Immigration Worldwide promotional flyer


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This is the promotional flyer for a new book from Oxford University Press. I wrote Chapter 23 on the African Union and refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Immigration Worldwide promotional flyer

  1. 1. Save 2 0% New from OXFORD Immigration Worldwide Policies, Practices, and Trends Edited by Uma A. Segal, Doreen Elliott, and Nazneen S. Mayadas Immigration worldwide is a phenomenon of utmost importance to professionals who develop policies and programs for, or provide services to, immigrants. It has far-reaching implications for a nation’s economy, public policies, social and health services, and culture. The purpose of this volume, therefore, is to explore current patterns and policies of immigration in key countries and regions across the globe and analyze the implications for these countries and their immigrant populations. Each of its chapters, written by an international and interdisciplinary group of experts, explores how country conditions, policies, and attitudes influence the process of immigration and subsequently affect immigrants, migration, and the nation itself. At once a sourcebook and an applied model of immigration studies, Immigration Worldwide is a valuable reference for scholars and students seeking a wide-ranging yet nuanced survey of the key issues salient to debates about the programs and policies that best serve immigrant populations and their host countries. 2010 560 pp. 23 linecuts “Covering immigration policies and processes in 25 countries and 978-0-19-538813-8 Hardback $85.00 /$68.00 two regions is bound to be a difficult task. But the contributors have been well-chosen and the editors have successfully welded the book together with accomplished introductory and concluding essays. This Contents is a formidable achievement, which will grace the shelves of migration I. Introduction scholars and libraries.” II. Nations with Large Immigrant Populations: —Robin Cohen, International Migration Institute, University of Oxford U.S., Russia, Germany, France, Canada, India, U.K., Spain, Australia, Pakistan “The great strength of Immigration Worldwide is that it covers most III. Nations with Increasing Immigrant Populations: major sending and receiving states, as well as providing us with Greece, Ireland, Israel, Poland, New Zealand, cogent and relevant introductory chapters. This major work will prove Portugal, Sweden invaluable for understanding what is now a major feature of international society—the movement of millions across the globe in IV. Nations with Low or Declining Immigrant search of a better life or simply to escape from intolerable situations.” Populations: Egypt, Thailand, Taiwan, China, South —James Jupp, Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies, Australian Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil National University V. Regional Movements: African Union and European Union “This is an extraordinary book with a wealth of information on the VI. Concluding Chapter migration process. The impact on labor markets, the question of integration, and the complexities of migration management are dealt with throughout the chapters. This book offers a comprehensive view of the migration landscape in the era of world society.” —Achilles Skordas, School of Law, University of Bristol 4 Easy Ways to Order Promo Code: 28226 •Phone: 800.451.7556 •Fax: 919.677.1303 •Web: •Mail: Oxford University Press. Order Dept., 2001 Evans Road, Cary, NC, 27513 1