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Tank of the year 2003


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Tank of the year 2003

  1. 1. Induron Coatings, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama is pleased to have supplied the interior and exterior coatings onthe Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2003 Elevated Tank of the Year. The three million gallon HydropillarrMmulti-purpose treatment laboratory and office facility was constructed and painted by CB&l Water, TheWoodlands, Texas. The tank owner is Jefferson County Commission - Environmental Services Department,Jefferson County, Alabama. The consulting engineer is Gary L. Owen and Associates of Hoover, Alabama.The interior steel wet and dry area is protected by a three-coat system of Induron PE-45 Epoxy and Ruf{Stuff 3300 Epoxy. The exterior steel is protected by a four coat system of PE-54 Epoxy, Armorguard Epoxy,lndurethane 5500 Enamel and lndurethane 5000 Clear Coat.Induron Coatings, Inc. provides a wide range of industrial maintenance coating products for the waterand wastewater industry. Call our customer service at 800-324-9584 for all product and specificationinformation. INIIUR9IU ry StartWith A Good Finish! Post Office Box 2371 Birmingham, Alabama 35201 -237 1 Telephone (205) 324-9584 Fax (205) 324-6942