Basics of Online Marketing‘Online marketing’ (interchangeable with internet marketing, i-marketing and e-marketing) is use...
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Online Marketing Basics


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We outline the key area's of online marketing, and also offer a brief description of exactly what online marketing is.

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Online Marketing Basics

  1. 1. Basics of Online Marketing‘Online marketing’ (interchangeable with internet marketing, i-marketing and e-marketing) is used to describe thepractice of using the internet to market products or services. The obvious advantage of internet marketing is thelow cost compared to other marketing activity, coupled with the global reach and interactivity of the mediainvolved as well as the high degree of measurability and control.With the use of the internet growing year on year, and the increase in desire for less wasteful, moreenvironmentally friendly ways of working, online marketing is something which almost all businesses in the twenty-first century should embrace. Key Online Marketing Channels are:Affiliate MarketingAffiliates drive sales on behalf of your company in exchange for a commission on these sales. Affiliates come in avariety of guises – the best known being cashback and voucher code websites.A closely managed affiliate programme can offer substantial rewards to your business, encouraging both newcustomers and repeat business. Affiliate marketing is highly accountable and offers a low risk way of generatingsales because you pay on commission. Used efficiently, affiliate marketing can offer a wide scope of exposure foryou and your products, offers, promotions and news.Comparison ShoppingComparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) allow online consumers to compare similar products from different retailers.Well known examples include Kelkoo,, and Pricerunner. CSEs aim to provide internetshoppers with the different product options available to them on the internet.Email MarketingThere are a range of benefits to be gained from using email marketing: from the sales focused,i.e. driving targeted traffic to a website and converting to sales/leads, to those related to development of brandreputation and relationship management.Email messages can, and should be, tracked in order to both maximise the effectiveness of the email campaign –for example read rates, click through rates, conversions, etc - and to tailor messages to specific audiences.Search MarketingSearch Engine Marketing involves using a variety of tools and knowledge to get a company or website placed inthe most cost effective position within the listings on each search engine. A combination of organic search (SEO)and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the ideal and it is important to share results between them to ensure progress andopportunities are maximised.While Organic Search is very attractive as you don’t pay for every visitor, it takes 3-6 months to see any resultsand often over 12 months to see significant results.PPC on the other hand provides an almost immediate response and, due to the intricate tracking available, it canbe optimised to bring traffic at the right level of profitability for your business.Social MediaOver the last year Social Media has come into its own. With ever increasing options for the online marketer –including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & more.It can be a great way to build brand advocacy, drive traffic and ultimately sales.© indium online 101865 980