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Clay walker gifting deck

  1. 1. Clay Walker Charity Classic at Pebble Beach Gift Bag DeckFriday, June 29-Monday, July 2, 2012
  2. 2. Clay Walker Charity Classic Dear Business Owner, Enjoy all the benefits of branding your company with the celebrity, corporate and high networth participants at the Clay Walker Charity Classic at the World Renowned Pebble Beach! This is a great opportunity to showcase your products and be part of a first class event. Having your products in our exclusive gift bags, will generate media buzz and add instant value and credibility. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure guests leave the event buzzing about the gift bags and will assist in branding your company by placing your products directly in the hands of these high profile participants. This year, take advantage of free publicity and no cost advertising to participate in this exclusive event. All products or gift bag confirmations must be received by May 18, 2012 for inclusion. Thank you for your participation. MJ Pedone Indra Public Relations Publicist & CEO 521 Fifth Avenue Suite 1700 New York, NY 10175 O: (212) 292-4555 F: (866)668-9106
  3. 3. Clay Walker Charity Classic About Clay Walker Certain artists just seem to have an innate sense of what it takes to please an audience. Clay Walker is one of those artists. Whether on stage or in the recording studio, Walker never gives less than a hundred percent and its that kind of dedicated work ethic combined with God-given talent that have made him one of the most successful multi-platinum country artists of the past decade. He first topped the Billboard country singles chart in 1993 with "Whats It to You" and followed with his second consecutive No. 1 hit, "Live Until I Die." Since then, Walker placed 31 titles on Billboards singles chart including such additional chart toppers as "Dreaming with my Eyes Open," "If I Could Make Living," "This Woman and This Man" and "Rumor Has It." (The latter two songs each spent two weeks at the summit.) He enjoys his success and has consistently been one of the busiest artists on the road. Hes scored four platinum-selling albums, signifying sales of a million units, and two gold albums, discs that sold over 500,0000 units. Clay Walker is a bundle of positive energy exploding in a multitude of directions – he is in Houston training for a cutting horse competition, on his ranch reading bedtime stories to his daughters and in a concert hall performing for his fans. The last thing Clay has time to do is get depressed about having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Since 1996, he has had frequent reminders that he was a little different – a laziness in his right leg, tingling in his right hand and exhaustion when he wished he could do one more thing. Rather than dwell on what he couldnt do, he chose to focus on getting the most out of everything he still has. "I just feel so grateful I can do things like play the guitar, dance and sign autographs. I think I appreciate every show more than I used to because I know it could all be taken from me. I dont want to waste even one day.”
  4. 4. Clay Walker Charity Classic Band Against MS, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3), or not-for-profit, public charity committed to providing educational information and funding programs researching a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Nationally acclaimed recording artist Clay Walker established BAMS in February 2003 because he wanted to help others living with the same disease he has battled since 1996. Clays diagnosis with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS), came at a pivotal time in his life. In 1996 at the age of 26, he had recently finished his fourth album, his career in country music was exploding and his oldest daughter had just been born. The last thing he expected was the tingling and numbness on his right side and facial spasms that hit while he was on tour. After a battery of tests, he was diagnosed with RRMS. "Being diagnosed with MS hasnt been easy," said Clay. I choose to view it as a bump in the road rather than a detour, because I have been blessed to still be able to do the things I love. I know not everyone who is diagnosed with MS is that lucky. I want to help them by providing both a resource for information about MS and to take a leadership position in the fight to find a cure for this disease. The Band Against MS Foundation is an extension of those goals."
  5. 5. Clay Walker on The Bachelor
  6. 6. Clay Walker Charity Classic The CELEBRITY INFLUENCEReports reveal that the buying power totals more than $500 billion. It is what the celebrities eat, wear, drink, drive and say that influences what consumers will buy.
  7. 7. Clay Walker Charity ClassicOpportunity: Multi-Platinum Country Music Superstar Clay Walker, co-hosts the 5th annual Clay Walker Charity Classic with Pebble Beach Resorts, which features other well known celebrities coming together to benefit Walker’s charity, Band Against MS (BAMS). We are pleased to announce the following marketing opportunities for your company to reach these elite group of high profile participants.Benefits: Trend-setting celebrities want to find new and exciting things to either wear or use daily. This is a rare opportunity to have top talent EXPERIENCE your product …not simply hear or read about it. Enhanced company perception by celebrities as well as public since gift bag items are carefully chosen. Valuable editorial angle that can be pitched to your media contacts.Specifics: Dates: Friday, June 29-Monday, July 2, 2012 Location: Pebble Beach Resorts Pebble Beach, CA
  8. 8. Clay Walker Charity Classic Invited Celebrities include: Andy Garcia Herm Edwards Michael Bolton Anthony Anderson Huey Lewis Oliver Hudson Bill Murray Jackie Flynn Ray Romano Chris Berman Jeffrey Donovan Tim Tebow Chris O’Donnell Justin Timberlake Toby Mac Cliff Robinson Kelly Slater Tom Brady Don Cheadle Kenny G Tom Dreesen Eric Close Kirk Russell Tony Romo George Lopez Lucas Black John Starks Harris Barton Matt Cain
  9. 9. Clay Walker Charity Classic GIFT BAGS This is an exciting platform for your company to be involved in. Gift the biggest names in the entertainment industry and create a visibility factor with celebrities. Sponsorship Costs: $0 Quantity: 140 gift bag items* *No gift certificates
  10. 10. Clay Walker Charity Classic Product Donation Form Name of Business/Organization/Individual that is Donating: _________________________________________________________________________ Item: _______________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________ Email: ___________________________________ Authorizing Signature: ________________________________________________________ _ Donation Solicited By: ______________________________________________________ Please write your name as you would like it to appear in our thank you listing: ______________________________________________________________________________ Please write a detailed description of the item(s) below, as this information will be used for the signage material. You may also forward and/or enclose additional information. Please return this completed form and attach logo Email: Fax: (866)668-9106 Please deliver donated items to: Indra Public Relations 521 Fifth Avenue Suite 1700 New York, NY 10175 Attn: Media Department
  11. 11. Clay Walker Charity Classic 521 Fifth Avenue Suite 1700, New York, NY 10175 212.292.4555 MJ Pedone O: (212) 292-4555 C: (917) 319-9600 F: (866) 668-9106