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World Health Day 2016 | Get Preventive Health Checkup - Stay Fit and Fine!


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This World Health Day, we encourage you to look towards your body and healthy lifestyle with the help of prevention awareness. Make your healthy habit like do regular exercise, refer balanced diet & nutrition that will help you to prevent from lifestyle diseases, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular heart diseases, obesity, stress, stroke & more. Also it help to improve immune system of your body.

From today's stressful & fast life, get some time to listen your body and understand your health status. Go for regular preventive health checkup to detect diseases at its early stage.

Listen to your body, Stay Fit and Fine! Say ‘YES’ to Healthy Life ahead!

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World Health Day 2016 | Get Preventive Health Checkup - Stay Fit and Fine!

  1. 1. Wake up Early Regular Exercise Eat More Fruits Nutritious & Balance Diet Drink More Water Outdoor Games Visit Natural Places Regular Health Checkup Healthy Lifestyle "Healthy Lifestyle" add years to your life and reduce the risk of certain diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.
  2. 2. Wake up Early • Make you happier than night owls • Make you more successful • Waking up early leads to increased productivity • Less Stress
  3. 3. Regular Exercise • Combats health conditions and diseases • Controls weight • Improves mood • Boosts energy
  4. 4. Eat More Fruits • Sources of many nutrients, including potassium, vitamin C • Reduce risk for stroke, cardiovascular diseases & Diabetes • May protect against certain cancers. • Keep digestive system happy • Low In calories
  5. 5. Nutritious & Balance Diet • Immune System Health • Heart Health • Bone and Teeth Strength • Brain Health
  6. 6. Drink More Water • Water can helps to control Calories & Fluid balance • Helps Energize Muscles • Helps to keep skin looking good • Improves Kidney function
  7. 7. Outdoor Games • Reduces Stress • Improves Vision • Provides Vitamin D • Promotes Social Skills & Increases Attention Span
  8. 8. Visit Natural Places • Inspires creativity and helps to free our minds • Peace of mind • Fast recovery from diseases
  9. 9. Regular Health Checkup • Find unidentified diseases in early stage like Cancer, Diabetes • Detect poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle • Detect faulty functioning of kidneys, liver and lungs • Perceive family history of illness • Get the better understanding of our body functioning
  10. 10. Indus Health Plus Pvt. Ltd. Call Toll Free: 1800-313-2500 Email: