Heart Surgery in India - Cost and Benefits


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IndiCure, the most renowned medical tourism company in India, offers Heart Surgery at best hospitals and clinics in India. The surgery is done by the most experienced doctors who have years of experience in performing the surgery with great expertise and precision.

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Heart Surgery in India - Cost and Benefits

  1. 1. Heart Surgery in India – Cost and Benefits IndiCure Treatment Solutions Visit Us–http://www.indicure.com http://www.indicure.com.ng Call Us +919818462127 or +919320036777
  2. 2. Heart Surgery Heart Surgery or Cardiac Surgery deals with surgery of the heart. Cardiac Surgery is performed by cardiac surgeons on heart or great vessels. First heart operation was performed by Norwegian surgeon Axel Cappelen dated 4th September 1895 at Rikshospitalet, Kristiania, now Oslo http://www.indicure.com.ng
  3. 3. Indications for Heart Surgery Ischemic Heart Diseases Congestive Heart failure Valvular Heart diseases Cardiovascular diseases Rheumatic Heart diseases Endocarditis Atherosclerosis http://www.indicure.com.ng
  4. 4. Types of Heart Surgery Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Valve replacement surgery Pacemaker Implantation Angioplasty Valvuloplasty Heart Transplantation Electro-physiological studies to diagnose abnormal heart rates http://www.indicure.com.ng
  5. 5. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting http://www.indicure.com.ng
  6. 6. Triple Heart Bypass Surgery http://www.indicure.com.ng
  7. 7. Heart Surgery in India Best of Heart Hospitals in India Sophisticated Instrumentation Cutting edge technology Expert Heart Surgeons with years of experience in performing heart surgeries Excellent infrastructure and advanced techniques available at heart hospitals in metropolitan cities http://www.indicure.com.ng
  8. 8. Benefits of Availing Heart Surgery inIndia Medical Tourism companies to give assistance for heart surgery in India Visa assistance and travel planning by medical tourism companies Zero waiting period English speaking Hospital staff Post-operative follow-ups for complete recovery after heart operations Excellent heath care facilities available at best of heart hospitals in India http://www.indicure.com.ng
  9. 9. Cost of Heart Surgery in India Cost, one of the main reasons for people choosing heart surgery in India Huge discounts available with Medical tourism companies offering excellent heart surgery at best hospitals in India Cost-effective treatment has lead to exodus of many medical tourists from western countries, Middle East and African countries to India http://www.indicure.com.ng
  10. 10. Heart Surgery in India with IndiCure IndiCure, the most renowned medical tourism company in India. Prompt response by Case Managers at IndiCure Excellent health care facilitation by Team IndiCure Company provides informed choices for choosing best hospitals and cardiac surgeons in India Arranges errands for medical tourists across the city during one’s stay in India Ensures peaceful recovery at serene locations in India http://www.indicure.com.ng
  11. 11. Contact Us Visit Us http://www.indicure.com/heart-surgery.htm Or http://indicure.com.ng/heart_surgery/heart_surgery%20in_india.htm Call Us+919818462127+919320036777 Write Usinfo@indicure.com http://www.indicure.com.ng