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CIO Role - Challenges in Management and Leadership


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This is the slide deck presented at the 21st offline & talk show of CIO Vietnam on 08/22/2013.

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CIO Role - Challenges in Management and Leadership

  1. 1. CIO  -­‐  Role  and  Challenges  in   Management  and  Leadership   The  21st  Talk  Show   CIO  Vietnam,  22nd  Aug  2013       Presented  by:   Dr.  Nguyen  Huy  Hoang,     CEO  Talent  Mind  Educa=on   Nguyen  Viet  Hung,  MBA   Managing  Director,  KMS  Technology   viethungnguyen@kms-­‐  
  2. 2. We  are  CIO  Vietnam  Members!   Dr.  Nguyen  Huy  Hoang   CEO,  Talent  Mind  EducaAon   Nguyen  Viet  Hung,  MBA   MD,  KMS  Technology  Vietnam   viethungnguyen@kms-­‐  
  3. 3. Agenda    Talent  Management    Strengths-­‐based  Management    CIO  –  Role  &  Challenges  
  4. 4. What  is  Your  Management  Style?  
  5. 5. Management  Philosophy   The  Core  of  OrganizaAon  Culture   Behaviors,   Movement,  Rituals   InformaAon   Exchange  System   Process,     RegulaAons,  Policies   The  moAvaAon     of  individuals  and   organizaAon   Management  -­‐   Leadership   Philosophy,   Business   Philosophy  
  6. 6. Theory  X,  Theory  Y   7   By  Douglas  McGregor,  MIT  Sloan  School  of  Management,  1960s   Theory  Z  
  7. 7. The  Carrot  &  The  Whip   Object-­‐Oriented  Theory  
  8. 8. The  Plant   Object-­‐Oriented  Theory  
  9. 9. Power  vs.  Influencing   Power   Influencing   10  
  10. 10. Maslow’s  Hierarchy  of  Needs   11     morality,     creaAvity,     spontaneity,     problem  solving,     lack  of  prejudice,     acceptance  of  facts   self-­‐esteem,  confidence,   achievement,  respect  of   others,  respect  by  others   friendship,  family,  sexual  inAmacy   security  of:  body,  employment,  resources,   morality,  the  family,  health,  property   breathing,  food,  water,  sex,  sleep,  homeostasis,   excreAon  Physiological   Safety   Love  /  belonging   Esteem   Self-­‐actualizaAon   What  to  MoAvate  People?  (1)  
  11. 11. Herzberg’s  Theory  of  MoAvaAon   12   Hygiene  Factors   -­‐Pay  and  Benefits   -­‐Company  Policy   -­‐RelaDonships  With  Co-­‐ Workers   -­‐Environment   -­‐Supervision   -­‐Security   MoAvaAon  Factors   -­‐Achievement   -­‐RecogniDon   -­‐Work   -­‐Responsibility   -­‐PromoDon   -­‐Growth   What  to  MoAvate  People?  (2)  
  12. 12. The  Strength  of  a  Workspace   13   What   do  I   give?   Do  I   Belong   here?   How  can   we  all   grow?   What   do  I   have?   1.  Do  I  know  what  is  expected  of  me  at  work?   2.  Do  I  have  the  materials  and  equipment  I  need  to  do  my  work  right?   6.  Is  there  anyone  at  work  who  encourages  my  development?   5.  Does  my  supervisor,  or  someone  at  work,  seem  to  care  about  me  as  a  person?   4.  In  the  last  seven  days,  have  I  received  recogniAon  or  praise  for  doing  good  work?   3.  At  work,  do  I  have  the  opportunity  to  do  what  I  do  best  every  day?   10.  Do  I  have  a  best  friend  at  work?   9.  Are  my  co-­‐workers  commihed  to  doing  quality  work?   8.  Does  the  mission/purpose  of  my  company  make  me  feel  my  job  is   important?   7.  At  work,  do  my  opinions  seem  to  count?   12.  This  last  year,  have  I  had  opportuniAes  at  work  to  learn  and  grow?   11.  In  the  last  six  months,  has  someone  at  work  talked  to  me  about   my  progress?   Source:  Gallup  Organiza=on  
  13. 13. Talents  Development   “People  don't  leave  their  jobs,  they  leave  their  managers!"     14  
  14. 14. 15   The  power  of  talent  is   that  it  is  transferable   from  situaAon  to   situaAon   The  power  of  skills  and   knownledge  is  that  they   are  transferable  from   one  person  to  another.   Focus  on  Talents    
  15. 15. Three  Areas  of  Talents   16   Striving   Thinking   RelaDng  
  16. 16. The  Four  Phases  of     IT  Career  Development  Plan   Time  for   Self   ReflecAon   Develop   Your   Career  Plan   Implement   Your  Plan   Establish   Your   Credibility  
  17. 17. The  Four  Keys  to  Develop  Talents   •  SELECT  FOR  TALENT   •  Not  simply  experience,  intelligence  or   determinaDon   1.  Select  the   Person   •  DEFINE  THE  RIGHT  OUTCOMES   •  Not  the  right  steps   2.  Set   ExpectaDons   •  FOCUS  ON  STRENGTHS   •  Not  on  weaknesses   3.  MoDvate  the   Person   •  FIND  THE  RIGHT  FIT   •  Not  simply  the  next  rung  on  the  ladder   4.  Develop  the   Person  
  18. 18. Strengths-Based Managing Thriving Through Strengths
  19. 19. How best am I able to thrive at work?
  20. 20. It’s hard to change talents, after 3.
  21. 21. Okay, now turn to leadership topic. Do you lead anyone?
  22. 22. “If you focus on people’s weaknesses, they lose confidence.”
  23. 23. Talents by leadership strengths
  24. 24. •  Does IT people like us need leadership skill? •  What are our strengths, in general, for IT people? •  How to lead effectively then?   Understand your strengths   Identify members’ strength zone and focus their contribution on using their strengths   Surrounding or having the team with different strengths What have I learned as an ITer?
  25. 25. know Most people what they are good at. think they And  yet,  a  person  can   perform  only  from   strengths.   They  are  usually  wrong…  
  26. 26. Go get it!
  27. 27. CIO  Role  &  Challenges   Planning   Leading   OrganizaAon   Controlling   InformaAon  
  28. 28. CIO  Types   Professional   CIO   ExecuAve   CIO   Consultant   CIO   Paratrooper   CIO   Management    years  in   other  organizaPon   Management    years   in  this  organizaPon   Years  in    General  Management   Years  in     Technology  Management  
  29. 29. CIO  Challenges  (1)     I  can  change  me  only!   I’m  an  IT   leader.  I’m    an   expert.  
  30. 30. Behaviors   Antude   Awareness   CIO  Challenges  (2)     Awareness  –  Antude  -­‐  Behaviors    
  31. 31. CIO  Challenges  (3)     CIO  challenge    Influencing  to  the  Business  Board  or      Becoming  a  Board-­‐level  business.   Top  teams  are  less   about  specialists.     You  are  a  general   manager  first,   funcAonal   specialist  second.   Good  and  reliable   service.       The  technology   has  to  be  good.    
  32. 32. Magic  QuesAons  to  Success   What/How  +    will/can    +    I    +                                                                                                    do/make/achieve/build    +    now/today?         34  
  33. 33. THANK  YOU!   35  
  34. 34. CIO  -­‐  Role  and  Challenges  in   Management  and  Leadership   The  21st  Talk  Show   CIO  Vietnam,  22nd  Aug  2013       Presented  by:   Dr.  Nguyen  Huy  Hoang,     CEO  Talent  Mind  Educa=on   Nguyen  Viet  Hung,  MBA   Managing  Director,  KMS  Technology   viethungnguyen@kms-­‐