Iii call for submissions (english)


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Iii call for submissions (english)

  1. 1. Call for Stakeholder Submissions The creation of a new multi-partner Indonesian Institute of Infrastructure Submissions due by close of business Tuesday 15 November The University of Melbourne has been engaged by the Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (INDII) to undertake a feasibility study into the establishment of a new multipartner Indonesian institute of infrastructure. We are currently seeking formal submissions from key stakeholders and industry organisations to provide valuable input into the approach and direction of this potential new institute. Submissions should be no more than 4 pages (for each language used), 11 point minimum font size, preferably bilingual (English/Indonesian) and addressed under the following headings: 1. The need (or otherwise) for a new multipartner Indonesian Institute of Infrastructure 2. Organisations that should be involved 3. The suggested main activities of the Institute 4. Sources of funding 5. Suggested location of the head office and how it will connect effectively with regional infrastructure issues 6. Infrastructure topics and themes covered by the new institute 7. The most workable structure in terms of governance and authority for this institute 8. How your organisation (and you) would like to be involved with the Institute 9. Your organisation’s readiness to commit time and knowledge to the feasibility and concept development process during 2013 (see key dates below) Key dates in the feasibility and concept development process are as follows Date (2013) Event Mon 30 September– Tues 8 October Tues 29 October Tues 15 November Stakeholder and Special Interest Group meetings Workshop One Stakeholder submissions due Workshop Two Final Feasibility Report Tues 26 November Early December Submissions or further enquiries should be sent to: Project Manager Dr Chris Hale (Department of Infrastructure Engineering, The University of Melbourne) hale.c@unimelb.edu.au and Jakarta based team member Mr Bernardus Djonoputro bernardus.djonoputro@hdaadvisory.com