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The Business Analyst in the New Brave World by Robin Grace


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IndigoCube hosted a Business Analysis event during 2017 with Robin Grace, Principal Consultant and presented on the topic "The Business Analyst in the New Brave World"

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The Business Analyst in the New Brave World by Robin Grace

  1. 1. “The Business Analyst in the new brave world” by Robin Grace
  2. 2. Lean Customer Development • Who your customers are • What problems and needs they have • How they are currently behaving • Which solutions customers will give you money for (even if the product is not built or completed yet) • How to provide solutions in a way that works with how your customers decide, procure, buy, and use. Everything you do in customer development is centered around testing hypotheses.
  3. 3. Survey Call Centre Manager Call Center Customer Business Owner Typical Customer Feedback Loop
  4. 4. Angry Customers Are Your Best Friends Hypotheses
  5. 5. Cross Functional Team
  6. 6. But in a good way Eric Ries Lean Startup Lean Product Development Cycle
  7. 7. Lean Business Analysis Decision Making: An Underlying Competency or What A Business Analyst Does and It’s All About Decision Making. If you think about business analysis as the activities done to help others make decisions, you have started on your path to Lean Business Analysis. Lean Business Analysis: More About Decision Making Written by Kupe Kupersmith
  8. 8. Decision Making What we need to AVOID: • Narrow framing • Confirmation bias • Short-term emotion • Overconfidence in the future Book “Decisive”, Chip and Dan Heath, the 4 villains of decision making
  9. 9. Key Components to Decision Making What we need to KNOW: • You need to define all the decisions to be made • You need to know who the decision maker is for each decision. This may be one person; it may be many. • You need to know the criteria, or information, the decision maker(s) will use to make the decision. Lean Business Analysis: More About Decision Making Written by Kupe Kupersmith
  10. 10. • Producing What is needed When it is needed • Working with the right people at the right time • Building quality in from the onset • Avoid unnecessary steps that don’t add value • Doing all analysis upfront • Working in silos • Checking quality at the end • Following a prescribe process Our Lean Business Analysis Values Standard Values Agile Business Analysis Manifesto
  11. 11. What changes? • Last responsible moment • Timely collaboration • Getting it right first time  Our third Manifesto value is ‘Building in quality from the outset’ • As little as needed and no more • Painting a picture • Seeing the wood and the trees • Walking in the customer's shoes • Thinking outside the box
  12. 12. Lean' Business Analysis Strategy Vision ROI Risk Compliance Service Prioritized Hypotheses Customer
  13. 13. Minimum Loveable Product Minimum viable products (MVPs), while good intentioned and functional, will rarely make “good” products. And by “good” I mean products that make such an impression upon customers that they happily tell their friends about them. These products are so delightfully cuddly and squeezable that they generate love at first sight. And love is a powerful thing. Go Beyond Minimum Viable Products: Build a Minimum Lovable Product by Brad Bush
  14. 14. Lean' Business Analysis What we need to AVOID: • Unfinished work • Unnecessary features • Working in silos • Unnecessary process • Context switching • Rework • Knowledge hoarding.
  15. 15. Cross Functional Communication Coordination Marketing Agile Team Call Centre Business Users Subject Matter Experts Product Owner Senior Management Agile Business Analysis MLP Human Resources
  16. 16. The Adoption Lifecycle Carefully analyse the initial data and don’t misread the first two sectors.
  17. 17. Beware the Early Adaptors in the Data Minimum Lovable Product will ease the path over the chasm than a minimum Viable Product because the Early Adopter will be marketing to the Early Majority. MLP
  18. 18. Questions Contact information The IndigoCube Business Analysis Practice is committed to assisting clients to perform Business Analysis better through solutions in:  Business Analyst Assessment  Methodology Provisioning  BA Skills Development