Lake County Public Water District Grows With the Helpof B&W Control Systems Integration and InduSoftUpgrades to Lake Count...
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Lake County Public Water District Grows With the Help of B&W Control Systems Integration and InduSoft


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Upgrades to Lake County Public Water District SCADA system added redundancy, remote monitoring, and current PLC communications

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Lake County Public Water District Grows With the Help of B&W Control Systems Integration and InduSoft

  1. 1. Lake County Public Water District Grows With the Helpof B&W Control Systems Integration and InduSoftUpgrades to Lake County Public Water District SCADA system addedredundancy, remote monitoring, and current PLC communications • InduSoft Web Studio (IWS) made upgrading from a system installed almost 10 years prior extremely easy. • InduSoft Web Studio proved to be the ideal solution for the current requirements and planned future upgrades of the Lake County Public Water District. • The developer found IWS “very intuitive, straightforward, and everything proceeded with a minimum of time spent in additional development.” Figure 1: Clear, informational and easy to use interface for pump house monitoring Background B&W Control Systems Integration specializes in Municipal water districts are integral aspects of the municipal clientele and does everything from facility infrastructure of any city. Water and wastewater automation to water and wastewater SCADA and treatment are absolutely vital for any city, and in remote SCADA applications. The Lake County water/ order to meet both state and federal regulations, water wastewater treatment SCADA application was built treatment must be carefully monitored. From the using InduSoft Web Studio, and it presented B&W water source to the tap, there is a complex process with an opportunity to work with new SCADA that city water supplies must go through to maintain development software. safety and reliability. Oversight of the process is an important way to ensure that water supplies make it The Challenge through the entire process while adhering to health The application monitors a water treatment plant that and safety regulations and reliably providing water to services Zion, Illinois, among other nearby towns. The a large number of residents. plant pumps in water from Lake Michigan. Low lift The Lake County Public Water District, which serves pumps bring water into the plant, and then take it to the City of Zion, the Village of Winthrop Harbor and the main water facility where it goes through three the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Illinois different clarifiers. During this stage of the process, Beach State Park and North Point Marina) on a non- profit basis, recently found their system in need of an upgrade. B&W Control Systems Integration was chosen for this large municipal project.
  2. 2. Continued from front page... Figure 3: Discharge pressure and flow rates are shown as 24 hour trends, and current values are displayed allowing operators to make informed decisions.Figure 2: Overview screens offer a real-time view of the process.mixers, water levels, pumps, valves, and equipment plant active at all times. The upgrade required that B&Wfailures are all monitored by the SCADA system. The incorporate a remote SCADA solution. An additionalclarifiers feed the water through four different filters. requirement for the project included adding redundancyHere, the application monitors and records data such measure to ensure that the plant remained online in theas water levels, pump and valve activity, the backwash event of a hardware failure.process, and the time the water spends in each step of The current SCADA software used by Lake County wasthe process. The water is fed into the clearwell where InduSoft Web Studio v4.0. The developer who worked onthree high service pumps move it into a large storage the project, Jim Gramhofer, was tasked with upgrading antank. The application keeps track of the water flow in unfamiliar SCADA system using a newer iteration of theeach stage of the process, and also monitors the main software, with new PLCs and additional tag tanks.The largest challenge of the project was the upgrade of The Solutionequipment. Lake County’s current architecture made The upgrade for The Lake County Public Water Districtuse of outdated PLCs with proprietary protocols. For was able to incorporate all the functionality of the originalthe new system, Allen Bradley Control Logix PLCs system, and introduce the new features necessitated for thewere employed in a massive upgrade plant wide. This upgrade. B&W developer Jim Gramhofer said, “Upgradingnew upgrade would take the plant from producing the InduSoft application went perfectly. We only had to4.5 million gallons of water per day to producing 6.5 install the new software, copy the data over and plug in themillion gallons per day. new information, and everything went off without a hitch.”Another unique challenge of the project included theneed for remote process monitoring to help keep the The upgrade brought the application from version 4.0 of InduSoft Web Studio to v7.0. InduSoft develops new versions
  3. 3. “ Upgrading the InduSoft the fact that the drivers required to connect with the new Allen Bradley PLCs are native within the software. application went perfectly. No additional modules or protocols needed to be purchased to connect directly with the new hardware. We only had to install the B&W added some redundancy features to the system during the upgrade. Before, the InduSoft Web Studio new software, copy the data based SCADA system resided on one server. The new architecture includes two rack servers that act over and plug in the new as a redundant pair. The licenses included with these redundant servers also offered Lake County two information, and everything ” additional remote thin client viewers that clients can use to connect to the system. went off without a hitch. This web connectivity was a great addition to the — Jim Gramhofer, B&W Developer upgrade. With the thin client viewers, the plantof the software with compatibility in mind, meaning that operators and supervisors can monitor the processeven applications developed in the first iteration of InduSoft from remote locations, such as offices or homes. ThisWeb Studio can still be developed in the newest version. This ensures that it’s easy to take the SCADA system withallows plant owners to upgrade equipment such as PLCs and the personnel wherever they go, and helps ensure thatcomputers with the assurance that development time used alarms are addressed as soon as possible. This improvesto create the original application for the system is not lost. the safety and reliability of the system, and reducesIntegration can be performed easily for upgrades because the downtime in a critical municipal utility.application will still be compatible with the new software. One aspect of the upgrade that went especially wellAnother benefit of using InduSoft for the upgrade was included the changing of tag names to include more Figure 5: Clarifier status is monitored and displayed on a representation of the physical layout. Effluent and influent valve status, along with mixer RPMs are monitored closely. Figure 4: The historian screen provides quick access to logged values back to any time or date. Clicking on the trend provides instant access to all the recorded values for that period.
  4. 4. Figure 7: Filter Control, PID set points, and valve status are all observed and adjusted from a convenient location, with real-time feedback.Figure 6: Clearwell levels, and set point are adjusted and monitored.Clear layouts reduce operator errors. descriptive titles. According to Gramhofer, “The old comes included with the software solution. Because system tags were cryptic, and the ability to go in and InduSoft Web Studio can perform all the necessary change tag names without disrupting anything was functions of a SCADA software and includes all really useful. I haven’t seen this in any other SCADA the tools without requiring additional add-ons and software solutions. modules, it’s the ideal solution for any SCADA integration client with a fixed budget. The Lake The Result County Public Water District intends to continue The smooth transition between the upgrade process of using InduSoft Web Studio for future upgrades, and is equipment and software went exceptionally smoothly. planning on upgrading to a higher tag count very soon The project requirements were met with a minimum as they continue to modify their current architecture. of time spent in additional development. Gramhofer, who was new to developing in InduSoft Web Studio said “It’s easy to work with InduSoft from the very beginning, and very intuitive. The development was straightforward, and even without the class, it’s easy to pick up the software very quickly.” A key point that B&W noted in working with InduSoft Web Studio was the rich feature set that For more information contact your local distributor or InduSoft directly at or 877-INDUSOFT (877-463-8763) or 512-349-0334. ©2011 InduSoft, Inc. The InduSoft logo is a registered trademark of InduSoft, Inc. All other products or services are trademarks of their respective companies.