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Talent search people | europe

  1. 1. Talent Search People | EuropeSimplifying your work in globalrecruitment.
  2. 2. What do we do ? Talent Search People | Europe has been created as a new business line to provide centralised recruitment services for international companies on a global and international scale. Our objective Its main objective is to offer solutions for our clients focusing on the search for the best international professionals that fit our customers’ needs. As one of our major added values is the deep knowledge our multilingual team possesses of each of the national markets in which we operate . How we do it ? Through our innovative solutions we accomplish high impact on the client core business by offering a personalised and high quality service. We help companies succeed in a globalised and competitive market by recruiting the most talented professionals available .Page  2
  3. 3. Mission and Values Our Mission: • To help companies succeed in a globalized and competitive market • To provide a customised service in line with our client needs • To recruit the best talented professionals Genuinineness To show day to day truth, honesty and managerial transparency Commitment Humility Commited to a continuous partnership and To know it is always possible to improve, to providing quality services to our clients and strive for growth and to learn step by step how candidates . Our to offer the best possible service. Values Passion Empathy To work together with desire and motivation To offer close relationship and seamless towards common goals equally important for dedication towards the need of others. everyone. Generosity To fulfil our work with time, patience and efficiency in order to satisfy each candidate and client.Page  3
  4. 4. Talent Search People | Europe • Vibrant company recruiting across EMEA • 1 unique European provider  1 point of contact for you Why • Operating only in sectors where we have the knowledge and expertise to add real value • We are focused on European talent search Select Us? Our team • Multicultural team with international experience • Deep knowledge of each of the national markets in which we operate • We are more than 40 people speaking more than 20 languagesPage  4
  5. 5. Our Services and Business Areas (I) Business Areas IT e-Commerce Finance & Engineering Sales & Customer Logistics Human Purchasing & Accounting Marketing Service Resources Procurement Temporary recruitment Automotive Energy Permanent Retail recruitment On-site recruitment Pharmaceutical Interim services ICT & Telecom BPO / SSC / Contact Centers Travel & Leisure Life Sciences Outplacement services RPOPage  5
  6. 6. Our Services and Business Areas (II)Temporary and Permanent Recruitment Our Temporary Recruitment processes are designed to provide you with the most suitable candidates quickly and efficiently for specific period of time. We also provide Permanent Recruitment that involves sourcing candidates with the right skills and experience, as well as striving to achieve ‘synergy’ between our client’s needs and candidate’s behaviour and attitude.On-site Recruitment We also have broad experience in placing recruiters in the client’s offices (onsite) to closely co-operate with their HR department. This personalised service offers exclusive insight which optimises success in recruitment processes Interim Services At Talent Interim, we are focused on finding and hiring experienced top talent executives for a short period of time and on a temporary basis, in order to achieve high impact on specific objectives or projects. Outplacement Services We assist individuals in finding new job /career opportunities, while helping them positively manage the stress of the change. Our flexible approach to outplacement services also means that companies can select an outplacement program according to the employee’s profiles and needs. RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) We provide RPO services, so our clients transfer all or part of their recruitment processes to us. As an RPO provider we adapt the company’s staff, technology, methodologies and reporting. RPO exists because of the need for higher quality, lower costs, and better speed to reach desired results in the staffing and recruiting fields.Page  6
  7. 7. Methodology 1 Definition of the profile needed by our client. 2 Posting the vacancy on international job portals and in social media. 3 Looking for CVs in the international Talent Search People database. 4 Contacting directly candidates / headhunting 5 CVs screening 6 Conducting video conference interviews and language tests by native consultants. 7 Conducting face-to-face interviews by Talent Search People consultants (if needed). 8 Assessing and selecting interviewed candidates. 9 Presenting a complete report of the finalists. 10 Checking candidate’s references (where appropriate).Page  7
  8. 8. Operating areas We currently have clients in the following countries Austria Luxembourg Belgium Netherlands Czech Republic Norway Denmark Portugal Finland Poland France Russia Germany Spain Greece Slovakia Hungary Sweden Ireland Switzerland Italy UKPage  8
  9. 9. Our teamLanguages spoken: Western European Languages Nordic Languages Eastern European Languages English Danish Polish French Norwegian Romanian German Swedish Estonian Swiss German Finnish Russian Dutch Hungarian Spanish Czech Italian Slovak Portuguese Slovenian CatalanPage  9
  10. 10. We look forward to working with you ! Ines Fonseca EMEA Recruitment Manager Talent Search People | Europe T: + 34 691 549 785 / +34 93 231 23 93 E: ifonseca@talentsearchpeople.com www.talentsearchpeople.comPage  10