Application Lifecycle Management With InduSoft Web Studio


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Application Lifecycle Management With InduSoft Web Studio

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Application Lifecycle Management With InduSoft Web Studio

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  2. 2. Introduction What is it? Team Foundation Server Installing InduSoft Collaboration Tools Live Demo Q & A
  3. 3. Lourenço Teodoro - VP of Engineering Lourenço has been working for InduSoft since 2002. He currently manages the InduSoft worldwide development team. Marcelo Sacchetin – Development Leader Marcelo has been working for InduSoft since 2008. He is a development leader for the InduSoft Web Studio security system and collaboration features.
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  5. 5. ALM: “Application Lifecycle Management” Concept: ALM is the union between business management and software engineering. It encompasses: requirements management software architecture computer programming software testing software maintenance change management project management release management​​ Each of these processes is part of a stage of a life cycle of a software.
  6. 6. Benefits: Traceability: interface allows the team members to know what specifically was changed Interactivity through collaboration and smooth flow of information: encourages communication between team members, when they are centralized or in a geographically distributed environment. Quality Improvement: in the sense that the final product meets user expectations. Bugs management through work items. Reduced time to market: development speed-up using a seamless integration, distributing activities according to the situation and the need for the project and organizing resources
  7. 7. Why should I apply ALM for SCADA system developement? SCADA systems are usually complex, demanding huge scale development resources. The bigger and more complex is the software being developed, the bigger will be the benefits by using ALM. ALM is a process already well established by the extensive use by various people and various solutions: Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server) IBM Rational ClearQuest / Rational Team Concert HP Application Lifecycle Management software SAP Solution Manager
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  9. 9. Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a Microsoft product offering source control, data collection, reporting, and project tracking, and is intended for collaborative software development projects. You can create your server on premise or on the cloud with low cost and high customization level. You can plan all of your projects using SharePoint and other office tools, making it an ideal solution for companies working with several projects or different versions of the same project. You can express all the requirements as work items and tasks inside a consolidated product backlog. Project managers can monitor the progress of their backlog in real-time. All tasks are easily tracked and documented.
  10. 10. Traceability on TFS
  11. 11. BacklogStakeholders Workforce
  12. 12. Burndown chart
  13. 13. UrbanTurtle: /50472328-6015-4d5e-812e-39c4f38fb90a
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Run Indusoft installler. Check “Collaboration Tools” on “Select Features” window.
  16. 16. Indusoft already installed: Run Indusoft installler again and select modify. Click next, the “Select Features” window will open.
  17. 17. Indusoft Collaboration dependecies.
  18. 18. Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2010 CLOUD ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS Visual Studio 2010 SP1 KB2581206
  19. 19. Run Indusoft, click Collaboration, Browse and Connect.
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  22. 22. Email (USA) (Brazil) (Germany) Support (USA) (Brazil) Web site (English) (Portuguese) (German) Phone +1 (512) 349-0334 (USA) +55 (11) 3293-9139 (Brazil) +49 (0) 6227-732510 (Germany) Alemanha EUA Brasil