Tummy Tuck in India


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IndiCure offers Tummy Tuck in India in association with best cosmetic surgeons, who have years of experience in performing the surgery with great dexterity and skills. For more information about Tummy Tuck in India, visit - http://indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk/body-reshaping/tummy-tuck.php
Write to info@indicure.com or call us at +919818462127 or +919320036777.

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Tummy Tuck in India

  1. 1. IndiCure Cosmetic Holidayswww.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.ukwww.indicure.cominfo@indicure.com+9198 1846 2127, +9193 200 36777Tummy Tuck in India
  2. 2. Tummy Tuck Also known as abdominoplasty, atummy tuck surgery flattens theabdomen by removing extra fat and skinfrom the tummy to give a flat washboardabdomen. It is considered among the top 5 plasticsurgery procedures performed inUSA, reports American Society ofAesthetic Plastic Surgeonswww.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  3. 3. Candidates for Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty The ideal candidates for tummy tuck are menand women who have protrudingabdomen, disproportionate to rest of the body. The candidates undergoing tummy tuckshould be emotionally stable, physicallyhealthy, understand the procedure well andhave realistic expectations from the surgery.www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  4. 4. Tummy Tuck Surgerywww.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  5. 5. Abdominoplasty Procedure Done under general anaesthesia, a tummy tucktakes about 3 – 4 hours. A horizontal incision is made within or above thepubic area. The length of incision depends uponthe amount of skin to be removed. The excessskin is then removed and the abdominal musclestightened. Stretch marks may also be removedduring the procedure. The other options for tummy tuck can be:- Partial or Mini tummy tuck- Complete or Extended tummy tuckwww.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  6. 6. Complete Abdominoplasty The procedure is done when tummy tuck requiresmost correction. The incision is made at the levelof pubic hair extending from hip bone to hip bone. The skin and muscles are then manipulated andrecontoured. The incision is made around bellybutton so as to free the navel from surroundingtissue. The drainage tubes are then placed under theskin so as to prevent any fluid accumulation.www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  7. 7. Partial or Mini Abdominoplasty Mini abdominoplasty is done on patients whohave fat deposition below navel region andrequire shorter incisions. During the procedurethe belly button is not moved. The skin isseparated between the line of incision and bellybutton. The surgery may be performed with anendoscope. Depending upon the personalsituation and complexity of needs, the proceduremay take up to two hours. Drainage tubes are also inserted to prevent anyfluid accumulation.www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  8. 8. Expected Outcomes of Tummytuck Tummy tuck removes the excess skin and fatdeposits that appear as a consequence ofpregnancies, old age and obesity, when thewhole abdominal area is affected. Removes stretch marks or scars that may bethere in the area. The abdominal muscles are tightened, if required,by means of a vertical fold in the middle, thismakes abdomen look firmer and waist narrower. It may also help to solve preexisting problems,such as hernias or eventrations.www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  9. 9. Tummy Tuck surgery in India Best of healthcare facilities State-of-the art hospitals, well equipped withlatest technology and infrastructure Excellent health care providers Zero waiting period English speaking hospital staffwww.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  10. 10. Tummy Tuck in India withIndiCure Prompt services Special discounted prices Round the clock assistance Visa assistance Complete transparency Suitable options for travel and accommodation inIndiawww.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India
  11. 11. Contact Us Visit Us:http://indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk/body-reshaping/tummy-tuck.phporhttp://www.indicure.com/cosmetic-surgery/tummy-tuck-abdominoplasty.htm Write to us at:info@indicure.com Call Us at:+919818462127Or+919320036777www.indicurecosmeticsurgery.co.uk Tummy Tuck in India