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Love Fest Sponsorship Deck


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Love Fest Sponsorship Deck

  1. 1. LoveFest Sponsorship DeckGreen Planet Entertainment, llc12535 Wicker Ave Cedar Lake, IN 46303219-390-7325 219-390-73253/17/2009Jeff “Classic” PopkaLove yourself,others & the planet. Enclosed please find the concept, production plans, community targets and the different sponsorship packets available. This music festival is designed to bring individuals together to help communities educate and heal via spirituality, art appreciation and the green initiative.<br />Love Yourself, Others & the Planet!<br />SAMPLE ONLY!<br />Spiritualists, Environmentalists, Entertainment<br /> Music by:<br />Presented by: Green Planet Entertainment, LLC<br />Sat, April 25th, 2009<br />10am till 10pm<br />The Radisson Convention Center<br />Merrillville, IN<br />Admission $<br />Family friendly (14 and under free!)<br />Meditation workshop is $<br />For further info: 219-390-7325,<br /> SAMPLE FLYER <br />SPONSORED BY:<br /> 1.<br /> 2.<br /> 3.<br />CONCEPT:<br />The slogan says it all: “Love yourself, others & the planet”. Loving yourself is about finding peace within and looking inward for answers. Self respect is the foremost quality one should have when trying to determine their path in life. One should be comfortable looking at themselves in the mirror. If you cannot, how do you expect others to perceive you? Our vendors will help individuals heal and reconcile with themselves. They will offer guidance and tools for self-improvement. This is not about religion but rather spirituality that encompasses all religions and beliefs.<br />Loving others is about building a sense of community through lending a helping hand to those in need. Due to the economic crisis facing all people everywhere, there is a dire need to help those that are hurting. LoveFest will reach out to those communities which are hurting the most. Areas where unemployment, homelessness and even tragedy occur (ie. Hurricane, floods etc) will be targeted as a LoveFest destination. This is why proceeds from ticket sales will go to the local food banks, homeless shelters, etc.<br />Loving the planet is about “living green”. Our green vendors will allow people to learn about how they can live a greener more sustainable life. They will offer educational materials, products and solutions for turning communities into a more earth-friendly environment. Sponsors will be allowed to show how they are doing their part. Communities will be shown green options for rebuilding and revitalizing their economies. Ideally, the LoveFest tour would eventually be solely produced and transported via alternative fuel options.<br />EDUCATION THROUGH ENTERTAINMENT<br /> Bringing differing people with different tastes, beliefs and needs together to help heal and grow through a multi-genre music fest. To help suffering communities look inward for solutions and outward for assistance. To help individuals thrive and develop themselves into contributing, loving members of society. Sounds lofty, huh? We must start somewhere. If we don’t, who will?<br />CORPORATE IDENTITY<br />What is your corporate identity? Public perception is not good for larger corporations, thanks in part to all the media focus on corporate greed and CEO luxurious lifestyles. Now is the time for corporations that wish to break away from the “Wall Street” perception and stand up for the people. Lovefest allows your corporation to brand yourselves in such a manner. This is not sponsorship that allows a company to take over a venue name. This is sponsorship that actually allows you to give back to the individuals and communities hurting the most. The varying sponsorship levels allow local, smaller corporate sponsors to participate. However, for the big corporations that want to make a difference in this world, this is your chance. Won’t you give love a chance?<br />Production<br />Jeff “Classic” Popka is the Executive Producer and the brain child of LoveFest. Jeff is currently the EP/Host of “Indie on Air”. You can find this internet radio show @<br />Jeff also owns Green Planet Entertainment, LLC, where you can find @<br />Besides owning his own entertainment marketing company, Jeff is also in charge of business development for The Chamber of Sustainability in the states of Illinois and Indiana<br />Here is a sample of some of Jeff’s work:<br />Sunfest – Lake County Fairgrounds, Crown Point, Indiana<br />Venue management, event management, executive producer<br />This show featured multi-grammy winner Jim Peterik and the Ides of March, plus others.<br />_____________________________________________________<br />Friday Night Bash series: 2001-2005<br />Creator/Executive producer<br />Venue management/event management<br />______________________________________________________<br />Metal Mayhem series: 2002-2003<br />Creator/Executive Producer/Venue management/Event management<br />_______________________________________________________<br />Saturday Night Special series: 2002-2004<br />Creator/Executive Producer<br />Venue management/Event management<br />_______________________________________________________<br />A Country Blue Christmas featuring Shannon Raye and Biscuit & The Mix<br />Creator/Executive Producer<br />_______________________________________________________<br />Godzilla Records presents: 2005-2007<br />Featuring such artists as: Jackyl, Torn Affair, Josh Holmes, Mr. Funnyman, The Chemist vs The Computer, etc<br />Creator/Executive Producer<br />_______________________________________________________<br />School of Rock -2004<br />Creator/Executive Producer<br />Featuring: Asteria<br />________________________________________________________<br />The Michael Essany Show 2005 (special taping)<br />Featuring Virgin Records recording artists The Exies<br />________________________________________________________<br />Jeff also directed venue management for Omar Presents: concerts<br />Featuring The Smithereens, The BoDeans, Dave Mason, etc.