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Top 10 Quick ROI ImprovementsMaking the most of your online marketing budget is always crucial. This Top 10 was originally...
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Online Marketing - Top 10 Quick ROI Improvements for Online Marketers


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This presentation is all about how you can easily save ROI with your online marketing through some simple steps

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Online Marketing - Top 10 Quick ROI Improvements for Online Marketers

  1. 1. Top 10 Quick ROI ImprovementsMaking the most of your online marketing budget is always crucial. This Top 10 was originally written as part ofthe build up to Christmas, but it also equally worth bearing in mind at anytime of year: 1. Keep an eye on your stock levels. If something is out of stock or on back order until after Christmas, make sure you are not advertising it. This is especially effective with your PPC campaigns 2. Last order dates. Use them promotionally. Giving customers a deadline is a great way to encourage a response. So make sure you are telling them about it: On the site (throughout – from homepage to basket) In your emails In service emails In your top volume PPC ads 3. Keep an eye on warehouse capacity. If the warehouse already has a backlog of orders to last them until the last post goes, should you really be sending another email? You’re not going to be able to process the orders and you are going to create some serious customer service issues. At this point it is also worth considering turning off over advertising. 4. Express Deliveries Last Order Dates. Be selective in what marketing activity you do between the last standard order and the last day for express deliveries. If customers have to pay more for express delivery you will see a marked decrease in response over these few days. So tailor your marketing accordingly – maybe email a select lot? Cut any low ROI activity before this point. 5. What are your bestsellers? If you have got plenty of stock on these, make sure you are plugging them wherever possible, for example through PPC, email, homepage, off the page etc. 6. Don’t be afraid to discount. Do it selectively though! If you have got some slow moving lines with a lot of stock, focus on the discounts here. Use this to drive customers to start filling their baskets. Once someone’s got something in their basket, they are more likely to add further products. Plus, you should be able to make a higher margin on this product pre Christmas than in the post Christmas sales. 7. Keep an eye on your AOVs. As December progresses the AOV (average order value) will fall, as people finish off their bulk buying and are just finishing off their purchasing. So, if you are running order values offers, you may want to lower them. 8. What advertising are you doing over Christmas? Don’t just leave everything set as it was in November and do your tidy up in January. A lot of campaigns that were working in the run up to Christmas won’t bring in anywhere near the same ROI between Christmas and New Year. 9. Carefully select Boxing Day emails. If you are emailing between Christmas and New Year remember that a lot of people aren’t likely to be working. Do you really want to email non-home based email accounts? Out of office responses rocket at this time of the year. Consider splitting your list both to performance and avoid annoying customers. 10. Plan January. Don’t forget to plan what you are going to do in January, during December! If there is stock to clear, you are going to need to be over that New Year hangover fast!© indium online 101865 980