19. 19. Base2StaySuccess:• New property: from $0 to $45,000 per month in 5 months• Site done in 2 weeks• Direct bookings #1 reservation source“GuestCentric’s system and staff are wonderful, I wish I could deal with morecompanies like them” - Alun Hill, Managing GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 19
  20. 20. Casa de MadridSuccess:• 3x more direct bookings in 3 months• Lots of exposure due to WebAward• 40% of reservations from website“GuestCentric fully understands the needs and opportunities for a small boutiqueproperty. The technology has provided a perfect solution. Most importantly, onlinerevenue has delivered a substantial ROI” - Ashley Usiskin, Business GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 20
  21. 21. Details HotelsSuccess:• Migrated from Fastbooking and improved results by 3x• One property for $0 to $6,000 per month the first month (low season) GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 21
  22. 22. Paradise Resorts JamaicaSuccess:• Built 5,000+ fans over a few months• All SEO work done by themselves• From $0 to $25,000 per month in 90 days after launch of new GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 22
  23. 23. Boutique Lodging AssociationSuccess:• Minimal cash investment ($1,250)• Great recruiting tool for new members“GuestCentric will provide our members who choose to utilize the program, withnew, easy to use technologies that will contribute valuable information to enablethem to be more competitive” – Fran Kiradjian, GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 23
  24. 24. Great momentum in a down economy Consumer bookings growing 3x year-over-year WebAward winner 2010 with 7-room guesthouse 98%+ customer satisfaction ratio Small chains adopting GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 24
  25. 25. Why GuestCentric? This social web thing is really great!!! • 3x to 10x more direct bookings • 30% less distribution costs • Fuel viral business when you are GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 25
  26. 26. Contact GuestCentric GuestCentric is the fast, smart way for independent hotels to ride the social commerce wave and modernize their marketing and sales. GuestCentric hotels increase direct bookings 3x to 10x, lower distribution costs by 30% or more and benefit from viral business. Contact us: – – – – International: +351 21 GUESTCENTRIC PROPRIETARY 10/20/10 26