Ncs Energy Management Overview with InduSoft


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  • Why we started ncs
  • Ncs Energy Management Overview with InduSoft

    1. 1. nobleconservationsolutions saving your money and our planet Energy Management Systems Leveraging InduSoft May 9, 2012© 2010-2012 Noble Conservation Solutions Inc.Confidential and All Rights Reserved. This publication may be used only as expressly permitted by license from Noble Conservation Solutions Inc. and may not otherwise be accessed or used without theexpress written permission of Nobel Conservation Solutions Inc.
    2. 2. Agenda • Why InduSoft and Its Leverage Points • Industry Overview • NCS Company Overview • Energy Management Systems Overview • Why InduSoft and Its Leverage Points Tom Ellingson: General Manager EMS Division and Vice President of Business Development
    3. 3. Why InduSoft: Proven Open Flexible Familiar
    4. 4. InduSoft Leverage Points:• Builds the web pages which allows customers to view their dashboard• Easy connection to Microsoft SQL for schedule management and historical data logging• Built in trending for dashboard• Communication options
    5. 5. Challenges for Organizations 2012 and Beyond:• Save Money: energy, manufacturing, transportation and service costs are constantly rising. Organizations are always seeking new ways to reduce costs.• Optimal Efficiency and Design: buildings are often not designed for an organization’s specific need, and business processes are not optimized for energy conservation.• Comply with Regulations: governments and stakeholders are requiring reduction in emissions, waste and CO2 .• Expert Advice: facility managers must deal with ever-more- specialized systems.
    6. 6. Fragmented The CurrentIndustry Players Green Collar (Research & Advise) Blue Collar White Collar (Install & Maintain) (Technical Expertise)
    7. 7. Fragmented NCS Focus:Industry Integrated Green Collar Solutions with (Research & Advise) Financial Focus NCS Blue Collar White Collar (Install & Maintain) (Technical Expertise)
    8. 8. How weWork: Sustainability Consulting Assessment of BaselineFacility Energy Operational Supply Chain Product Carbon Employee Conservation Efficiency Assessment Strategy Baseline Behavior Solution Design & Install Lighting HVAC Control & Solar Power Process Change Retrofit Recommissioning Panel Install Improvement Management
    9. 9. Experienced Team• 28+ years industry experience• Managed over 2,200 EMS installations o 5+ different EMS systems: ADM & ADMMico (GridPoint), Site Controls (Semins), novar (Honeywell), Tracer Summit (Trane), others o Managed rollouts Installing at a rate of 8 locations per day.• NCS completed 160 projects in 2010, 210 projects in 2011. Sample projects by type include: o Retail: Ralph Lauren Polo, Play It Again Sports, Best Buy, Factory 2-U/Fallas Paredes, Macy’s o Banking: Wells Fargo, US Banks, Huntington Banks o Hospitality: Stratosphere Hotel -Casino, Super 8 Motels, Radisson, Country Inn & Suites, DoubleTree o Manufacturing: General Mills, Medtronic, St. Jude, American Iron, AmeriPride, Metro Mold, QMI o Parking Garages: Lincoln Center, Yankee Stadium, AT&T Ramp, Park N Shop, Macy’s Ramp
    10. 10. Our Certifications and Designations:• P.E. – Senior Mechanical Engineer• CME – Certified Master Electrician• AEE – Association of Energy Engineers• CLMC – Certified Lighting Management Consultant• CEM – Certified Energy Manager• CLEP – Certified Lighting Energy Professional• NALMCO – National Lighting Management Association• LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design• Federal Government Central Contractor Registration• PMI – Project Management Institute• MBB – Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma
    11. 11. Best of Breed EMS Solutions for the Small Box:• Driving forces behind NCS creating a best of breed system o Lower cost components o System design (increased reliability, visibility, open and flexible) o More efficient installations (process and people)• How NCS arrived at its solutions: history and experience o Experienced the pains of other EMS systems (system design and components) o Managed many installs concurrently (installation process and expertise)• Installation Issues; then and now o Equipment costs o Commissioning o Diagnostics o Cost of installations• NCS created an EMS solution previously unavailable to the small box market segment
    12. 12. Our Savings Model: Payback Puzzle Watts Saved Utility Rebate Payback Tax Incentives Maintenance
    13. 13. HVAC Control:
    14. 14. T-STATS:• Indoor Air Temp• Outdoor Air Temp• Mixed Air Temp• Discharge Air Temp• Run Times • G = Fan • Y1 & Y2 = First Stage Cool • W1 &W2 = First Stage Heat• +4 others, i.e. air quality, humidity, • damper position, frequency drive information • coolers and freezers, flows• Alarming
