Partnership Marketing Business Presentation


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Partnership Marketing Business Presentation

  1. 1.  Who we are Who we work for What we do What we could do for you Case studies
  2. 2.  Partnership Marketing is an international, full service creative agency that specialises in partnership marketing We are part of the global marketing services Collinson Group (CG)
  3. 3. Origo Marketing Group Priority Travel Group Collinson Insurance Group PTI
  4. 4.  We create brand centric partnerships:  brand partnerships  loyalty partnerships  sales promotions  rewards and benefits platforms We engage new customers and optimise the value of your existing base We offer strategic, operational and creative marketing services We maximise our network of global brand partners to create effective partnership marketing solutions for you
  5. 5.  Win-win collaborative marketing Develop a tailored solution for you, based on your needs and business objectives Through research we will identify the optimum portfolio of synergistic brand partners We will negotiate strong deals with identified and approved global or local brand partners We will work with you on the best communication channels We will ensure complete results measurement.
  6. 6.  Positive brand endorsement Increased brand awareness and improved brand perception Cost-effective opportunities for business growth/accelerated market entry Differentiation of products and services Enhanced retention/customer loyalty Access to new distribution channels Free media Money can’t buy media Free branded incentives
  7. 7.  Retainer to deliver a certain number of partnerships per month Smaller retainer plus project fee for each partnership confirmed Project by project
  8. 8.  Feedback? Thoughts? Brieffor us to come back to you with suggested brand partners and financial proposal
  9. 9.  Chris J Reed Regional Partnerships Director – Asia Pacific Partnership Marketing Asia 23-02/04 Gateway East, 152 Beach Road, Singapore 189721 d: +65 6416 6344 m: +65 9026 1966 skype: chris.j.reed26