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Jems presentation p.p.


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Published in: Education, Business
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Jems presentation p.p.

  1. 1. Welcome To
  2. 2. India is emerging as the youngestnation across the globe.It has the largest talent pool residing inthe rural areas.We have taken the initiative inshouldering the responsibility ofgrooming and educating this deprivedclass of children.The Jayee English Medium School isduly registered with the government.It is an unaided school dedicated tointroducing the international language. The infrastructure, school building, playground and multipurpose hall have been created. The school caters to 260 students in classes for all ten standards. School busses are provided since students travel 20 Km. daily. Students can’t afford to pay for bus facility as they come from rural labor background.
  3. 3. Our teaching and administrative staff is fullyqualified, and dedicated to the education of ourstudents.Neat, punctual, and supportive our staff has along standing commitment.The school building is complete along with allrequisite facilities. A hostel building is being constructed with mess facilities. school buses maintained regularly are driven by registered, licensed and competent drivers of adequate experience.
  4. 4. Science laboratories for chemistry and biology have been set up and a library and reading room hasbeen provided. We also have a computer laboratory with internet facility and 10 nodes, along with anaudio-visual projector.We invite you to assist in modernising our laboratories, adding to our book inventory, and enhancing ourcomputer laboratory capacity.
  5. 5. Extracurricular activities, a gymnasium, athletics and other sports, drawing and elocution competitionsas well as awareness rallies and educational trips are organised yearly.We invite you to contribute towards sports equipment, scholarships, prizes or even sponsor deservingstudents.
  6. 6. We look forward to creating multifaceted, competent, and wholesome citizens, who will serve andpersevere to make a significant contribution towards making our nation a superpower.
  7. 7. we appeal to you to support our cause of rural education.Please donate towards the purchase of two 45 seat buses of any make which complywith student transport regulations.Please donate towards the up gradation of our science laboratories.Please donate equipment towards adding capacity to our computer laboratory.Please donate and/or add to the inventory of our English library, even seconds arewelcome.Please contribute by providing sports equipment and nursery toys. Thank you.