    15. 15. Energy Management TSTAT and HVAC ControlsFeature Function Benefit Business Value Thermostat Controls Schedule occupied temp Decrease employee time Reduced maintenance costs Occupied Temps and unoccupied control needed to control TSATs associated with setting and Auto switching between No need to manually switch resetting of TSTATS Unoccupied Temps Heat and Cool mode between heating and Improve employee comfort Algorithms to adjust setbacks cooling modes Ventilation Control Reduced heating and cooling Scheduling via calendar year Leverage air circulation spend in advance 365 day advanced scheduling Increase consistency of Lower maintenance costs on Lock out or allow local control setbacks HVAC systems HVAC Visibility and Setback Control and diagnostics Local maintenance Decreased labor costs Control at Physical TSTAT can be performed on including 3rd parties can Faster problem resolution site without access to perform diagnostics on site Indoor Air Temp scheduling system Less unnecessary service calls A more clear picture of Outdoor Air Temp what is happing inside the Mixed Air Temp HVAC system is available Discharge Air Temp Less need to go up on the +4 i.e. air quality, coolers and roof freezers, flow View and control of the Less need for travel time Decreased maintenance cost system over internet for service calls Faster response to issues Remote Viewing and Control Remote viewing by HQ and Proactive monitoring 3rd parties can help diagnose and put in place Ability to have a 3rd party improvements consult at a lower cost
    16. 16. Lighting Control Panel and Connectors:
    17. 17. Energy Management – Lighting ControlsFeature Function Benefit Business Value Schedule lights to be Remove human element Reduced energy costs turned off when not in from equation Reduce lighting maintenance use Consistently decrease costs due to less hours used Lighting Controls Schedule lights to be unnecessary power usage Less work for employees to turned on when needed remember and turn on and off lights A time delay override In maintenance situations, The system is not dependent Physical Override switch is installed on the during inventory on internet access or access to lighting connector to assessments, or in the people with access to the provide a local override event of a system failure system to run or be adjusted if needed the system can be but will revert back to the controlled locally predetermined, most efficient schedule
    20. 20. TYPICAL NETWORK FOR AN ENTERPRISE WIDE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM HOSTED BY THE CLIENT Noble Conservation SolutionsCustomer Server Ethernet switch Store #1 Store #2 Store #3 Store #4
    21. 21. Our Savings Model Estimates: 54 RTU Office Building Watts Saved Utility Rebate est. $11,094 est. $9,000 Payback 1.56 years Tax Incentives Maintenance ? est. $9,573
    22. 22. EMS PAYBACK SUMMARYEstimated Energy Savings ANNUAL $11,094.98 MONTHLY $924.58 DAILY $30.40 Energy cost per day of not implementing EMS.Estimated Maintenance Savings ANNUAL $ 9,573.20 MONTHLY $797.77 DAILY $26.23 Energy cost per day of not implementing EMS.Estimated A/C Savings $0.00 113.56 Tons (2,700 watts = 1 ton A/C)EMS INVESTMENT $ 41,196.43Less Estimated Utility Rebate $9,000.00NET INVESTMENT $32,196.43 After RebatePAYBACK IN YEARS 2.90 Based Only on Energy SavingsPAYBACK IN YEARS 1.56 Based on Energy and Maintenance SavingsEstimated EPACT Tax Credit $0.00Based on Tax Bracket 35%PAYBACK IN YEARS 1.56 Based on Energy, Maintenance, & EPACT Savings EASY ENERGY FINANCING OPTION* (Estimated)TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE FINANCED $32,196.43 8.0% RATELOAN TERM IN MONTHS 60MONTHLY PAYMENT ($652.83)MONTHLY ENERGY SAVINGS $924.58POSITIVE MONTHLY CASH FLOW $271.75* ALL REBATE & FINANCING NUMBERS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL.ADDITIONAL BENEFITS* Electricity rates are in TODAYS DOLLARS, will increase over time* Enhanced work environment, Increase productivity and employee comfort
    23. 23. Cash Flow and ROI AnalysisTOTAL EST. SAVINGS $20,668.18TOTAL EMS INVESTMENT $ 41,196.43Less Utility Rebate $9,000.00Estimated EPACT Tax Credit $0.00NET INVESTMENT $32,196.43SIMPLE PAYBACK IN YEARSINCLUDING EPACT 1.56RETURN ON INVESTMENT 64%Cost of Money Rate 8.0%Estimated Utility Rate Increase 4%Years 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10EMS Installation Cash Flow ($32,196.43) ($11,528.25) $9,966.65 $32,321.35 $55,570.24 $79,749.08 $104,895.08 $131,046.92 $158,244.83 $186,530.66Number of Lease payments 12 12 12 12 12Energy Savings $0.00 $20,668.18 $21,494.90 $22,354.70 $23,248.89 $24,178.84 $25,146.00 $26,151.84 $27,197.91 $28,285.83Annual Lease Payment ($7,833.93) ($7,833.93) ($7,833.93) ($7,833.93) ($7,833.93)Cash Flow after Lease $12,834.25 $25,668.49 $39,329.47 $53,850.24 $69,265.20 $93,444.04 $118,590.04 $144,741.88 $171,939.79 $200,225.61 Ten Year Cash Flow $250,000.00 $200,000.00 $150,000.00 EMS Installation Cash Flow Cash Flow after Lease $100,000.00 $50,000.00 $0.00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ($50,000.00)
    24. 24. InduSoft Data Flow
    25. 25. InduSoft Data Flow Example
    26. 26. PLC Program Loop
    27. 27. InduSoft Leverage Points:• Builds the web pages which allows customers to view their dashboard• Easy connection to Microsoft SQL for schedule management and historical data logging• Built in trending for dashboard• Communication options Proven Open Flexible FamiliarTom Ellingson: