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I love being an editor, and I especially enjoy the collaborative process of working closely with my authors to make their books the best they can be. Many authors have told me that I'm the best editor they've ever worked with, and several have given me repeat business. Authors often tell me that my notes have sparked new ideas or helped them determine exactly how to improve troublesome sections of their books. I can do this for you too! I will work collaboratively with you to improve narrative flow, tighten the plot, and make your characters and their dialogue come alive.

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Books Edited by Janet Angelo

  1. 1. Books Edited by Janet Angelo
  2. 2. Books Edited by Janet Angelo This list contains a large sampling of the books I have edited since 2005, but there have been many more. Most of these required heavy content and developmental editing. Some of these were assigned to me as a behind- the-scenes freelance editor, which means I had no control over any additional unedited writing the author might have done after I turned in the edited manuscript. The order of genres in this list is as follows: FICTION HEALTH AND WELLNESS BUSINESS/TEACHING/INSTRUCTIONAL DEVOTIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL/RELIGIOUS BIOGRAPHY/ MEMOIR CHRISTIAN/BIBLICAL TEACHING HISTORY/SOCIOLOGY FICTION Books by IAIN READING Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic The Guild of the Wizards of Waterfire Dragon of the Month Club Books by JULIET Y. MARK The Queendom of Evlantis (I also published this book.) Sephora’s Revenge (I also published this book.) Books by PATRICK G. COX A Baltic Affair (I also published this book.) Harry Heron: Midshipman’s Journey (I also published this book.) Harry Heron: Into the Unknown (I will be publishing this book in 2016.) The Outer Edge (I also published this book.) Limehouse Boys (I also published this book.) Books by PENNYREID Neanderthal Seeks Human Friends without Benefits Love Hacked Neanderthal Marries Human
  3. 3. Beauty and the Mustache Books by DAVID GOLDWASSER Portals: Child of the Scroll (I also published this book.) Darker Days (I also published this book.) Light’s Keep (I also published this book.) Other FICTION Memoirs of a Jewish Vampire – Russell Andresen Sovereignty – Michelle Hughes He Knew a Firefly – Smita Battacharya Voice from an Unmarked Grave – Ethel Halstead Nina – Thomas Berry Beyond the Red Mountains – Greg Johnson Savage Sympathy – Graham Taylor Defying Death in Hagerstown – John Paul Carinci Lost & Found – Kathryn Slattery Rosemary for Remembrance – Sunni Jeffers The Start of Something Big – Sunni Jeffers Building Bridges – Carolyne Aarsen Wee Three Kings – Brent Andersen Logan – Larry Edson All for You and Malta: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love – Katherine Budd It Only Takes a Second – Gregory Cunningham The Valley of the Giants – Paul McClain Consequences and Repercussions – Elizabeth Sanders The River – J. J. McCurry Hot Rod Bunny – Brad Leisure Bowquest – Dr. Aruna Bhargava HEALTH AND WELLNESS Not Tonight, I Have a Headache – Ravinder Singh, MD Befriending the Wolf – Milly Diericx A Wellness Revolution: It Starts with You! – Anita DelPrete I Want to Live Using ESSIAC – Caroline DeHarde Bennett
  4. 4. The Most Important Lesson: What My Mother Taught Me That Will Change Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Forever – Laura Anthony The Eating Enigma – Simon Frost (I also published this book.) Better Body Wannabe – Tiffany Youngren Finding Jesus on the Mat – Bethany Connelly The Greatest Family Game – Roger Bailey BUSINESS/TEACHING/INSTRUCTIONAL Entrepreneur Success Stories – Colin Sprake The Seven Things You Should Know About Being a Leader – Wes Husted (I also published this book.) Set Your Students’ Social Sails – Elizabeth Ann Hunt My Toddler Talks – Kimberly Scanlon An A.P.P.L.E. a Day – How to Keep Your Religion in a Stressful School Environment: Six Rules for Making It Through – Kimberly Cotton Tolbert M.A. The Home School Writing Action Plan – David Dye Managing Informal Employee Organizations – Frank W. Shaw How to Manage Human Resource in Organizations – Allan P. Miller DEVOTIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL/RELIGIOUS Soul Cries – Theresa Regan Lead with Your Heart – Cindy Tansin Lord, It’s Time for Just You and Me, Book Two – Cheryl Lynne Betz Exceptional Bloom: Coming Alive After Fifty – Paula Masters Live Your Greatest Life – Jessica Rector The Other Side of Fear – Akshay Nanavati A Vale of Soul Making – Maurice Lusk Comfort from Beyond – compiled by Evelyn Bence When Panic Attacks – Lilli Carter Everlasting Purity – Jessica Psalidas For Hurting Women in the Workplace – Ella Williamson Friendship MAPS – Joy Williams Trees Wear Glasses, Don’t They? – Debbie Turner Extreme Lives for Extreme Times – Bob Chapman Consider It Done – John, Ruth, and Rose Pirinelli Start Walking Again – Jolene Moser
  5. 5. A Dream Marriage – Frantz Lamour Living and Dying Without Regret – Joe Prainito Meditations for Celebrations – Miriam Hain Adams New Life New Way – Rachel Smith- Theodore BIOGRAPHY/ MEMOIR Billy Graham: A Biography of America’s Greatest Evangelist – W. Terry Whalin Courage of the Spirit – Norbert Weinberg (I also published this book.) Chronicles of a Catholic Housewife – Carmen Hartono Letters from Korea – Julia Irvine A Bronx Boy’s Tale – Jim Newell Cancer vs. the Hockey Mom – Rob Broadhead Letta in China – Connie Seaward Ong Into the Dark Into the Light – Sally Teggart (I also published this book.) J. Pocker & Son – Richard Pocker Brazil through Irish Eyes – Catherine McClintock (I also published this book.) The Other Side of Teaching – E. A. Uddin-Khan Dyslexia: Different not Disabled – Fred Thornhill From Dyslexia and Diabetes to Sailing the Beyond – Simon B. Frost If Horses Could Talk – Vickie L. Peach Wilkins Wisdom While Walking – Terran D. Jackson Monopoly Breaker – Ron Abraham Match of a Lifetime – Carol Kohl Blessings Too Good – Sandi Raowulf From the Flames of Wounded Knee to the Center of God’s Will – Darrell New Plenty Stars Co-written with Shirlee Evans Plain Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles – Tom Kasprzak He Provides the Shoes: Walking with God through Breast Cancer – Karen Holmes Flowers in the Crags – Ralph C. Walls I’m a Jew – I Don’t Do Jesus – Merle Hogan The First Gleam of Dawn – Mary Davis Cutler Till the Full Light of Day – Mary Davis Cutler The Cancer Idol – Fred Tamagi Life Along a Dirt Road – Harold Fanning
  6. 6. CHRISTIAN/BIBLICAL TEACHING Choosing the Better Part: Walking with Purpose 101 – Lisa Brenninkmeyer The Secrets of Leadership – Gregory J. Dabel 23 Keys to Effectual Prayer – Pierre Holmes The Key to Your Church's Vision – John Cameron King Know the Bible in 30 Days – Stephen Lang Coaching with the Scriptures – Gerald Davis Sorting out Paul – Chris Albert Wells Handbook for Baptists: What Every Baptist (New or Longtime) Should Know –Bernard Spooner, Phil Lineberger, Dennis Parrott and William Pinson Now Is the Time for God’s Children to Know His Word (Teaching Guide) – Jennifer B. Price In His Image – Michael Lanphere The WORD in Business – John Barnet No More Bondage – Pamela Sauer Prophetic Timelines in the Book of Daniel – William Wanamaker Israel: A Light unto the Nations – L. M. Wan In Search of a Good Fit – John Schwaiger The Secret of Power – Samuel Manyika Mountain, Move Around – Dr. LaVerne Whitehead Reed A Very Minor Prophet – Dana Armstrong Writings from the Heart – Isabel Emerson You Shall See His Glory in the Morning! – James Brown The Sword of King David – Dennis Poag The Covenant of Marriage – Vernard Hardy Ancient Mysteries of the Bible Revealed – Vernon Sayers Behold the King and His Kingdom! – Randall E. Griggs Standing by the Pillar – Matt Bower Climbing the Ladder for Christ – Jack Smith HISTORY/SOCIOLOGY In the Land of Silver – Walter Molano European Perspectives on Exclusion and Subordination: The Political Economy of Migration – Anders Neergard