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Lifting the lid on Business Rules - Robin Grace


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Understanding Business Rules is key to understanding business analysis. Business Analysts must have an in-depth understanding of what business rules are and how to identify them accurately and completely when performing their business analysis tasks. Failing to accurately identify a business rule will result in a software defect that may be very costly to fix.

In this seminar, Robin Grace will explore the relationship between business rules and requirements, outlining a systematic approach to be used for the identification of business rules.

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Lifting the lid on Business Rules - Robin Grace

  1. 1. Lifting The Lid On Business Rules Robin Grace Principal Consultant Business Analysis Practice All material in this presentation is, unless otherwise stated, the property of IndigoCube. Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect these materials. Reproduction or retransmission of the materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, without the prior written consent of the copyright holder, is a violation of copyright law. Contact information for requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials are listed below:
  2. 2. At the end of a project what do we deliver to the business?
  3. 3. Business RulesWe Change and, or Automate BusinessRules.We Deliver Business Rules Wrapped in aGiven Technology.
  4. 4. Business RulesA business rule is a rule of a business,company, or corporation. It is a rule thatdefines or constrains some aspect ofbusiness and always resolves to eithertrue or false. Business rules are intendedto assert business structure or tocontrol or influence the behaviour of thebusiness. Business Rules Group, Defining Business Rules What Are They Really?
  5. 5. Types of Business Rules• Definitions of business terms• Facts relating terms to each other• Constraints (also called "action assertions")• Derivations Business Rules Group
  6. 6. OK, now we know what we are looking forbut how do we go about finding them anddocumenting them?
  7. 7. Surround and ConquerThe art of using troops is this:When ten to the enemys one, surroundhim;When five times his strength, attack him;If double his strength, divide him Sun Tzu, the Art Of War
  8. 8. The Surround 1 2 31 Define a Boundary2 Name The Area Inside3 Establish What’s Outside
  9. 9. Establish What’s Outside (Scope)External Agent Business Area of the Problem or Opportunity
  10. 10. Establish What’s OutsideDelegate Delegate Registration
  11. 11. Divide Delegate Delegate Registration Lift the Lid and Look Inside4
  12. 12. DivideDelegate Delegate Registration Triggers Work
  13. 13. Process Identification1 Delegate Registered Register2 Delegate Last Name Company Name Delegate Lift the Lid and Look Inside34
  14. 14. Reject RegistrationBusiness Rules • If the seminar is fully booked reject the booking. • Must have a delegate name and company to complete the booking. Venue Capacity Booking Total
  15. 15. Business Rules And Data• Data exists only to support Business Rules• Business Rule use, change, create and delete data• Business Rules are embedded in the Logical Data Model Works For DELEGATE COMPANY Has Working For It Delegate First Name Delegate Last Name (M)
  16. 16. Delegate Registered Register Last Name Delegate Delegate Company Name Venue Bookings Business Rules If the seminar is fully booked reject the booking. Must have a delegate name and company to complete the booking.
  17. 17. During The Project ProblemOpportunity
  18. 18. Technology Boundary1) Draw A Boundary2) Name The Area3) Establish What’s Outside4) Lift The Lid Register Online Delegate Delegate Online Registration System
  19. 19. Lift the Lid on Register OnlineBusiness Rules • If the seminar is fully booked reject the booking.How do you want the system to do this? Error Message X This Seminar is fully booked Close
  20. 20. Business Rules • Must have a delegate name and company to complete the bookingHow do you want the system to do this?
  21. 21. Grace’s First Law Of BugsA missed or miss defined business ruleequals a BUG.
  22. 22. QuestionsThe IndigoCube Business AnalysisPractice is committed to assistingclients to perform Business Analysisbetter through solutions in Business Analyst Assessment Methodology Provisioning Contact information BA Skills Development