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Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad


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IndiCure offers hip joint replacement surgery at best hospitals and clinics in India. The surgery is done by renowned orthopaedic surgeons who have years of experience in performing the surgery with great expertise and skills.

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Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad

  1. 1. Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad IndiCure Treatment Solutions +919818462127 +91932003677
  2. 2. Hip Replacement Surgery Hip replacement surgery, also known as Total Hip arthroplasty, involves removal of diseased hip joint to replace with artificial joint or prosthesis. Can be performed as Total replacement or hemi replacement.
  3. 3. Indications for Hip ReplacementJoint failure caused due to Osteo-arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Avascular necrosis Hip fractures Benign and Malignant bone tumors Ankylosing spondylitis
  4. 4. Purpose of Hip Replacement To relieve pain Improve joint function Improve ability to move around Enhance quality of life
  5. 5. Types of Hip ReplacementThere are different approaches to perform Hip replacement viz: Posterior (Moore) - The approach accesses the joint and capsule through the back and takes out piriformis muscle and short external rotators off the femur. Lateral (Hardinge or Liverpool) - The lateral approach requires elevation of hip abductors (gluteus medius and maximus) to access the hip joint. Antero-lateral (Watson-Jones) – It develops the interval between the tensor fasciae latae and the gluteus medius muscle. Anterior (Smith-Petersen) – This approach utilises interval between the sartorius muscle and tensor fascia latae.
  6. 6. Hip Replacement Surgery
  7. 7. Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad Many people from western countries consider hip replacement abroad owing to: High cost of Hip replacement in their hometown Long waiting periods Lack of advanced techniques for hip replacement Lack of good hospital facilities
  8. 8. Hip Replacement Surgery in India Many patients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many European countries choose India for simple reasons: Excellent health care facilities Availability of advanced techniques of hip joint replacement Affordable cost of the surgery Least waiting periods
  9. 9. Hip Replacement in India with IndiCure Most reputed medical tourism company for hip replacement procedure Provides hip replacement surgery with best of orthopaedic surgeons Liasons with the most reputed hospitals in India Provides excellent healthcare facilities Gives informed choices for hip replacement surgery in India
  10. 10. Contact Us Visit IndiCure at replacement.htm Or Call IndiCure at +919818462127 +919320036777 Write to IndiCure at