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Game Testing at Indium Software


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Indium, a leading game testing company, uses industry-standard testing methods and quality assurance processes to meticulously test video games. Our team keeps an eye out for the issues that can potentially crash or break the game. We would like to break it before the users do! Functional, compliance and compatibility are the main cores of game testing and we have a dedicated team to provide support for the same. The team is also well versed in other aspects of testing like playthrough, multiplayer, regression, smoke, destructive testing, game balancing, integrity checks etc. It’s a standard practice to use checklists / test cases to minimize the amount of ad-hoc testing.
The team works on titles from pre-alpha phase to release candidates. We continue to support games post release for maintenance and patches / DLC / updates. We also assist games with dev testing, focus groups, forum support, community managers and game admins

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