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3 d scanning howest summer classes 2012


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3 d scanning howest summer classes 2012

  1. 1. 3D scanningknowing our world through movementMost 3dscanners acquire their data of real world objects by moving through space…Why 3D scanning ? - reverse engineering - tolerance checking & quality control (laserscanning resolution 50 microns) - digital archiving (cultural heritage) - prototyping (handmade model to CAD conversion) - 3D visualisation (fe robot path finding, forensic documentation, etc) - entertainment industry (avatars, special effects)Contact & non-contact 3D scanning contact (older systems) non-contact (light, sound, xray)- laser light- structured light- (sonic scanner)- volumetric (medical)
  2. 2. Stationary & handheld3D photo reconstruction - stereo photogrammetry- using geometric references
  3. 3. Full automatic reconstructionTaking overlapping pictures – how it worksFree 3d photo reconstruction toolsNew democratic way of obtaining 3DARC3D123D CatchPHOVHYPER3D…Complementary softwareMESHLAB – open sourceHOWEST summer-classes3Dscanning by 3Digit