<br />________________________________________________________<br />Executive Producer for the following radio shows:<br />Marcus Lovemore “Master Your Life” <br />Richard Flint “Achieving a Positive Life”<br />Nancy Christie “Take Charge of Your Life”<br />The BarFly Group “Hot Burgers, Cold Beer”<br />________________________________________________________<br />Superintendent/Lake County Fairgrounds 1999-2007<br />Crown Point, Indiana<br />As superintendent Jeff helped facilitate over 500 various events including concerts/ festivals, car shows, home expos, etc.<br />Jeff helped secure state funding for the restoration of the Milroy Covered Bridge and directed its restoration efforts with help from the Lake County Historical Museum.<br />Jeff helped secure federal funding for adding handicapped accessibility to the Fine Arts Building.<br />Jeff helped secure state funding for adding handicapped accessibility to the Industrial Building.<br />Sample Ads:<br />Pictured below is Classics’ daughter Brittany.<br />Pictures below is Classics’ son Jeff Emerson <br /> <br />Courtney & Classic<br />Jeff has been married for 23 years to wife Jennifer<br />He has 3 children: Jeff Emerson, Courtney & Brittany<br />Sample Production Specs:<br />Production/technical specs vary per venue and artist. They are included here as merely a sample of the thoroughness of our production staff.<br />Sound Requirements:<br />House console (at least 40 inputs)<br />-Yamaha -4K<br />-Midas –XL<br />-Gamble –EX<br />-Soundcraft Series 5; Europa<br />House Processing:<br />-2 K.T. 1/3 Octave EQ<br />-6 Patchable Limiters (DBX 160X)<br />-6 Patchable Noise Gates (Drawers DS 201)<br />-2 Reverbs (Lexicon Yamaha)<br />-3 Delays (Roland, Yamaha)<br />-1 Cassette Tape Machine<br />-1 CD Player<br />Lights for console and for each rack<br />House Speaker System (EAW, Meyer, EV, JBL)<br />Full range cabinets (# depends on venue)<br />Subs (# depends on venue)<br />Power Amps:<br />Crown, Crest, Carver or equivalent quality<br />Enough amplifier power so that console can operate within proper gain structure.<br />Sound Wings:<br />Height of stage or higher<br />In front of downstage edge of stage<br />Mix Position:<br />As close to center as possible<br />Roof to completely cover riser<br />Monitor System:<br />One operator<br />40 input console (Midas, Yamaha, Ramsa)<br />9 K.T. 1/3 octave E.Q.<br />2 Drawer DS201 Noise Gates (4ch)<br />1 Yamaha – SPX – 90 – Effects Unit<br />Wedges:<br />6 (12’X2) (2”X1) – Bi Amp (Meyers, EAW, EV)<br />Side Fills:<br />2 mid – Hi Boxes (vocal only) (Meyers, EAW, EV)<br />Drum Box:<br />2(15’X2) (12’X2)(2”X1)<br />In Ear Mix:<br />(Stereo) for drummer<br />(Mono) for center vocal<br />Mics:<br />6 sm-57<br />3 sm-58<br />1 Beyer M88<br />1 sm 58B<br />1 sm 52B<br />4 EV 408<br />5 – 460-451 (COND.)<br />1 sm -91<br />2 D.I.<br />Stands:<br />Normal supplied, plus 2 straight – w/ roundbase<br />4 L.P. claws<br />Backline equipment to be determined individually per artists.<br />Staging:<br />Each staging module shall be independently sturdy. Also, securely interlocked w/ adjacent modules. They must have a clean surface, smooth & free from holes, cuts and deep gouges. The modules must align properly w/ respect to the height of adjacent modules so that the stage is flat (level) to within the tolerance of 1/6 inch at each point. The modules should be square w/ respect to each adjacent module so that there are no cracks at any joint.<br />Lighting:<br />A control console must be provided with a minimum of 36 channels, 2 scene pre-set.<br />24 channel matrix and programmable chase<br />2 high intensity variable speed strobe lights. The units must be easily positioned onstage, with a single controller for both units, with either enough cable to reach the lighting console, or be able to run off the lighting console. Position for this console should be center of the venue, approximately 2/3 of the length of the building, the same general area as the sound console.<br />At least 4 follow spots of the super trouper or xenon quality, all with irisis, shutters and gel drops.<br />An experienced operator for each spot, to be available @ least 15 minutes prior to the performance.<br />Note: As previously stated these technical specifications will vary depending on the artists requirements, venue, etc. It is in no way binding, however is meant to reflect our detail to production standards.<br /> <br />Marketing Summary:<br />Event Postcards<br />Event Brochures<br />Festival Posters/Placards<br />Festival Programs<br />In addition, LoveFest will be promoted through:<br />Radio & Print Advertising<br />Web Banner Ads<br />Social Networking Sites<br />Event Web Site<br />“Indie on Air” internet radio show<br />Radio & Television Promotions<br />Extensive public outreach w/ numerous placements<br />Press Releases<br />Street Team Coverage/Flyers<br />Sponsorship Levels:<br />TOUR PRESENTING SPONSOR (EXCLUSIVE)<br />Inclusion on all print, radio & tv advertisements & releases<br />Inclusion on signage @ the event<br />Inclusion on all web banner ads<br />Inclusion on all clothing worn by staff<br />Presence at every LoveFest destination<br />V.I.P. treatment at all events<br />Cost $200,000 <br />PLATINUM SPONSOR<br />Inclusion on all print, radio & tv advertisements per specific event.<br />Inclusion on all signage at event<br />Inclusion on all event web banner ads<br />V.I.P. treatment at event<br />Booth Space<br />Cost $ $20,000 (per event)<br />GOLD SPONSOR<br />Inclusion on all print & radio advertisements for event<br />Inclusion on all signage at event<br />V.I.P. treatment @ event<br />Booth space<br />Cost $10,000 (per event)<br />SILVER SPONSOR<br />Inclusion on all print advertisements for event<br />V.I.P. treatment @ event<br />Booth space <br />Cost $5,000 (per event)<br />Customized Sponsorship Programs Available<br />Contact: Jeff Popka @<br />(219)390-7325<br />