William paterson governance in dgh june 14 2011


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William paterson governance in dgh june 14 2011

  1. 1. Governance in Directorate General Highways: IndII Findings and Proposals<br />William D Paterson<br />IndII Wrap-up Conference<br />14 June 2011<br />
  2. 2. Outline of Support to Road Sector under IndII<br /><ul><li> DGH Governance:
  3. 3. Budget Policy and Reform – MTEF-PBB
  4. 4. Road Network Development
  5. 5. Project Delivery and Implementation
  6. 6. Management Systems
  7. 7. Road Safety Program
  8. 8. Sub-national Roads Management</li></li></ul><li>Road Sector: Economic Challenges<br />High Land Transport Costs – Low Connectivity of Economic Centres<br />Low Competitiveness in Infrastructure, Roads (GCI 2011)<br />Backlog in Expressway Development<br />
  9. 9. Issue 1: Medium-Term Expenditure Framework and Performance-based Budgeting<br /><ul><li>Review of performance, needs, and planning
  10. 10. Recommendations on applying MTEF-PBB
  11. 11. DGH achieves significant work and budget execution
  12. 12. but network obsolete, condition static, impacts uneven across regions, high demand to improve substandard roads
  13. 13. Funding tripled
  14. 14. but output flat, treatment increased and costs tripled
  15. 15. Preservation adequately funded if policies optimal
  16. 16. butdevelopment is under-funded
  17. 17. Technical policies and practices make inefficient use of budget:
  18. 18. Planning of service levels and capacity
  19. 19. Design, procurement and implementation of works</li></li></ul><li>Policy Issue 2: Connectivity and Road Network Planning<br />
  20. 20. Issue 2–Connectivity and Planning - Recommendations<br /><ul><li>Increase Budget Allocation for Network Development – prioritise large 2012-14 increments (IDR 10T) to road development
  21. 21. Expressways
  22. 22. Accelerate land acquisition using additional budget
  23. 23. Expand BPJT capacity - to accelerate processing of projects
  24. 24. Provide budget for Viability Gap Funding to attract PPP investors
  25. 25. Drive expressway plan by connectivity and mobility requirements
  26. 26. Trunk Routes
  27. 27. Use corridor studies to determine optimal 20-25 year standard for arterial roads and build into pipeline of projects
  28. 28. Modernise assets through road renewal program, updating structural and functional aspects with road widening
  29. 29. In low traffic regions adopt modern alignment for baseline plan</li></li></ul><li>Issue 2:Improving Connectivity – Corridor Plan Example<br />
  30. 30. TRANS KALIMANTAN NATIONAL ROAD PROGRAM<br />Nunukan<br />Nunukan<br />Simanggaris<br />Simanggaris<br />KONDISI SAAT INI<br />TARGET 2010 - 2014<br />Malinau<br />Malinau<br />Tj. Selor<br />Tj. Selor<br />Aruk<br />Aruk<br />Ng Badau<br />Ng Badau<br />Enttikong<br />Enttikong<br />Putusibau<br />Putusibau<br />Tayan<br />Tayan<br />Pontianak<br />Pontianak<br />Samarinda<br />Samarinda<br />Jalan yang belum terbangun digambarkan dengan garis putus-putus<br />Jalan yang belum terbangun digambarkan dengan garis putus-putus<br />Balikpapan<br />Balikpapan<br />Policy Issue – should 6m width std be skipped? (1) Widen to full 7m std for NR Arterial; or (2) Build new 7 m road on future highway alignment.<br />Width<br />Palangkaraya<br />Palangkaraya<br />>= 14 m<br />>= 7 m<br />6 m<br />4.5 – 6 m<br />Not Connected<br />Sea Port<br />Banjarmasin<br />Banjarmasin<br />8<br />
  31. 31. Policy Issue 3: Project Delivery and Implementation<br />
  32. 32. Issue 3 – Results on Project Implementation<br /><ul><li>Strong direction and interaction with DGH Bintek and Balai
  33. 33. Revision to Pavement Design Guide:
  34. 34. Long-life designs (low maintenance)
  35. 35. Catalog approach for greater reliability (based on detailed analysis and life-cycle costs)
  36. 36. Strong foundation and drainage for long life
  37. 37. Overloading incorporated in design
  38. 38. Flexible, rigid, reconstructed, and recycled pavements
  39. 39. Larger procurement package size improves cost and quality
  40. 40. Balai want to automate road condition surveys for better data
  41. 41. Options for improving management of routine maintenance
  42. 42. Economic justification for raising legal axle load limit</li></li></ul><li>Options Looking Forward:(1) Planning for Road Network Development<br />Help Bipran to:<br /><ul><li>Build a comprehensive process for planning road network development, with expenditure forecasts and pipeline of projects
  43. 43. covering strategic roads, arterial roads, trunk routes, and expressways (incremental widening would be discontinued)
  44. 44. Prepare long-range capacity expansion profiles for the six economic corridors, including pipeline of projects and financing plan
  45. 45. Develop an optimal 20-year strategy and performance indicators for development of the expressway and arterial road networks</li></ul>Assist BPJT to:<br /><ul><li>Build capacity for processing the enlarged expressway development program; and
  46. 46. Prepare transactions requiring viability gap funding</li></li></ul><li>Options Looking Forward:(2) Asset Management & Project Implementation<br />Help Bintek to:<br /><ul><li>Authorise and incorporate the new pavement design guide into practice, provide related training and monitoring
  47. 47. Prepare road renewal strategies for heavily trafficked corridors in Balai 3, 4 and 5 including heavy-duty pavements
  48. 48. Develop tools and indicators to assist the asset management and monitoring of arterial roads, including: actual and expected age of pavement, automated road surveys, etc.</li></ul>Assist 1 to 3 Balais to:<br /><ul><li>Conducting automated road surveys, related quality assurance and data management, and preparation of the 3-year rolling road preservation programs for the budget years 2013, 14 and 15.
  49. 49. Apply new project design methods, contract preparation and supervision in selected heavy traffic corridors.</li></li></ul><li>Options Looking Forward:Approach for Support to DGH and MPW<br /><ul><li>Facilitate delivery of DGH MTEF program:
  50. 50. Working with Directorates
  51. 51. Demonstrating applications and reforms through outputs
  52. 52. Supporting MTEF budget preparations in 2012, 2013 & 2014
  53. 53. Progressive engagement:
  54. 54. Hold-points for review after initial stage and annual stages
  55. 55. Governance:
  56. 56. Building reliable data & information database for shared use
  57. 57. Facilitating deployment of new strategic KPI for travel time, asset age and activity costs
  58. 58. Launching public disclosure – possibly under CoST Initiative
  59. 59. Support MPW administrative reform measures</li></li></ul><li>IndII Support to DGH<br />Terimakasih<br />